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Connecticut Education Network “Forum”

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Connecticut Education Network “Forum” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Connecticut Education Network “Forum”. June 14, 2001. Agenda. Overview of Current Network Activities Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers). Network Development Report. Connecticut Education Network. Current Network Activities. K-12 Site Surveys

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  • Overview of Current Network Activities
  • Frequently Asked Questions (& Answers)
network development report

Network Development Report

Connecticut Education Network

current network activities
Current Network Activities
  • K-12 Site Surveys
    • 42 Districts complete (Accounts for over 250 buildings)
    • Next 30 being planned
    • 4 contract stass conductingsurveys
  • K-12 Recommendations / Implementation
    • Evaluation documents out to 3 districts, 2 more ready
    • Follow up meetings with districts begin next week
current network activities 2
Current Network Activities (2)
  • East Hartford Data Center Development
    • Firewall acquisition in progress (out to bid)
    • Content Filtering / Proxy System contract complete!
    • Network Backbone Equipment on order
    • Initial Move-In to Data Center possible by June
  • Backbone Deployment
    • Equipment on order for K12, Initial Higher Eds
    • Circuit orders in a short holding pattern
current network activities 3
Current Network Activities (3)
  • Network Circuit & Deployment Activities
    • Still hopeful for answers to critical economic and technology questions from service provider(s)
    • DOIT Enterprise Network Services RFP to identify future service providers being evaluated
    • Additional New Generation Optical Services procurement process actively contemplated.
current network activities 4
Current Network Activities (4)
  • Contract put in place to assist/facilitate backbone design process and pilot district implementations
  • Joint DOIT / Contract Activities:
    • Protocol Planning
    • Network Documentation
    • Field Deployment Assistance
    • Training, Research, Development, Future planning
  • All day technical meetings begin later this week
current network activities 5
Current Network Activities (5)
  • Assessing Dark Fiber Services for Year 2-3 Deployment
    • Dramatic change in operating costs expected
      • Linear relationship between active bandwidth & monthly cost removed
    • Equipment costs for CEN and service provider(s) reduced
      • Ex: $30,000 for a router in each district becomes a $3,500 switch
      • Ex: Complexity & overhead of SONET, ATM, Frame relay replaced with simple Ethernet technologies
    • Positions for exponential bandwidth growth without associated growth in monthly operating costs
operating assumptions

Operating Assumptions

Connecticut Education Network

operating assumptions 5
Operating Assumptions (5)
  • K-12 Efforts
    • No grants from CEN funds for equipment or circuits
      • DOIT providing high speed connection service to CEN
      • Agile assistance as needed will enable connection to CEN in each district
      • Other funds (State Dept. of Ed) may provide in-building support
      • Any funds a district saves it should turn back into technology programs
    • Site surveys continue to focus on infrastructure status analysis and CEN interconnection analysi
operating assumptions 6
Operating Assumptions (6)
  • Backbone Development
    • The current physical backbone will initially bring Higher Education sites back to DOIT for connection to K-12 sites
    • As district networks improve to optically based municipal networks, CEN will evaluate tying those networks directly into the backbone.
    • Physical Topology may not mirror logical topology due to content filtering, firewall and other issues
operating assumptions 9
Operating Assumptions (9)
  • Existing Networks & Aggregators
    • DOIT has not prioritized integration of legacy networks into CEN. Instead DOIT is focusing on deploying next generation optical network connections to all end-points.
    • Service and support components of existing Library and RESC consortia should not be effected by CEN.
operating assumptions 12
Operating Assumptions (12)
  • Good Relationships of towns, schools and libraries need to be maintained
    • Where positive interactions exist, installation of network should not degrade those interactions
    • Technical implementation needs to support secure connections to non CEN networks in the districts.
    • Local traffic should stay local where it can.
connecticut education network

Connecticut Education Network


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