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Easter Surprise

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Easter Surprise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Easter Surprise We all enjoy a chocolate egg at Easter. Surprised? Peel back the wrapper of your Easter Egg and whose image would you see? By permission of ILRF. Facts Cote d’Ivoire is a country in the west of Africa which produces more than 40% of the world’s cocoa crop.

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We all enjoy a

chocolate egg at Easter.


Peel back the wrapper of your Easter Egg and whose image would you see?

  • Cote d’Ivoire is a country in the west of Africa which produces more than 40% of the world’s cocoa crop.
  • In 2001 reports confirmed widespread child labour on cocoa farms in Cote d’Ivoire and hundreds of children being trafficked from nearby Mali. The conditions these children were working in were characterised as dangerous and they were forced to work long hours.
  • Industry said they would guarantee the end of trafficked labour in the cocoa industry by 2005. They have failed to do this. They say they will cover half the farms in Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire by 2008, but of the 600,000 farms they have only reached 88.
more facts
More Facts
  • STOP THE TRAFFIK is calling for chocolate to have a Traffik Free Guarantee.
  • STOP THE TRAFFIK is asking industry to sign up to our Chocolate Pledge, which is already endorsed by 40 organisations.
stop the traffik easter chocolate campaign goals
STOP THE TRAFFIK Easter Chocolate Campaign Goals

The customers need to know who picked the cocoa beans that makes their chocolate.

The retailer needs to know that their customers will change what they buy to force the chocolate industry to change their practices.

The chocolate manufacturers need to:





On the very first day, the farmer took our luggage and locked it away. He ordered us to move heavy sacks of cocoa. They were so heavy I could barely lift it. One boy could not lift his sacks. The farmer took a branch off a tree and started whipping him. He beat him until all his body was covered in cuts and blood. At that moment, I know he would beat us, too. We have never tasted chocolate...our bosses never tasted chocolate...we work hard to pick the cocoa beans in the hot sun for 12 breaks...if we sit…we are dead…Sylla, 15 year old boySave The Children 2005


Surprise people with chocolate this Easter.

Download the Easter chocolate poster/advert and place it everywhere around your community. We want everyone who buys chocolate this Easter to think twice about what they choose to buy and where it comes from.

We can all buy Fairtrade and know that our chocolate is Traffik Free.


Surprisepeople this Easter by telling them the truth about what is really under the wrapper of their favourite Easter Egg. Surprised by the awful truth.Customers change what they buyRetailers choose what they stockChocolate manufacturers choose to eradicate exploitative child labour from their supply chain now.

drown your town in coupons download our chocolate coupon www stopthetraffik org
Drown your town in coupons!Download our chocolate

Give this to the retailer when you pay for your chocolate.

Carry the coupons around in your wallet, purse or bag

and every time you buy chocolate - give it in.

thank you happy easter