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Semantic Advertising

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Semantic Advertising Ame Wongsa INF 385T – Semantic Web Background – Online Advertising Banner ads allowed tracking of click through rates Arms race for people’s attention led to increasingly intrusive ads (blinking banners, pop-ups, video ads, inline ads, etc.

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semantic advertising

Semantic Advertising

Ame Wongsa

INF 385T – Semantic Web

background online advertising
Background – Online Advertising
  • Banner ads allowed tracking of click through rates
  • Arms race for people’s attention led to increasingly intrusive ads (blinking banners, pop-ups, video ads, inline ads, etc.
  • started pay-per-click-ads and keyword bidding
  • Google AdWords and AdSense network
  • Contextual Advertising
  • Behavioral Targeting
contextual advertising
Contextual Advertising
  • Google AdSense and Yahoo ContentMatch
  • Based on keyword scans of text of website or internet search
  • Misplacement of ads can occur due to keywords with various meanings
  • “If it bleeds, it leads” (not true on the web)
  • Filtering certain ads for certain context and editorial oversight
  • Focused and commercial content works well. Ex. Blogs
  • Other Problems:
    • Popularity increases competition and reduces ROI
    • Companies buy rivals keywords or rivals drive up cost of ads.
behavioral targeting
Behavioral Targeting
  • Use individual browsing behavior (page visited, searches, purchase history) to select advertising to display.
  • Used with geography, demographics, content.
  • Uses cookies -- Privacy issues
what is important to online advertisers
What is important to online advertisers?
  • Targeted advertising
    • Preventing negative associations
  • ROI – Return On Investment
  • Competition, brand protection
  • CTR – Click Through Rate
  • Pay per clicks (PPC), Cost per action (CPA), cost per thousand (CPM)
semantic advertising6
Semantic Advertising

Four Kinds:

  • Contextual advertising with semantic technology
  • Semantic search advertising
  • Dynamic advertising content
  • Advertising inside semantic data


1 contextual advertising with semantic technology
1. Contextual Advertising with semantic technology
  • Use semantic technology as a competitive advantage to contextual advertising
  • Goal is to understand content of page to provide more targeted advertising
  • Peer93*
    • Base on proprietary algorithms for natural language processing and machine learning to understand page meaning and sentiment
  • iSense
    • taxonomy base system hand built by 40 linguists and lexicographers
2 semantic search advertising
2. Semantic search advertising
  • Semantic search engines try to provide people with better search experience
  • Advertising can provide a business model
  • May bid on concepts and relationships instead of keywords
  • Example of semantic search engines: Powerset, Hakia
3 dynamic advertising content
3. Dynamic advertising content
  • Advertisers expose offerings in XML semantic data and agencies read data to dynamically change content of ad accordingly
  • Little coordination to update ads
  • Require standardized format of semantic data across advertisers
  • Ex. Dapper’s MashupAds platform
    • Dapper is a data extraction and API creation service and is used for semantic indexing.
4 advertising inside semantic data
4. Advertising inside semantic data
  • Ex. Yahoo! SearchMonkey
    • Allow developers and site owners to use structured data to make Yahoo! Search results more useful and visually appealing, and to drive more relevant traffic to their site
    • Structured data: microformats, RDFa/eRDF, atom feeds, web services
    • Example
4 advertising inside semantic data cont
4. Advertising inside semantic data (cont.)
    • Content providers can charge advertisers to provide semantic data
    • Semantic listing is more noticeable even if they have lower ranking and useful presentation can increase ranking
    • Search engine optimization
  • Ex. OpenCalais
    • Generates semantic metadata from content (text/HTML/XML) using natural language processing, machine learning and other methods.
    • Semantic advertising by adding sponsor’s metadata.
advertising and the semantic web
Advertising and the semantic web
  • Semantic advertising is involved in improving experiences for users (who don’t care about technology)
  • Better advertising as a reward can create incentive for good semantic data.
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