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Ecological Research PowerPoint Presentation
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Ecological Research

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Ecological Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ТОО “SED”. Ecological Research. Almaty, 200 9. Assessment of current environmental condition ( baseline study ). Environmental Impact Assessment of planned activity. Monitoring of Environmental Impact caused by industrial objects and processes.

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Ecological Research

Almaty, 2009


Assessment of current environmental condition (baseline study)

Environmental Impact Assessment of planned activity

Monitoring of Environmental Impact caused by industrial objects and processes

Development of “Environmental Protection” chapters for technical projects

Ecological audit

Special research



Environmental Impact Assessment of the Offshore Projects and Project in Transition Zone

EIA of Koltyk oil deposit pilot exploitation project.

OJSC “MunayGas”

EIA of offshore pilot-methodic seismic works at South Zhambay– South Zaburunje sites.

CJSC “KazMunayGas”

EIA of exploratory well No 1 construction at Tub-Karagan area.

“Tub-Karagan Operating Company BV”

EIA of Tub-Karagan gulf east coast.

CJSC NC“KazMunayGas”

EIA of exploratory well No 1 and 2 construction at Kurmangazy area.

MNC “KazMunayTeniz”


Assessment of current environmental condition (baseline survey)

Baseline ecological survey of environmental condition within water area of Kurmangazy structure in 2002.

«KazMunaiGas» CJSC

Ecological researches of environmental conditions within South Zhambay – South Zaburunye water area.

«Zhambay» LLP

Baseline ecological survey at Atash site.

Baseline surveys of environmental condition at Kurmangazy site in 2003.

LLP “Atash Company”

MNC “KazMunayTeniz”

Baseline ecological researches at Tub-Karagan site.

LLP “Tub-Karagan Operating Company BV”

Assessment of current environmental condition within Imashevskoye deposit area.

Baseline ecological researches at “N” site.

OJSC “Munaygas”

CJSC NC“KazMunaiGas”


Ecological Monitoring

  • The objects of monitoring
  • Atmosphere
  • Resources of polluters disposal intoatmosphere
  • Domestic and industrial flowing
  • Industrial and consumption wastes
  • Soils
  • Flora
  • Fito zoo plankton, benthos
  • Fauna

Monitoring of the impact on the environment caused by gas compressor stations.

CJSC “Intergas Central Asia”

Monitoring of environment current condition on objects of “KazTransOil” CJSC.

CJSC “KazTransOil”

Local monitoring of environment current condition on Ktykmytyk field.

CJSC “Anako”

Monitoring of environment current condition during execution of offshore seismic acquisitions.

LLP “Zhambai”

Monitoring of seismic acquisition at Tub-Karagan site.

LLP“Tub-Karagan Operating Company BV”

Monitoring of seismic acquisition at Atash site.

LLP “Atash Company”


Ecological Audit


Pointing out and mapping of damaged landscapes

identification of scales and intensity of pollution with heavy metals and oil products

Development of recommendations on damaged sites rehabilitation

Approval of audit results with state bodies

Ecological audit of Zhusaly site. РННО “Petrom SA – Kazakhstan”

Assessment of technical condition of suspended well mouth at West Eskene site. Agip KCO

Ecological audit of Sinelnikovskoye contract territory. LLP “Ozturk Munay”

Assessment of previously drilled well mouth at Sinelnikovskoye deposit.

LLP “Ozturk Munay”


Special Surveys

Radioecological survey

Location and contouring of polluted areas

Estimation of the area and radioactive pollution intensiveness

Classification of anomalies’ radioactive composition

Estimation of polluted grounds volume

Recommendations on minimization of radiation risks

During operations execution the major accent was madeon the safety of staff

Оценка рисков и разработка мероприятий по их минимизации

Individual means of protection

Operative dissymmetric control

Investigation on Body Counter, before commence and after operations completion (Kurchatov city, IRB)


Special Surveys

Ecological geochemistry of technology

Definition of biological objects pollution level

Geochemistry of transition zonesea – land

Study of environment pollution processdynamics

Estimation of environment conditions changes resulted from technogenic impact

Recommendations aiming to decreaseenvironmental impact on differentcomponents


Laboratories and Analytical Base


  • Defining of hard metals on soils, water, and biological objects:
    • “Alex Stewart (Assayers) LTD” laboratory –ICP methods
    • Laboratory on the environment protection – atom-absorbent method , Atyrau city
    • Laboratory Industrial Engineering Center “Geoanalitika” – atom-absorbent, chemical and spectrum, methods, Almaty city
  • Defining of oil products, polycyclingaromatic hydrocarbons, phenols in soils, water, and biological materials:
    • Laboratory of the Institute of chemical sciences mass-spectral method, Almaty city
  • Defining of polluters in atmosphere and industrial disposals:
    • Laboratory on the environment protection, Atyrau city
    • “Ecoproject”, Almaty city
    • “Kazecoanalyz” LLP , Almaty city
  • Researches of gydrobintes (fitozooplancton, benthos, ichtuofauna):
    • Atyrau affiliate of Kazakh Institute of Fish Industry, Atyrau city
    • Caspian institute of fish industry, Astrakhan
    • Laboratory “Atyraubalyk” JSC, Atyrau city

Our Principles

Compliance with environmental legislation and regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Fulfillment of overall Customer’s requirements

Compliance with ecological; safety norms, mitigation of environmental impact during works

Strict compliance with the provisions ofHealth and Labor Protection Systemdeveloped in Company



Compliance with overall rules of health and labor protection

Compliance of performed works with regulatory documents of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Work quality

Situation control – beginning from technical assignment creation and ending with public hearings and approval of work with Competent State Bodies


Projects execution

Project execution is performed with adherence to corporate standards CS1-CS13 Quality Management System

Management is implemented based on resource planning using the licensed software systems Prima Vera orMicrosoft Project

Execution is implemented using Kazakhstani and International Standards

Projects are executed taking into account Customer’s special requirements


Techniques and Methods

Modern navigation equipment–

GPS «Garmin-12»

GIS technology – ArcGIS (ArcInfo), 9.0

MapInfo 7.0

Modern software for the obtained data processing– Surfer, Grafor, Envi, MapSourse

Satellite communication –telephones «THURAYA»

Satellite images of various resolution– Lansat, IRS, Iconas


Thank you for attention!


3 Askarov, Almaty, 050043

Republic of Kazakhstan

Tel.: (+7 727) 255-05-07, 295-48-19, 226-66-88

Fax: (+7 727) 295-48-20