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The Changing Face of Computing

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All kinds of people become computer scientists. The Changing Face of Computing. Computer scientists become all sorts of people. ACM-W. Promoting activities that result in more equal representation of women in computer science, like Mentoring Role modeling Researching

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acm w
  • Promoting activities that result in more equal representation of women in computer science, like
    • Mentoring
    • Role modeling
    • Researching
    • Documenting women's accomplishments in CS
    • Sharing information

Profiles in Computing:Bettina Bair is a senior lecturer in CSE. She is also the director of TWICE (The Women in Computer Engineering), a program which gives undergraduates opportunities in research, industry or community service.

what are you into
What are you into?

Computers are into that, too.



Biomedical Engineering

Geodetic Science

Electrical Engineering

Food & Agriculture


Material Science


Profiles in Computing:Helen Greiner founded iRobot, when she was 23. iRobot has grown into the most successful, independent robotics company in the world, delivering robots into the industrial, consumer, academic, and military markets.

computer scientists are into everything
Computer Scientists are into everything

Artificial Intelligence

natural language processing


Shrek, Star Wars


fingerprints, retinal scans

Profiles in Computing:Meg Whitman became the CEO of eBay in 1998 and was one of the top five Forbes Most Powerful Women of the World in 2004. She has donated approximately $60 million to Princeton University.

computer scientists are into everything5
Computer Scientists are into everything

Computer Hardware Design

faster, cheaper CPUs

Cross Discipline Projects

music technology, internet sociology

Data Management

MP3s, GIFs, JPGs

Data Mining

faster searches and better results

Mobile technologies

TabletPCs, PocketPCs and other wireless devices

Profiles in Computing:Rear Admiral Grace Hopper was the first programmer for the Mark I Calculator and the developer of the first compiler for a computer programming language.

computer scientists are into everything6
Computer Scientists are into everything


LANs, WANS, WLANs, Internet

Operating System Design

Mac OS, Windows, Unix, Linux…?

Pattern recognition

identifying terrorists, speech recognition, voice dialing


automating tedious and dangerous jobs

Security, privacy

preventing identity theft, protecting children from online predators

Profiles in Computing:Binaebi Akah is a student who feels computer science is a field that will allow her to do almost anything when she graduates. Her interest is in computer graphics, one of the faster growing fields

computer scientists are into everything7
Computer Scientists are into everything
  • Simulations
    • pilot training and space missions
  • Software Applications
    • education, medicine, architecture, farming, geography, law, finance business…
  • Software Engineering
    • ensuring that systems are useful and error-free
  • Telecommunications
    • wireless, DSL, satellite communications

Profiles in Computing:Anita Borg was a pioneering computer scientist who worked to break the "silicon ceiling" that often keeps women and minorities from rising to the top of the high-tech industry

computing careers are flexible
Computing careers are flexible.

I want to travel

Good. IT skills are in demand everywhere

Can I have a family?

70% of IT workers have flextime

Neighborhood tech centers need support

Can I help my community?

New technology creates new business

Can I be my own boss?

Profiles in Computing:Janis Mitchell overcame dyslexia and poverty to become a highly recognized entrepreneur and businesswoman.

there are lots of jobs in computing








Natural Science

There are lots of jobs in computing

Seventy percent of new jobs in science and engineering fields will be in "information technology"

… even AFTER considering trends in outsourcing

John Sargent, US Department of Commerce, 2004

Profiles in Computing:Maria Palazzi is a computer animator whohas been nominated for awards from international film festivals. She likes how the Web can create small communities of people sharing their knowledge.

programming is
Programming is
  • Problem solving
  • Creative
  • Analytical
  • Always changing

$int j;

$int I;

Programming is not computer science… but it’s a way that computer science gets done.

Profiles in Computing:Dr Tracy Camp is an associate professor who has over 900 citations to date. Simulation code developed by her research group has been shared with more than 270 research groups in 41 countries.

computer scientists solve puzzles

























Computer scientists solve puzzles

Put a zero on all the left branches of the tree. Put a one on all the right branches of the tree

Read down the branches of the tree to find a binary code for each character. The first group has been done for you.

computer scientists break codes
Computer scientists break codes

Convert each set of 4 characters below into four sets of binary code. The first row is done for you.

Color in all the squares with ones (1) to find a secret message!

Make up your own coded message to send to a friend!

E488, 8A88, 8E88, EAEE

what do you think
What do you think?

How have computers changed the world?

How will computers change life in your lifetime?

In your kids’ lifetime?

What jobs use or require computers?

Do you know any computer scientists?

What kinds of things do people say about computer scientists?

What do you think is true? False?

to do list
To Do List
  • Talk to people about careers in computing
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Teachers
  • Pick a major
    • Computer science - theory, research, or invention
    • Computer engineering – analysis of users’ needs and design of computer applications
    • Information systems – coordination and direction computer-related activities of firms
    • Information technology - programming, database, data communications and project management.
  • Pick a college
    • Look at U.S. News & World Report



Association for Computing Machinery Committee on Women in Computing

Celebrating 

Informing 

Supporting 

Women in Computing