Gmb front square december 2000
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GMB Front Square December 2000. Fire Safety & Orientation College Residents. Brendan Tangney Junior Dean & Registrar of Chambers The University of Dublin Trinity College Speakers. Welcome. Wilkommen. Failte. Benvenue. Iraishai imasu.

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Gmb front square december 2000 l.jpg
GMB Front Square December 2000

Fire safety orientation college residents l.jpg
Fire Safety & OrientationCollege Residents

Brendan Tangney

Junior Dean & Registrar of Chambers

The University of DublinTrinity College

Welcome l.jpg




Iraishai imasu

Ni men how

Contact information l.jpg
Contact Information

  • Front Gate: 608-1317

  • Emergency: 608-1999

  • Fire safety Officer: 608-1914


  • Accommodation Office: 608-1177

    • E-mail:

    • Web:

  • Junior Dean: 608-1327

    • E-mail:

    • Web:

Mrs margaret woodbyrne l.jpg
Mrs. Margaret Woodbyrne

Accommodation Office

Goldsmith Hall

Monday Night

Dr amir khan l.jpg
Dr. Amir Khan

Department of Biochemistry

New Square

Tuesday Night

Mr peter yung l.jpg
Mr. Peter Yung

Department of Physiotherapy Rubrics

Dr matthew o brien l.jpg
Dr. Matthew O’Brien

Department of Chemistry


Thursday Night

Brendan tangney junior dean l.jpg
Brendan Tangney – Junior Dean

Department of Computer Science

House 9

Wednesday Night

Junior dean l.jpg

  • College Officer appointed by Provost.

  • Responsible for ALL MATTERS to do with discipline for the entire student population.

  • Can impose fines and other sanctions up to “sending a student down” for one year.

  • Particular responsibility for campus residents.

  • Allocates rooms on behalf of the Provost.

  • In Trinity Hall the functions of the Junior Dean are carried out by the Warden.

  • Promote and support a sense of community within college.

Conditions of occupancy l.jpg
Conditions of Occupancy

  • Not a normal Landlord – Tenant relationship.

  • In rooms at the discretion of the Provost.

  • Contribution to the College Community

    • With privilege comes responsibility

  • Parties in rooms – email for permission

  • Drink related incidents

  • Trinity Ball & Summer Examination Period

  • Overnight guests & the 12 O'clock Rule

University as a total immersive learning environment l.jpg
University as a total immersive learning environment.

“When a multitude of young men,

keen, open-hearted…

come together and freely mix with each other,

they are sure to learn one from another…. “

"If I had to choose between a so-called University which dispensed with residenceand tutorial supervision and gave its degrees to any person who passed an examination in a wide range of subjects, and a University which merely brought a number of young men together for three orfour years… I have no hesitation in givingthe preference to the later…“ From "The Idea of a University", Cardinal Newman.

Commons l.jpg

  • An old college tradition that is in danger of passing away.

  • Does this generation want to maintain it?

Goldsmith hall l.jpg
Goldsmith Hall

  • New Common Room

  • Common Room Committee?

Residences welcome from the staff l.jpg
Residences Welcome From The Staff

Tony Dempsey

Accommodation Officer

  • Margaret Woodbyrne

  • Hazel Kinmonth

  • Ailish Taylor

  • Liane Donnelly

  • Deirdre Flanagan

Slide22 l.jpg



Our functions l.jpg
Our Functions

  • Residents are our Customers

  • Administration

  • Management & Operations

  • Co-ordination of College Services

General information l.jpg
General Information

  • Booklets

  • Milestones Through the Year

  • Housekeeping Matters

  • Problems and Complaints

  • College Staff

The view from front gate college security l.jpg
The view from front gate College Security

Su welfare officer l.jpg
SU Welfare Officer

Students Union Welfare Officer

Luke Ryder

Fire safety l.jpg
Fire Safety

Tom Merriman

College Safety Officer

Fire safety residents l.jpg
Fire Safety - Residents

  • How fires start & spread (video)

  • What to when the alarm sounds.

  • What to do if you come across a fire.

  • Fire Prevention

  • Fire extinguishers and blankets.

Fire safety30 l.jpg
Fire Safety

If alarm sounds respond immediately;

When the Alarm activates

  • Leave building, closing doors behind you.

  • Report to assembly point.

  • Do not re-enter until instructed to do so

Familiarise yourself with escape routes

Take instructions from authorised persons only

Fire safety32 l.jpg
Fire Safety

Discovery of fire;

  • Raise alarm at break glass unit.

  • Leave building quickly.

  • Inform staff member or security Ext 1999

  • Report to the Assembly point.

  • Don’t fight fire unless trained in use of extinguishers & unless alarm raised first.

Main cause of fire alarm activation l.jpg
Main Cause of Fire Alarm Activation

  • Burning Food

  • Dirty Cookers /Grill Pans

  • Excessive smoking

  • Gas cookers left unattended

  • Gas fires – clothing/papers too close

Fire safety management l.jpg
Fire Safety Management

Familiarise yourself with procedure

Avoid nuisance activations –ventilate the kitchen

Note exit routes and break glass units.

Don’t obstruct fire exits or escape routes.

Don’t wedge fire doors open.

Report any fire hazards noted.

Arson prevention

Don’t obstruct or misuse fire safety equipment such as extinguishers.

Fire prevention l.jpg
Fire Prevention

Electrical precautions:

  • Don’t overloaded sockets

  • plug out appliances

  • electric blankets

  • Appliances and plugs in good condition

  • No electric fires

  • No make- shift repairs.

  • Don’t interfere with electrical services or distribution boards

Fire prevention36 l.jpg
Fire Prevention

General Precautions

  • Don’t smoke in bed

  • Be careful with your butts

  • Don’t leave gas cookers /fires unattended

  • Don’t leave bins under /near combustible items

  • No chip pans

  • No candles

Fire safety equipment l.jpg
Fire Safety Equipment

  • Always raise the alarm first.

  • Always have a clear escape

  • Malicious Misuse- dangerous and illegal.

  • Always report extinguishers that have been used to the Chief Steward (ext. 1144) so that they can be replaced

  • Prevent false alarms.

  • Use of fire blankets.

Fire extinguishers l.jpg
Fire Extinguishers

  • Red Label – Water

    • Paper, Wood, Solids

  • Blue Label – Dry Powder

    • All Purpose – Solids, Liquids, Gases, Electrical.

  • Black Label – CO2

    • Electrical

Fire extinguishers39 l.jpg
Fire Extinguishers

  • Pull the pin

  • Aim the extinguisher

  • Squeeze the trigger

  • Sweep the flames

Gmb front square december 200040 l.jpg
GMB Front Square December 2000