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Web-Tools for Analyzing Emerging Trends

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Web-Tools for Analyzing Emerging Trends - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Web-Tools for Analyzing Emerging Trends. Program by: Charlie French. Socioeconomic Analysis: Why do it?. Identify emerging societal & environmental trends Conduct Needs Assessment for targeting programs Provides useful info for marketing our programs

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Socioeconomic Analysis: Why do it?

  • Identify emerging societal & environmental trends
  • Conduct Needs Assessment for targeting programs
  • Provides useful info for marketing our programs
  • Provides background about our audience(s)

Socioeconomic Analysis: Why do it?

  • Vital source of business/economic development info
  • Impact Evaluation – are we doing any good?
  • Supplements grant applications/funding requests
searching for information
LycosGood for finding multimedia material

Ask JeevesHelps refine your search

GoogleGood for government material

InfoseekGood for business information

YahooContains lots of media resources

Searching for Information

Activity: Choose any program area and use the various search engines to find information pertaining to emerging trends?


Searching for Information

Alta VistaTranslates Webpages

Hot BotOffers the most search opts

NetscapeGood for Hard research

ExciteFocuses on Consumers

AOLGood source of Office/Business info

Activity: Choose any program area and use the various search engines to find information pertaining to emerging trends?

what kind of data is on the web
What Kind of Data is on the Web?
  • General Population Trends
  • Business and Economic Development
  • Agriculture/Rural America
  • Natural Resources Information
  • Youth and Family Issues
  • Health and Nutrition
general demographic data
General Demographic Data
  • http://www.census.gov
  • The Bureau of the Census site is a
  • good starting point for research requiring facts and figures.
  • http://www.bea.doc.gov/
  • This site provides data at the regional, national, and international levels.
  • http://factfinder.census.gov/
  • General data on housing, demographics, business...
  • http://www.census.gov/Press-Release/www/2001/tables/redist_nh.html#demoprofile: Provides specific Census info pertaining to New Hampshire




business and economic data
Business and Economic Data
  • http://www.bls.gov Bureau of Labor Statistics contains National data on employment and income.
  • http://www.visitnh.gov/ Maintains statistics pertaining to NH tourism industry.
  • http://www.nhes.state.nh.us/elmi/index.htmlLook here for Labor Market information for New Hampshire.
  • http://www.buzzgate.org/ Serves as a clearinghouse for NH business information, data, and tools.
1999 per capita income
1999 Per Capita Income

Source: ScanUS database

ag forestry water resources data
Ag, Forestry, Water Resources Data
  • http://www.usda.gov/nass The US Department of Agriculture has national/state/local data from1997 Census of Agriculture.
  • http://www.srsfia.usfs.msstate.edu/ewman.htm Eastern Forest Inventory Database and Manual.
  • http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/internet/physical_geog_resources.html Comprehensive clearinghouse for data/information on soils, hydrology, climate, plants/animals, landform, ecoregions, etc.

Ag, Forestry, Water Resources Data

  • www.usgs.gov The USGS maintains data links and resources pertaining to landform, biological resources & water resources.
  • http://www.epa.gov/waters/enviromapper/ ‘Enviromapper’ is an EPA site that allows users to interactively map information pertaining to water bodies in the U.S.
  • http://www.granit.sr.unh.edu/ Contains NH natural resource info
children youth and family data
Children Youth and Family Data
  • http://www.ed.gov/topics/topicsTier2.jsp?top=Research+%26+Stats&type=T&subtop=Statistics
  • This site contains national and state-level data on education and test scores.
  • http://www.acf.dhhs.gov/
  • This site provides links to data on children, youth, and families.
  • http://www.childrennh.org
  • This site has living-wage information for New Hampshire.

7.9 - Percent Physical fighting

Incidents per 100 students ages 14-17 years per month

Year 2000


Non-Hispanic blacks


All adolescents



health and nutrition data
Health and Nutrition Data
  • http://www.cdc.gov/nchs/datawh.htm
  • National and state level health statistics (including disease risk factors, causes of death, health promotion strategies, etc.).
  • http://www.ahcpr.gov/data/
  • National Health Care data from the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality.

Washing utensils

Year 2000





Washing cutting boards


0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80


12.3 – Consumer food safety:



maps and graphics
Maps and Graphics
  • http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/BasicFactsServlet Site enables you to build national, state & county census data maps
  • http://plue.sedac.ciesin.org/plue/ddviewer/The Demographic Data Viewer enables you to make county-level maps of various socioeconomic variables (1990 data).
  • http://www.granit.sr.unh.edu/ This on-line database enables you to build maps of
  • New Hampshire natural resource features.

Maps and Graphics

  • http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com This site enables you to zoom in on aerial photos of most areas (1996 photos).
  • http://mapping.usgs.gov/partners/viewonline.htmlUSGS maintains links to other on-line mapping resources.
  • http://www.geographynetwork.com/index.htmlHas links to other on-line mapping engines.
surveys and needs assessments
Surveys and Needs Assessments
  • http://www.ag.uiuc.edu/~lced/main.htmlThe University of Illinois’ Laboratory for Community and Economic Development has a database of sample surveys/needs assessments as well as an an on-line survey-builder.
  • http://www.cardi.cornell.edu/cd_toolbox_2/tools/downtown/methods.cfmProvides information a variety of community needs assessment tools.

Surveys and Needs Assessments

  • http://www.ezec.gov/toolbox/cdmethods.htmlOutlines how to conduct successful community forums and Town Meetings.
  • http://www.unh.edu/survey-center/ Though the UNH survey Center typically charges a fee for survey work, Dr. Andy Smith often provides free sample surveys and technical assistance.
profile builders
Profile Builders

http://www.nhes.state.nh.us/elmi/communpro.htm Shows community information and data for all NH towns/cities

build your own profile
Build your Own Profile
  • Clear and Concise
  • Combine numbers with text and graphics
  • Maps add to Overall Impact
  • Don’t try to put too much in it