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Module 5. The Great Sports Personality. 学英语报社. Part 1 Introduction. Step 1 Talk about the pictures. rugby. 学英语报社. 学英语报社. 学英语报社. football. 学英语报社. badminton. table tennis. tennis. bowling. golf. 学英语报社. baseball. 学英语报社. Words and Expressions. n. 田径运动. athletics club net

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  1. Module 5 The Great Sports Personality 学英语报社

  2. Part 1 Introduction • Step 1 Talk about the pictures rugby 学英语报社

  3. 学英语报社

  4. 学英语报社

  5. football 学英语报社

  6. badminton table tennis tennis bowling golf 学英语报社

  7. baseball 学英语报社

  8. Words and Expressions n.田径运动 athletics club net retire perform brand advantage n.高尔夫球棒 n.网 vi.退休 vi.表现 n.商标,牌子 n.优势,长处 学英语报社

  9. Words and Expressions vt.保证 guarantee purchase specific symbol score final quality vt.购买 adj.具体的,特定的 n.符号 vi.&vt.得分 n.决赛 n.特性,品德,品性 学英语报社

  10. Words and Expressions adj.最后的 ultimate protest declare tough vi.抗议 vt.宣布 adj.费力的,棘手的,困难的 on the increase 正在增长 rise to one’s feet 站起身 学英语报社

  11. track club • Step 2 Match the words in the box with their meanings. • 1.Athletes run along this. • 2.You hit a golf ball with this. • 3.Boxers fight inside this. • 4.sports shoes • 5.a field where football and rugby are played • 6.In tennis and table tennis the ball must go over this • 7.You use this to hit the ball and table tennis • 8.casual clothes you can wear at home or to do sport • 9.a building for important sports events, like the Olympic Games ring trainer pitch net bat tracksuit stadium 学英语报社

  12. Part 2 Reading and comprehension • Step 1 About gymnastics • Talk about the picture Side horse 学英语报社

  13. Different items in gymnastics Double bars Single bar 学英语报社

  14. horse Floor exercise 学英语报社

  15. High- and-low bars beam 学英语报社

  16. Step 2 Reading A Life in Sport • Read the passage to get a general idea. the prince of gymnasts Para. 1 a new career--as a businessman Para. 2 more than fifty per cent of the national market Para. 4 success for Li Ning guaranteed Para. 3 opening a school for gymnasts Para. 5 学英语报社

  17. A narration essay They called him the prince of gymnasts because… A year after his retirement,Li Ning began a new career… Success for Li Ning was guaranteed… In just a few years, Li Ning won more than fifty percent of the national market. His dream of opening a school for gymnasts came true in 1991. 学英语报社

  18. Language points • 1.They called him the prince of gymnasts. • call +宾语+宾补 • e.g. We all call the baby Jack. • What do you call this kind of flower? • 注:此结构还经常用于被动语态 • e.g. Li Ning was called the prince of gymnasts. 学英语报社

  19. 2.When he retired at the age of 26, he had won 106 gold medals in major competitions across the world. • win vt.&vi. 其宾语不是竞争对手而是war,game,prize,match,battle,competition之类的名词 学英语报社

  20. e.g. Tom won the 100-metre race in the sports meeting. • Our army won one victory after another. • He won 1000 yuan. 辨析:beat和defeat • 两者的宾语是竞争对手 • e.g. I defeated/beat him at chess. 学英语报社

  21. 3.But even though he had won everything it was possible to win in his sport,Li Ning retired with the feeling that he had failed.It is +adj +for sb. + to do… 这个结构的形容词常常是easy, difficult, hard, important, necessary等,常与事物的特征有关 • e.g. It is difficult for the boy to work out the problem. • It is important for us to learn English well. 学英语报社

  22. 拓展:It is + adj. + of sb. + to do…这个结构的形容词常常是good,kind,nice,wrong, clever,silly,(im)polite等,常与人的性格特点有关 • It’s very kind of you to help me. • It was impolite of him to speak to the teacher like that. • It is wrong of you to laugh at the disabled boy. 学英语报社

  23. that 引导同位语从句 • 同位语从句跟在一个名词(idea,news,fact, promise,answer,belief,doubt,hope等)后面,对其做进一步解释、说明(有时也会被其他词把它和名词分开 • e.g. We heard the news that our team had won. • We must face the fact that we had lost the game. • Word came that the old man’s son died in the battle. 学英语报社

  24. 同位语从句和定语从句的区别: (1)从意义上讲,前者对名词加以补充说明,后者对名词进行修饰和限定。 (2)从结构上讲,前者由连接词引导,后者由关系词引导。 (3)从内涵上讲,前者所说明的名词与从句没有逻辑关系,后者所限定的名词是从句逻辑上的主语、宾语、表语等。 学英语报社

  25. (4)引导同位语从句的连词不能省略,而引导定语从句的关系词作宾语时可以省略。(4)引导同位语从句的连词不能省略,而引导定语从句的关系词作宾语时可以省略。 (5)同位语从句说明的名词多为抽象名词,而定语从句则无此限制。 e.g. The news that they had won the game arrived soon.(同位语从句) The news that you told me yesterday is true.(定语从句) 学英语报社

  26. 4.But it was this sense of failure that made him determined to succeed in his new life. 这是一个强调句。强调句的句型结构 是 It is/was+被强调部分+that/who+ 句子其余部分。这个句型可以用来强 调一个句子中除了谓语以外的任何成 分。 学英语报社

  27. e.g. It was I that/who met John in the street yesterday.(强调主语) It was John that/who I met in the street yesterday.(强调宾语) It was in the street that I met John yesterday.(强调地点状语) It was yesterday that I met John in the street.(强调时间状语) 学英语报社

  28. 强调句型的疑问句有: 一般疑问句:Is/Was it…that … Was it you that /who met John in the street yesterday? 特殊疑问句:特殊疑问词+一般疑问句 Who was it that met John in the street yesterday? 注意:强调句除强调人可以用who之 外,其余都要用that 学英语报社

  29. 5.The bright red logo is made up of the first two pinyin letters of Li Ning’s name, L and N. • make up (1) 形成,组成;常用于被动 • China is made up of 56 nationalities. 学英语报社

  30. (2)化妆;打扮 • She likes to make up her face. • (3)捏造;虚构 • He made up an excuse for her coming late to school. • (4)补偿,弥补;(make up for • I must make up the loss at any cost. 学英语报社

  31. 6.The number of young people with money to spend was on the increase---and sport had never been so popular. • the number of /a number of • the number of +复数名词作主语时,谓语动词用单数形式 • a number of +复数名词作主语时,谓语动词用复数形式 学英语报社

  32. A large number of buildings were burnt down in the fire. • The number of people who smoke is increasing. • on the increase 增加中 • The population of the world is on the increase. 学英语报社

  33. 7.Li Ning’s designs were attractive, and they had a major advantage over their better-known rivals---they were cheaper. • have/gain/win an advantage of/over sb.比某人强;占上风 • take advantage of sth.利用某物 • take advantage of sb.捉弄某人 • to the advantage of sb/to sb’s advantage对某人有利 学英语报社

  34. 8.A pair of Nike trainers, for example, could cost up to five times as a similar Li Ning product. • up to • (1)(数目上)一直到;多达 • His income is up to 2000 yuan a month. • (2)(时间上)到;一直到 • He lives in the country up to now. 学英语报社

  35. (3)从事;忙于;计划着 • --What is he up to now ?—He’s up to no good. • (4)胜任;适于 • He is well up to his work. • (5)……的责任;轮到 • It’s up to me to help him with his English. 学英语报社

  36. 倍数的表达法 • (1)倍数+比较级+than • Our school is twice larger than theirs. • (2)倍数+as…as • Our room is twice as big as his. • (3)倍数+the+名词(size, length, width, height, amount等)+of 学英语报社

  37. Our school is three times the size of theirs. • (4)倍数+wh-clause • The production now is four times what it was ten years ago. • (5)主语+谓语+by +倍数 • Compared with that of last year,our coal output has increased by 3 times. 学英语报社

  38. 9.In just a few years, Li Ning won more than fifty percent of the national market. • more than (1)超过;多于 • More than 10 students won the scholarship. • (2)不仅仅;远不止 • Mr. Wu is more than our teacher. He’s also our friend. 学英语报社

  39. (3)more than…can/could+v.不能…其中more than表示否定,相当于 not • That’s more than I can tell you. • (4)more than+ adj/adv.非常;十分;更加 • I’m more than happy to hear that. 学英语报社

  40. 10.Today a Li Ning product is purchased every ten seconds. • every+基数词+复数名词=every+序数词+单数名词 意为”每……’ • every three days=every third day • every few weeks • every other+单数名词 意为”每隔一…… • every other day=every two days=every second day • every other line 学英语报社

  41. 11.If you go into a school or university anywhere, the chances are you will see students in Li Ning tracksuits with the familiar logo. • chance 机会;可能性 • He finally got the chance to go abroad. • The chance is that one smoker in four will die from smoking. • by chance=by accident 学英语报社

  42. 12.The Spanish and French gymnastics teams wear Li Ning clothes, while Italian designers are employed by the company to create new styles. • While conj.(1)而;然而 表示对比 • I like surfing the internet while my husband likes watching TV. 学英语报社

  43. (2)当……时 • Strike while the iron is hot. • (3)虽然=though/although引导让步状语从句 • While he loves the students, he is very strict with them. 学英语报社

  44. 13.Whenever Chinese athletes step out onto the track during the 2008 Olympics, they will be wearing Li Ning tracksuits. • Whenever, whatever, however, whoever, wherever,whichever引导让步状语从句,相当于no matter+when/what/how/who/where/which引导的让步状语从句 学英语报社

  45. Wherever you go ,I’ll go with you.=no matter where • However hard he tries, he won’t be able to win the first prize.=no matter how • 当引导名词从句时只能用whatever, whoever, whichever • Whoever comes late will be punished. • Never believe whatever he says. He’s a liar. 学英语报社

  46. Step 3 Read the passage again and check the true statements. • 1.Li Ning won six medals at the Los Angeles Olympics. • 2.He was not happy with his results at the Seoul Olympics. • 3.He got a new job working for Nike sportswear. • 4.He chose the name of his sportswear company carefully. True True False True 学英语报社

  47. True • 5. Six Li Ning products are sold every minute. • 6. Li Ning clothes are worn by the national teams of France and Italy. • 7. In 1991 he opened a school with Pele and Muhammad Ali. • 8. He wants to help children become good at sport. False False True 学英语报社

  48. Step 4 Find words or phrases in the passage • Suggested answers: • 1. medal • 2.determined • 3.launch • 4.brand • 5.sportswear/tracksuit • 6.giant • 7.logo • 8.rival • 9.create • 10.ambition 学英语报社

  49. Step 5 Complete the sentences with the verbs in the box. • Suggested answers: • 1.retire • 2.compete • 3.succeed • 4.perform • 5.fail • 6.guarantee 学英语报社

  50. Step 6 Grammar • Exercise 2 Suggested answers • 1.b 2.c 3.a 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.b • Exercise 3 Suggested answers • 1. until 2. ever since 3.before 4.while • 5. as soon as 6.Whenever 学英语报社

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