Traveling technology petting zoo summer 2008
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Traveling Technology Petting Zoo Summer 2008 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traveling Technology Petting Zoo Summer 2008. Instructor: Cheryl Gould This Workshop Brought to You by the Infopeople Project.

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Traveling technology petting zoo summer 2008 l.jpg

Traveling Technology Petting ZooSummer 2008

Instructor: Cheryl Gould

This workshop brought to you by the infopeople project l.jpg
This Workshop Brought to You by the Infopeople Project

  • Infopeople is a federally-funded grant project supported by the California State Library. It provides a wide variety of training to California libraries. Infopeople workshops are offered around the state and are open registration on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • For a complete list of workshops, and for other information about the project, go to the Infopeople website at

Why use audio and video now l.jpg
Why Use Audio and Video Now?

  • Devices are small

  • Devices are inexpensive

  • No technical abilities required

  • Can get decent quality

  • They are easy to use

  • Customers have devices for playback

Ways to make audio and video available to users l.jpg
Ways to Make Audio and Video Available to Users

  • On a device for in library use

  • At a self-serve kiosk

  • Download from website to portable players

  • On a computer

    • from your library website

    • from a blog or podcast or media (youtube) site

Slide5 l.jpg

Audio, Video, and Digital Camera

  • Digital Voice Recorder

  • Flip Video Camera

  • Canon Digital Camera

  • USB Headset with Microphone

What is a game l.jpg
What is a Game?

  • Game: activity engaged in for diversion or amusement; synonym: see FUN

  • Video Game: an electronic game played by means of images on a video screen and often emphasizing fast action

Merriam-Webster Online.

Video game sales figures l.jpg
Video Game Sales Figures

  • Who’s on top

  • Hardware and software

  • Weekly and totals


Video games l.jpg
Video Games

Multi Media Gadgets

eBook Reader

  • Wii

    • Sports

    • Big Brain Academy

  • Play Station 2

    • Guitar Hero

    • Namco Museum

    • Dance Dance Revolution

  • Sansa

  • Zune

  • Ipod

  • Itouch

  • Kindle

How can libraries serve gamers l.jpg
How Can Libraries Serve Gamers?

  • Connect games with “traditional” materials through Reader’s Advisory

  • Research video game culture

  • Support gaming

  • Create game collections

  • Host gaming programs

  • Try some games!

Game collections l.jpg
Game Collections

  • Best Practices Wiki on Libraries Circulating Games


  • Beth Gallaway’s Core Collection List from Infopeople


Use games in reader s advisory l.jpg
Use Games in Reader's Advisory


  • What authors do you like to read?

  • What are the last three books you read and enjoyed?

  • What did you like about them?


  • What movies do you like?

  • What TV shows do you watch?

  • What games do you play?

Research video game culture ideas from beth gallaway l.jpg
Research Video Game Culture: Ideas from Beth Gallaway

  • Watch Red vs. Blue

  • Read Penny Acade or PvP

  • Skim gaming magazines

  • Link to game and cheat code sites

  • Pay attention to gaming around you

  • Attend GLLS2008

  • Join the LibGaming Google group

Host game tournaments l.jpg
Host Game Tournaments

  • Jeff Wyner from Escondido does game tournament and has tournament forms with detailed explanations


Program idea bring in a video game designer l.jpg
Program IdeaBring in a Video Game Designer

  • Career in game design

    • Education + experience

    • Game tester opportunities

  • Speaker sources

    • Video Game Companies

    • Game Developer Magazine

    • Game Developer Conferences

From: Kimberly Bishop

Programs & Outreach Librarian at Redondo Beach Library

Slide15 l.jpg


Ways to Use Tech Zoo Devices for

Library Programs

Check out

to see what other libraries are doing.