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The Human Body PowerPoint Presentation
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The Human Body

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The Human Body - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Human Body. Traveling Through The Human Body. Introduction.

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The Human Body

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    1. The Human Body Traveling Through The Human Body

    2. Introduction This year the 3th and 4th grade classes are headed on a journey to study the Human Body. First we will take a journey through the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems and identify their functions and organs. Aside from learning how they work, we will engage in many fun activities. Moving along on our journey we will make a short stop to the digestive system and see how our food moves through the stomach and intestines into the blood stream. With a snapshot of the skeletal and muscular systems, we learn how each one works together to move the body. Ouch! A reaction that is sent to the brain allowed us to recognize certain roles of the sensory nerves, motor nerves and reflexes.

    3. Task • Explore each of the Body Systems. • Find an illustration of each organ. • Write its parts and identify how they function within their systems. The Human Body

    4. Process 4. Use graphics to make each slide attractive. 5. Slide #8 use the internet linked below to copy and paste the heart diagram and label each number Links htm 6. On slide #10 use your text book (Harcourt Science) pg – to create your own slide on the eye. 7. Slide # 11 should include Fun Facts about the Human Body 8. Slide #12 Bibliography • Create a title page • a .title b. name c. grade d. picture • Complete 1 slide per system • Circulatory , Respiratory, Digestive, Skeletal , Muscular and Sensory Systems • 3. On each slide you will insert a picture of an organ that is specific to its system. • Must include: • Title, vocabulary, definitions • Show text- enhance content.

    5. LINKS