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The Pilgrim Experience PowerPoint Presentation
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The Pilgrim Experience

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The Pilgrim Experience
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The Pilgrim Experience

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    1. The Pilgrim Experience Third Grade Webquest By: Ms. Daugherty Click here to proceed

    3. Introduction Today is September 6th, 1620. You are a pilgrim child that is about to board the Mayflower Ship as it prepares to sail from England to the New World. This journey will be both exciting and scary for you and your family. What will happen on your journey? Will you be ready to start a new life in the New World?

    4. Task You are one of the first children to travel to the New World and you have a very important job! You must keep a journal of what happens to you and your family during the first year in the New World. In order to do this, you and a partner will be researching for facts, dates, photographs, and other interesting details you find to put in your journal. The journal will be presented to other children to gain and overall understanding of life in the New World.

    5. Process John Alden Issac Allerton Mary Allerton Bartholomew Allerton Mary Allerton Remember Allerton Don Allerton Don Billington Eleanor Billington Frances Billington John Billington William Bradford Dorothy May Bradford William Brewster Steven Hopkins Elizabeth Hopkins Giles Hopkins Constance Hopkins Damaris Hopkins Oceanis Hopkins John Howland John Langmore William Latham Edward Leister Edmund Margeson Christopher Martin Marie Martin Desire Minter Elinor More Jasper More Richard More

    6. Process (Contd) Your second step will be to create a journal. It should have 10 entries that will document your travels and each event as if it were happening to you. This journal will be written by each student using language, dates, facts, and names from that time period. The entries can be created in a Word document with pictures inserted to correspond for each event that happens. Peer editing should be used on each entry to check for spelling mistakes, grammar/language used, and factual information. Your third step will be to use the research sites provided to gather information. You will need to include specific details as you write in your journal about the difficult journey and your life in America during your first year. These journal entries need to include dates and details about everything you feel is important to you as a Pilgrim child. Your last step will be to work with your partner to present your information to another classroom. The presentation must include factual information and some type of visual aide. Each member of the team must contribute and take part in the presentation. Some suggestions for your presentation might include: - A model or diorama about a favorite event from the journals. - A Power Point presentation with pictures, dates, and information. - Dress in authentic clothing for the presentation.

    7. Resources Research links - Click on the following for more information The Pilgrim Story Plymouth The Mayflower The Mayflower Kids The First Thanksgiving

    8. Journal Scoring Guide

    9. Conclusion Congratulations! The documentation in your journal and your final presentation has made it possible for your classmates to understand how the Pilgrims journey really was!