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IT Service
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IT Service

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  1. Earn Million Dollars via sky-scraping retention promotion of IT Services Do you want to get your designed utility or gaming application at top position in Play Store? Do you aspire at earning millions of dollars by enhancing the recognition of your recently developed Android game? If your answer to both of the questions is optimistic you should certainly start considering about restricted promotional activities, which will aid you in boosting your application in the playlist of Google Play even in less time as probable. For this, it is necessary for you to come close to good companies of the industry, as if Salvus App Solutions staffed with qualified professionals and innovative technologies to accomplish the app promotion job. Particularly, the company puts its efforts in introduction of sky- scraping retentionCampaigns for promotion of Android-based applications. We promote IT services like SEO, ASO, CPI Promotion, Software testing, Mobile App Testing. Overview on New sky-scraping retention Campaign If you are newbie of Smartphone application development or Android app promotion sector, you will obviously not know about the new ad campaign related to promotion of apps. For this, you have to give your time to collect information about the campaign and its specialties or advantages for developers. When you like any app developer creating or launching high retention campaign, online prospects and/or users are required to store the specific application on their handsets for about 3 days or up to the specified period before that installed app counted as one of the flourishing conversions. In this circumstance, if any user uninstalls the app before the mentioned time, campaign launched by the developer with the help of good ad company, like Salvus App Solutions will not be considered as successful conversion that will further result in receiving of Additional Install.

  2. Benefits of the Campaign Major benefits linked with the limited Android app promotion scheme will comprise- Presence of incentivized installation options allow individuals to avail of the highest possible and excellent range of retention rates. Mostly, app developers do not have to spend a huge amount of money for additional install solutions. Prime reason for this is that whenever any user uninstalls the app before particular numbers of days, developers will be able to receive additional install facility without paying any amount. Another interesting fact associated with Campaign is that if the developed app possesses decent quality and outstanding features, its users will even choose to install it for more than 3 days period. Other Points to Justify Approaching Salvus Company for the Job After this, app developers will be able to know about few key points, which justify the selection of Salvus Company, the prime provider of IT services to accomplish Android app promotion for their designed applications. Firstly, if you decide to come close to good companies concerned in providing app promotion solutions, you do not need any SDK for doing the job. Secondly, good companies of the industry like for instance Salvus App Solutions incorporate proprietary tracking system to help developers in the best possible manner. Thirdly, the company has attained its proficiency in contributing their solutions in sky-scraping volumes and in inexpensive rates as achievable. In conclusion, only here, you can get the best solutions for IT Services. Thesky-scraping retentionCampaign offered by Salvus Company is must for all individual Android app developers looking to earn millions of dollars via internet.