Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans giv - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans giv PowerPoint Presentation
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Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans giv

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Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans giv
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Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans giv

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  1. CASE OF HYPERTENSION Mr.M.C. 23 yrs. Engineer Came to me recently as an acute case with high B.P 170/120 mm of Hg. ( Trans given) (DVD 00:28)

  2. As work pressure was very high he started getting headache. Describe work pressure? He spoke about task, boss, his impression etc. More concerned about “ how to face my boss, my work is still not done” etc. How does pressure feels to you? Any work is undone, I am answerable to my boss

  3. Aim in life : Wanting to be vice president, or something big. When I get bigger position, obstacles will be even many & I want to fight & overcome this obstacles. Speak more about obstacle & overcoming it ? Basically I took someone else's project & I was completely new ……. I was not capable of doing it ……. I was needing lot of help from my seniors.

  4. How was that experience ? In case I fail, there is someone to correct me or protect me. Protect means some one will save me from dangerous or obstacles or hindrance.

  5. Disconnect yourself , what is danger, obstacle, hindrance ? “My mother is protective to me , if there is any problem, she is there you know.” In friend circle also one of my friend defends for me.

  6. Ultimately what is your aim, if you become vice president ? Money is always a factor.

  7. Fears : Bankrupt. (unable to pay ones debts) Family should be together. Financial crunch Scared of ghost

  8. Dreams : Animals, Snakes, very scared – crying for help – I was shouting “mummy mummy”.

  9. Dreams of work. Scenario is how will my boss react. Cravings : milk, eggs, chicken Any other fear in your life? Fear of loosing my job. I don’t want people make fun of me. I lack confidence. I also get job related dreams when I am terminated.

  10. I prescribed him Calcarea Carb 1M. Preferred carb because no other salt is indicated. Also carbon has theme of difficulty of handling new situations. E.g. : Delusion, strange everything is. Delusion, familiar things seem strange. He responded very well with the treatment. F.U.VIDEO CLIP (Dated 19/02/09) (DVD 0:20 to 2:10)

  11. Understanding of Row 4 From : Dr.Rajan Sankaran’s STRUCTURE

  12. UNDERSTANDING OF ROW 4Security and task : The issue in row 4 is of : Security, which is in terms of money/finances, Relationship, House, Job & Health

  13. Row 4 represent’s the development of one’s security or adding of mass or strength, with which one develops the ability to defend or safeguard oneself

  14. Once the identity is established then the next step is to develop a solidity or defensive capability which on the left side of the row is deficient, then it slowly starts developing and then on the right side you start losing it.

  15. It is the stage of development where they have developed their identity (issue of row 3) and now the issue is of doing the routine day-to-day work or the daily tasks or job like a soldier or a carpenter.

  16. So the issue is all about doing a routine or an everyday job here.

  17. This development of security of mass or strength can be expressed in human beings by: • Development of physical strength • Development of bones and muscles • Development of finances, having money, insurances, etc. • Health • Job • Relationships • Security • House • Insurance • Safety • Poverty

  18. So the question for them is how much mass (i.e. money, health, job, etc) do they have or are lacking or are losing?

  19. The elements on left hand side of the periodic table experience a lack of this mass, and they feel that their ability to protect themselves (security) has not developed therefore they depend on others for the same. In the middle they have developed it and are successful in protecting themselves. And on the right hand side they feel they are losing or have lost their mass and their ability to protect and need it from outside themselves.

  20. GUILT, CONSCIENCE Guilt in row 4 arises from a feeling of having failed in their duty or being inefficient in their job or not being responsible enough in doing the tasks assigned to them. It’s more a feeling of being blamed and reproached for not having carried out their duties and responsibilities.

  21. The issue of Guilt (Cont….)

  22. The issue of Guilt

  23. Individual Elements Kali (column 1): There is a great need for family & whole support system as they can not think of life beyond them. The structure has not started to form. Completely dependent on another and will feel that, that person’s structure is their own. Calcarea(column 2): Beginning to feel the presence of structure. However it is a provisional structure, like a tent, which serves its purpose only as long as conditions are optimal. If conditions worsen, then immediately there will be seeking for a more permanent structure. Feeling is my foundation is so weak.

  24. Scandium (column 3): Can I find my own security or do I still need to depend on some one (back up) ? Irresolution is very strong issue.

  25. Titanium(column 4): First step to do something on their own. E.g. I want to be homoeopath. This is the stage where structure gets founded & established in their mind. E.g. 33 yrs. Man suffering from gastritis. He was stuck at starting of his business of printing. All emotions were related to starting that business along with issues of row 4 like no financial support, not having own house, tension about job, accommodation etc. Here no question of going back. Starting to protect own self but unsure of their ability.

  26. Vanadium(column 5): Key words: growth, expansion, spreading, doing more, furthering, diversifying, advancing.Fear is to lag behind. Alternates and doubts about one security. (doubts about their ability. No falling back on back up structure ) Expansion, growth and postponing are the Key themes.“ I want to do more” alternates with “ I cannot do more.” Keep on changing, shifting.

  27. Chromium (column 6): They have to prove themselves and it is a challenge to protect themselves and others. There is risk in it but they still go ahead and do it. Manganum (column 7): The structure is more complete. Is this going to work. Can it face the opposition? They must take everyone concerned along with them. Here energy is not like going full blast as in chromium but it is like take support & encouragement from the other colleagues & team to establish a structure. They have conquered their initial fears. Criticism can be very demoralizing for them. (Cont….)

  28. Key words : Refinement, perfecting, polishing, sharpening, improving. “I know I can defend myself but how much opposition can I bear? How much can I protect myself in difficult situation?”. Here they need support at the same time resent domination.

  29. Ferrum (column 8): “I must protect and defend. I have to resist the pressure and opposition.” They feel compelled to do something against their wish and have to fight against it. Case of rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis : Mrs. M.K 21 yrs. Consulted me in April 98, for pain in chest & breathlessness after slight walking and exertion. Eco cardiogram reports : rheumatic heart disease with mitral stenosis.

  30. Nature : Very strong willed, if she wants something she will get it done. During marriage there was so much of opposition from her family but she stuck to her decision. Her stand was “I will marry him only, otherwise will not marry.” Even after marriage she wanted to help her husband financially and against many odds she took tuitions at home. Her main tension was to have a separate house as they were staying in a joint family. (Cont….)

  31. She did extremely well with Ferrum met 200 one dose. Dose was repeated after 8 months. Now even she can exert without any difficulty. VIDEO CLIP 1 (DVD Dated 21.1.99) (Time 00:00 to 02:40) Time to time she has done 2D Eco and other investigations. I have taken opinion of cardiologist several times. She is doing very fine. Her breathlessness stopped no chest pain on exertion. She has put on 4 Kgs. VIDEO CLIP 2 (DVD Dated 22.1.09) (Time 00:00 to 03:20)

  32. Cobalt (column 9):Structure is near perfect but little short of perfect. Cobalt has done everything, but if one mistake is made then everything is gone, even though (I am) the best. What if others discover that I have done wrong? “I can face the opposition and defend myself but I doubt whether my protection is absolute & complete.” Important rubrics from complete repertory: Delusions : criminal, that he is a Delusion : criminal, that he is a: others know it, and Delusion : wrong: he has done

  33. Niccolum(column 10): The main feeling in Niccolum is that, “I am successful in protecting myself and others.” There is a strong need to fight for others and to protect them. It may be against injustice or any form of harm by antisocial elements. It strives to reach the perfection of security. The ideal example would be of a policeman.

  34. Niccolum lies in the same column as platinum and palladium, and shares with these two the qualities of egotism and superiority. When the two factors of attack and defense are combined with superiority, there emerges the feeling that he is superior to others and must come to their rescue and defense. We have seen in the proving and in Niccolum patients, the strong need to fight for other and to protect others from wrong, from antisocial elements, to fight like a policeman defender of community. (Cont….)

  35. The sense of duty and ego are both exhibited in Niccolum. They are disposed to contradict, but are themselves intolerant of contradiction. They are anti-authority, self-confident people and have a certain hardness about them. VIDEO CLIP – Follow up of case of Mr.Bunty, 40 yrs. (Car mechanic) (00:00 to 10:16) [transc is given]

  36. Cuprum(column 11): The main feeling in Cuprum is that they have reached a level of success as far as security is concerned, both financially as well as feeling protected. In order to maintain their position they have to keep up their defenses. They are tested by intermittent attacks of their structure, so they are always ready to defend themselves. The main feeling is if “I am attacked I will attack you back.” Fear that at any time they can lose their successful position so they are in a constant stage of high stress and tension (not the ease as in column 10).

  37. Zincum(column 12): The main feeling in Zincum is a constant attack to their position of security and protection and it is difficult for them to handle these anymore. Thus they are alert, agile and defensive all the time, making constant efforts to see that they don’t lose their structure of security. The structure starts cracking in places They are also restless, trying to preserve their position. (Cont….)

  38. Their feeling is as if a thief is right outside their house. There is an incessant [uninterrupted] fidgety feeling which makes them very restless with a desire to move constantly.

  39. Gallium (column 13) : the main feeling in Gallium is that there is an imminent (just around the corner & about to happen), unavoidable loss of protection and security. Structure is under sever attack. It is like the robber is just about to attack. Here the question is not whether, but when. The effort is not to stop it, but to postpone it.

  40. Here the destruction is imminent, impending, unavoidable • The question is not whether but when • The effort is not to stop it but to postpone it. Delaying the disaster. Holding on. But how long can you hold on. • Feeling of compromised and reduced capacity. • Fear of redundancy. “I am deficient.”

  41. Case of Mr.Chotu Patel, 73 yrs. Unmarried. His main complaint was balance problem. While walking he used to feel as if there was no ground & he was walking on bed like soft structure. His main feeling was his relatives would not require him unless he did some routine work for them. He had inferiority complex of being useless & redundant. Strong fear of loosing security & would be thrown out at any time. (Cont….)

  42. He did extremely well with Gallium Met 200 VIDEO CLIP(Dated 23.01.09) (DVD20:29to23:15)

  43. Germanium (column 14) : The feeling in Germanium is failure to protect their security in face of attack. They couldn’t do anything but they make desperate attempts to restore their ability to protect. In Calcarea & Kali the feeling is, “I have to go to someone else for protection and security.” Whereas in germanium they can not rely on anyone else. The loss, destruction, and the attack has already happened, and the feeling is “I could not prevent it.” According to Jeremy Sherr : Sense of failure, suppressed anger, estrangement, dyslexia and fatigue are only some of the indications that make this remedy uniquely suitable to our times. (Cont….)

  44. The structure has failed. The loss has happened. It could not be prevented. Can it be restored? Desperate efforts to replace the loss (of security, creativity or power/ control). e.g. “The thief has already come into the house. Can I chase him out or not?” Dreams: Robbers: chased out of the house. (germ)

  45. Other strong issues of column 14 : Weak & empty structure. Fear of collapse. Weak, drained, beginning of degenerative process. Image of a red cross doctor whose role is to prevent further damage. Case of Mrs.V.D 35 yrs. Consulted me 10 years ago for severe vertigo & spondylosis. Vertigo was aggravated by slightest movements. She had fear of falling down. She was very anxious about family, children, house hold duty, her role as mother, as house wife etc. (Cont….)

  46. Though there was strong feeling of misunderstanding and breaking of family relationship, single handedly she made desperate attempts to restore her ability to protect the family. VIDEO CLIPFollow up 12.02.09 (DVD00:00to 09:25)(Transc given) She did extremely well with the remedy (Cont….)

  47. Few rubrics of the case : • Delusion misunderstood she is (synthesis rep.) • Anxiety, children about (complete rep.) • Forsaken feeling (CR) • Fear panic attacks overpowering (CR) • Fear of losing self control (CR) • Delusion alone in the world (CR) • Embarrassment (MR) • Anxiety family about his (CR) • Delusion laughed at, mocked she is (CR) • Anxiety of conscience (SR) • Food ice-cream desires (SR) • Food chocolate desires (CR) • Forsaken, isolation sensation (CR) • Del – criticized she is • Del Pursued he is (MR)

  48. Arsenic (column 15) : structure is being eroded. Now their defenses are weak, people are taking away things and they are too old to protect it. They have to be careful and cautious and see for how long and how much can they persevere. Things are going out of control (cancer miasm). There is no one to go to; they have to do it themselves – the opposite of Kali and Calcarea – and they cant do any thing, the feeling is totally helpless.

  49. In Arsenic feeling is process of loss has begun and is continuing. They try to hold on to whatever they have because whatever has gone will not return to them. E.g. :Delusions, imaginations: animals, of: insects: sees: bed, on, throws handfuls of them away. Image of eroded structure