drum bass and jungle and clubs l.
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Drum & Bass and Jungle and Clubs

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Drum & Bass and Jungle and Clubs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drum & Bass and Jungle and Clubs. European Music Catologue - Comenius project -.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Drum & Bass and Jungle and Clubs' - Michelle

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drum bass and jungle and clubs

Drum&Bass and Jungleand Clubs

European Music Catologue- Comenius project -

what are drum bass and jungle
D&B and Jungle were established in 1988. Somebody has got an idea to mix 3 different music styles for example breakbeat, reggae and old school Hip Hop. D&B and Jungle have suddenly appeared. The name Jungle and Drum&Bass came from UK. In 1990 suddenly appeared DJs who played this kind of music in the clubs. D&B and Jungle started to be very popular as well as it is now.

People who knows nothing about these music styles thinks there are no differences between Jungle and D&B. It isn´t true. There is a big difference.

Jungle is faster/harder (soundfull) than D&B in some way. D&B is more rhytmical. Both of them are club music for dance or for relax.

What are Drum&Bass and Jungle?

- If you want to know more information - www.techno.de/mixmag/interviews/JungleHistoire.html

the wakata club
The Wakata Club

The Wakata club is very famous in Prague. Many people love Wakata because this club is small. It is for 80 people. It is quite expensive ( beer – 27kč = 1 Eur). They have there live music with stage for DJs. It´s comfortable to sit there and there is a nice atmosphere.They have night programme every day. You can hear many kinds of music- breakbeat, D&B, jungle, latin, downtempo and etc.

  • If you want to know more information –
  • www.wakata.cz/200605-en.php

Music sample from this club


SedmVlků is a very famous club/pub in Prague,too.This club is quite big. The capacity of this club is about 100 people downstairs and 50 people upstairs. The prices is really very good ( beer-22kč=0,7 Eur). You can find live DJ with little stage there.They mostly play D&B and breakbeat.

Music sample from this club


This is the underground oldschool club. You can find there almost everthing - film projections, live concerts, theatre performances and of course live DJs. You can make a party or you can celebrate your birthday there. The club has its own garden, 2 floors-the first one is for sitting and relaxing and the second one for dancing. It´s really big club. I think.girls have free entry every Monday. The price of entry depends on the programme.Almost all kind of music you can find there-breakbeat,jungle,D&B,tekkno and etc.

Music sample

from this club


Do you like sport ? Music?

Exhibition or film? Go to XT3! Club XT3 is multy function club.You can find there flippers, darts and fusball.The exhibitions are quite often there. Prices are good (beer-23kč = 0,8Eur). Some music bands from abroad visit this club for example Scareface. Don´t worry, jungle, breakbeat and D&B are there too. By the way XT3 hasn´t got enought space for many people. Most of them just drinking, talking and enjoying the music and atmosphere here.

Music sample

from this club


Maybe ROXY is one of the most famous club in Prague.And maybe the most expensive club unfortunately. This club is really very big. Film projection, exhibition, more than one stage everything is there. The capacity of the club is fantastic - 800 people. All Czech DJs play in this club – Ladida, Loutka, Josef Sedloň, DJ BABE LN, Ghonzales and the others. The prices are really very high ( beer- 32 kč = 1,2Eur). Many concerts of all kind of music: ska, jazz, hip hop, breakbeat, jungle, rock and etc take held there. Many famous bands and DJs visit this clubs ( Guru- Gangstarr,Queens of the stone age, LTJ Bukem)

Music sample

from this club

-if you want to know more information-


abaton club
Abaton Club

This club is for all kind of music as well,Abaton is the place for a party, a concert and a festival too. It´s quite a big club.

My friends made the video from this club, so we hope you will like it. Enjoy it.

So now I would like to introduce Abaton Club…

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The End

Thank you Filip Schauer