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PDAs in the Classroom Session ID#: PW242 TCEA, Feb. 6, 2002, 2:30pm Why PDAs?

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Pdas in the classroom l.jpg

PDAs in the Classroom

Session ID#: PW242

TCEA, Feb. 6, 2002, 2:30pm

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Why pdas l.jpg
Why PDAs?

  • Recently, a teacher in our district mentioned that she really wanted to purchase a PDA because she wanted to use it to take notes, but she didn’t know which one to buy. A student overheard her and asked, “Why don’t you just use a pen and a P-A-D?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Session overview l.jpg
Session Overview

  • To give you ideas and where to obtain ideas about how to use PDAs in the classroom (especially cross-curriculum advantages)

  • To provide sites for you to learn how to use PDAs and compare PDA prices

  • To provide you sites that offer 3rd party applications for educational use

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

How many computers in your classroom l.jpg
How many computers in your classroom?

  • Teacher directed for guided instruction, giving directions, and offering demonstration (plus administrative use)

  • Student use in a one computer classroom

  • Groups of students &/or computer pods

  • Lab or other one to one ratio

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Clarification of pda handheld l.jpg
Clarification of PDA/Handheld

  • PDAs: Personal Digital Assistant (Planner functions such as appointments, tasks, memos, contacts)

  • Includes telephones with any of these functions

  • PDAs geared towards youth: Cybiko

  • Handheld Computers: Palm, Ipaq, Visor

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Slide6 l.jpg

  • How many of you have a handheld computer with you now?

  • How many of you own a handheld computer?

  • How many of you have a cell phone or other technology piece of equipment that has PDA functions?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Slide7 l.jpg

  • How many of you know that your students have a PDA or handheld computer and they use it for school purposes?

  • How many of you think your students have one, but they keep it secret?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Surprise l.jpg

  • Did you know there is an underground of handheld computer users by students – but because of district policies regarding electronic devices, the students keep their handheld computers hidden?

  • It is estimated that more than 50-100 students in 1,000 have some type of PDA that they keep hidden while being at school. When we most want students to learn to be organized, we are preventing them from using technology designed to assist them.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Why the focus on palm l.jpg
Why the focus on Palm?

  • Palm has come a long way since the Palm Pilot, moving from a PDA then to the Handheld now. Palm has a trademark name of Palm Handheld Computers. When referring to other handheld computers, refer to them as handheld computers, not Palms.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Why the focus on palm10 l.jpg
Why the focus on Palm?

  • Development of educational material and programs

  • Palm offers PETC program to assist educators in implementing training

  • Palm OS on other handheld computers

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

The move into the classroom l.jpg
The move into the classroom

  • To get an idea about how Handheld Computers are being used in the classroom, check out these websites:

    • http://www.handheld.hice-dev.org/index.htm

    • http://k12handhelds.com/overview.php

    • http://www.microsoft.com/mobile/pocketpc/columns/ppceducation.asp

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Benefits of handhelds pdas l.jpg
Benefits of Handhelds/PDAs

  • Classroom management (for teacher and student)

  • Quick transfer of homework and assignment information

  • Quick retrieval of student work

  • Mobility & cross-curriculum use

  • Ownership of learning

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Cross curriculum l.jpg

  • Easy access to classroom data

  • Transfer of data from classroom to classroom, taking information everywhere

  • Ex: Programs used in Social Studies can provide data to be used in Math and activities to be adapted for LA use.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

More info on handhelds l.jpg
More info on Handhelds?

  • Major examples of handhelds in education use are:

    • SRI Grants for Palm Handhelds

    • Palm in Education

    • Mindsurf (See TIF Grant Handbook)

    • University of Michigan (HICE)

    • Arkansas Tech University http://education.atu.edu/people/sadams/

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Quick ideas for easy application l.jpg
Quick ideas for easy application:

  • Spelling Practice and Daily Edit

  • Math Practice

  • Use as daily planner

  • Pop Quizzes

  • Science experiments (Cooties)

  • Social Studies Journal

  • View examples in Art

  • Play keyboard in music

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Where to go for more information l.jpg
Where to go for more information?

  • Magazines: Laptop, Mobile Computing, Pocket PC, Handheld Computing, Pen Computing

  • Online: HICE, ATU, Mindsurf, Palm, Compaq, Handspring, Sony, and more

  • Teacherwebsource.com

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

3 rd party applications l.jpg
3rd Party Applications

  • Programs for the Palm

  • Very few educational programs for the Ipaq, but still an awesome machine

  • Other PDA/Handheld companies are adding programs

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Are the basics enough l.jpg
Are the basics enough?

  • Many fantastic classroom assignments integrating technology are complete by using AppleWorks. The four basic components of that program are word processing, database, spreadsheet, and draw. These same components can be obtained with handhelds – but right now we do not have access to AW.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Where do i start l.jpg
Where do I start?

  • Does anyone in the district use handhelds now? Get their opinions.

  • What is your district policy regarding electronic devices? You may have to change them.

  • How are they going to be used? What is your goal?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

For texas schools tateks l.jpg
For Texas schools – TATEKS?

  • With a handheld computer, a portable keyboard, and less than $100 in software, the handheld computer can assist students in meeting almost all of the TATEKS for grades K-8.

  • Internet components can be figured in for additional costs.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Slide21 l.jpg

  • How many of you are using handhelds in the classroom right now? (If you are using TI-83 calculators in your class, raise your hand; if you are using scientific calculators with probes in your classroom, raise your hand).

  • How many of your districts are currently considering the use of Palm or Ipaq (or something similar) in your district for student use?

  • How many of you know at least one person in your school (other than yourself) using a PDA or handheld computer?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Replacement of desktops l.jpg
Replacement of desktops?

  • Not a replacement of your desktops

  • Not necessarily replacement of laptops

  • Additional technology for a less expensive price

  • Cost comparisons for 25 students: Desktops: $33,000; Laptops: $45,000; Palm Vx, Keyboard, Software: $12,500

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Can i get gadgets l.jpg
Can I get “gadgets”?

  • Keyboards

  • Probes

  • Cameras

  • Microphones

  • Headphones

  • Pen writers/readers

  • Scanners & Bar code readers…& more

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

This presentation is at l.jpg
This presentation is at:

  • A complete list of resources and information for all components of this presentation are available at www.teacherwebsource.com under TCEA Presentation.

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Is this it l.jpg
Is this it?

  • Quick introduction to PDAs/Handhelds in the classroom

  • Brief idea of how they can be used

  • Simple listing of sites, magazines, and companies

  • Questions?

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD

Pdas in the classroom26 l.jpg
PDAs in the classroom

  • For additional information, contact:

  • Palm in education: Mary Beth Kreml at mkreml@kleinisd.net

  • Ipaq & Handheld Administrative Uses: mevans@kleinisd.net

  • PDA/Handheld Resources and Info: www.teacherwebsource.com

  • Thank you for coming. Enjoy TCEA!

Mark A. Evans, Klein ISD