remote operated audio video switcher l.
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Remote Operated Audio/Video Switcher

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Remote Operated Audio/Video Switcher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Remote Operated Audio/Video Switcher. Team Members. Jordan Goulder, Leader Joe Laszczak Kian-Wah Chee Dr. Harden, Advisor. Problems With Current A/V Devices. Low Cost Switchers Little crosstalk prevention Manually switched High-End Receivers High cost Large size. Solution.

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Presentation Transcript
team members
Team Members
  • Jordan Goulder, Leader
  • Joe Laszczak
  • Kian-Wah Chee
  • Dr. Harden, Advisor
problems with current a v devices
Problems With Current A/V Devices
  • Low Cost Switchers
    • Little crosstalk prevention
    • Manually switched
  • High-End Receivers
    • High cost
    • Large size
  • Remote Controlled With Current Remote
  • Quality Output
  • Relatively Small
  • Reasonable Price
objectives design
Objectives - Design
  • IR FrequenciesRC5 and RECS 80
  • Signal Loss<10 dB at 10 MHz
  • Min. Input Voltage.667 mV (40 dB)
  • Input Frequency20 Hz to 890 MHz
  • Crosstalk56 dB at 10MHz
objectives real world
Objectives - Real World
  • Device Size3in x 4in x 1in
  • Cost $60
  • Learning AbilityUser Programmable Remote Button
  • Reliability1 error per 1000 switches
  • FCC ComplianceFCC Code Part 15
recent redesign issues
Recent Redesign Issues
  • Added Functionality

a. Option to assign random input assignments

b. Increment or Decrement

  • Decrease Device Size
user interface

Infrared Receiver

Status LED’s

Learn/Reset Button

Input Selector Buttons

Remote Switcher

User Interface
internal design







4:1 Audio/Video Multiplexer


RI 1-4




Internal Design
major design issues
Major Design Issues
  • Correctly identifying RECS 80 and RC 5 infrared data transmission schemes
  • Effectively implement the functionality of the switching device through the controller
  • Minimize interference while maintaining small device dimensions
controller functionality
Controller Functionality



Wait for Input


Program Button1



Read IR


Program Button2


Valid IR

Program Button3

Evaluate IR

Program Button4


Program Button++

Output <= Input1

Output <= Input2

Output <= Input3

Output <= Input4

Output <= Input++

Output <= Input--

Program Button--

end of semester achievements
End of Semester Achievements
  • Successful programming of functionality
  • Successful infrared detection and decoding
  • Successful interaction of controller with RF components
design problems
Design Problems
  • Undesired RF penetration through multiplexer
  • Breadboard capacitance severely increase crosstalk potential
  • Undesired loss at low RF frequencies
design solutions
Design Solutions
  • Change the switching method from 4 input mulitplexer to independent path feeding
  • Use PCB to eliminate board capacitance
  • Use high speed low noise op-amps to amplify low frequency broadcast channels


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