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The Great Chabunji Jungle Escape PowerPoint Presentation
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The Great Chabunji Jungle Escape

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The Great Chabunji Jungle Escape
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The Great Chabunji Jungle Escape

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  1. In a jungle not so far away there lived a monkey living with his parents who wanted to find a true love when he meets a monkey named Crystal.

  2. He fell in love and did not know that she came to take the bananas from the jungle. Later in the story Jimmy will go to jail and try to escape and meet his true love. Which you will see….

  3. The Great Chabunji Jungle Escape

  4. “Bye Mom and Dad!” “Bye Son!”

  5. “Excellent” “OOO Pretty monkey!” “Thank you I am here to inspect the sudden decrease in bananas.” “Yes Yes come with me!!”

  6. “Hello!!!!!” “Hi Mom, Hi Dad!!! Meet my friend!”

  7. “This is the Banana Bank.” “This is the Banana Bank ?” “Yes yes it is.” “Well if you say so.”

  8. “Into the trash can with you.” “Aah Help!” “By the way my name is Crystal.” Trash (For throwing your friends in)

  9. “Aah help me!!” “Save the bananas!!”

  10. “Aah I’m going to fall”

  11. “Ha we are taking the bananas” “Someone help us! They’re taking the bananas”

  12. “Aah everyone is dying help us please!” “Uuugggh”

  13. “Oh Lord please help us through our hard times and hunger”

  14. “I will capture you all” “Aah it’s the Wildlife Society”

  15. “Help they’re taking me away”

  16. “Oh it was Crystal she set me up!!” “How did I get myself in this position”

  17. “This is how I will escape and get my parents then we will live in harmony….. FOREVER”

  18. “I am escaping my plan is working.. YES” “If I can just get through here”

  19. ?????? “Hey Mom you’re heavy. Oh well the easy part is over now lets get out of here”

  20. “Die Guards DIE” “Get Me OUTTA’ HERE” “Jimmy is escaping GET HIM!!!!”

  21. “We’re outta here, I can almost taste the freedom” “That little rat… He got away”

  22. “Finally, we have escaped this dreadful place!!”

  23. “What?” “I need to tell you something, too!!” “Crystal?” “Jimmy?” “Crystal, I have always wanted to tell you something!!” “Will you…. marry me!!!!” “I’m sorry for what I have done!!! What did you have to say Jimmy?”

  24. “YES!!!!!!!”

  25. Credits • Jimmy as himself • Crystal as herself • Parents as themselves • Produced by: • Quinn McPhail • Nate Parker • Ian Oechsle • Voice of Jimmy by Quinn McPhail • Voice of Parents by Nate Parker • Voice of Crystal by Ian Oechsle • Voice of Everybody Else by Nate Parker