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  1. I AM By Rach

  2. My Favorite Things

  3. I like playing sports because I like winning and I have fun when I play soccer and gymnastics. I also play other sports but I’m not on a team. I like dogs because they are friendly and they play with me sometimes. I like Hanukkah because I like opening presents and giving the presents for other people. I like swimming because I have a pool and I like to do flips and dives. The water refreshes me in the summer time.

  4. Favorite things • I like to jump high and hit the ball - volleyball • I like to kick the ball and score – soccer • I like to shoot and pass to teammates – basketball • I like to flip and tumble – gymnastics • I like to knock down pins and get strikes – bowling • I like to climb and fly back down – rock climbing • I like to dive and jump off the diving board – swimming • I like to skate and go fast – roller skating • I like to snowboard down hills and go really fast – snowboarding • I like to go on roller coasters and scream – roller coasters • I like to buy a lot of stuff and going to the mall – shopping

  5. Sports I like to play I like soccer because I like scoring goals and passing to my teammates and winning. I play for Council Rock and it is very funnn!!!! I like gymnastics because you can do fun tricks on all the events and compete. I have been doing gymnastics for 4 years. I like doing gymnastics and it is hard but fun!

  6. I Love… • Going on a cruise • Ice Cream • Games • Gymnastics • Soccer • The Beach • Dogs • Vacations • Hanging out with friends • Watching movies or shows

  7. My favorite foods • Pasta • Cheeseburgers • Hot dogs • Pizza • Tacos • Ice cream • Fruit • Popcorn

  8. I love winter because…. I love snowboarding and sledding down big hills… I love drinking hot chocolate and watching movies all day I love playing in the snow and having snow in my face! Seasons I love the fall because… I love trick or treating and going out on Halloween I love going on hayrides with my friends I love summer because… I love swimming in my pool I love going on vacations I love tanning I love spring because… I love playing sports and playing outside I love seasons!

  9. My Favorite Hangout in my house You will always find me in my basement because I have a beam and mat for gymnastics and a chin-up bar. I also have a ping-pong table that I play with my brother sometimes. The best part is that I have like a movie theater in my basement! It is a big screen that comes down with tons and tons of surround system! There is a projector that shows the movie sort of like in the theaters. Sometimes I feel like I'm actually in the movie. You can also watch TV on it. My brother goes down there too a lot . I love my basement!!

  10. Favorite things to do in my House • I like to go on AIM and talk to friends • I like to do gymnastics like back handsprings on my mat • I like to do back walkovers on my beam too • I like to play with my dog • I like to play games with my family • I like to have friends over • I like to go in my pool • I like to listen to music • I like to watch movies and shows

  11. Woodward Camp is a gymnastics camp. It is very fun! I was with my friends and we all did gymnastics together. It was 3 hours away and it is a sleep away camp. It was my first time to stay away from home for 1 week but at least I was with my friends. I did gymnastics there but other things too. Woodward had parties there and it was very fun. The Big gym is where I got my backhand spring by myself. I swam a lot too. When I got picked up, I bought some things. It was a great time at WOODWARD GYMNASTICS CAMP