kitchen safety n.
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KITCHEN SAFETY. SAFETY TERMS. Safety : a behavior that prevents harm. Accident : event that happens when unsafe behaviors occur near a hazard. Inspection : checking to be sure hazards don’t cause accidents. KITCHEN HAZARDS. Definition :

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safety terms
  • Safety: a behavior that prevents harm.
  • Accident: event that happens when unsafe behaviors occur near a hazard.
  • Inspection: checking to be sure hazards don’t cause accidents.
kitchen hazards


  • A hazard is a situation that could be dangerous, like slipping and falling. Every kitchen has many safety hazards.
  • The following are kitchen hazards we will talk about:
    • Falls
    • Burns
    • Cuts
    • Strains
    • Shocks
    • Poisoning
    • Choking
  • Definition: Losing your balance and hitting the ground.
  • Prevention of Falls:
    • Keep floors clean and dry.
    • Walk, do not run.
    • Wear low-heeled shoes.
    • Look where you are going.
  • Definition: Injury caused by heat of fire.
  • Prevention of Burns:
    • Use oven mitts when you handle hot pans.
    • Stay away from hot grease; it burns.
    • Keep handles on pans turned in, away from the aisle.
    • Don’t wear loose-fitting sleeves. They might catch on a pan handle and spill the pan of hot food.
    • Pay attention to what you are doing.
    • Know the fire protection rules in the kitchen.
  • Definition: Injury due to break in the skin caused by a knife or sharp object.
  • Prevention of cuts:
    • Use the correct knife for the job.
    • Always cut things on a cutting board.
    • Always cut away from your body.
    • Never put knives under things, where they cannot be seen.
    • Never put knives in the dish water where they cannot be seen.
    • If you drop a knife, let it fall.
    • Don’t search in dishwater for broken glass.
  • Definition: to impair, injure, or weaken (a muscle, tendon, etc.) by stretching or overexertion
  • Prevention of strains:
    • Bend at the knees when lifting something. This prevents back strain.
    • Always use a cart to carry heavy things in the kitchen.
  • Definition: Caused by contact with an electric current.
  • Prevention of shocks:
    • Pull out a cord by the plug, not the cord,

so it does not break.

    • Unplug an appliance before washing it.
    • Never operate an appliance with wet hands or while standing in water. Keep floors dry.
    • Keep appliances turned off when they are not in use. Do not play with any switches when you are cleaning an appliance, such as a mixer.
  • Definition: Poisoning: Ingesting hazardous chemicals.
  • Prevention:
  • 1. Keep hazardous chemicals

locked up.

  • 2. Store chemicals in original


  • Definition: Something lodged in your throat- prevents you from breathing.
  • Prevention:
  • 1. Chew food thoroughly
  • 2. Stay seated while eating
fill in the blank quiz
  • One way to prevent falls is to keep floors clean and ________ .
  • To prevent burns, use oven ________ when you handle hot pans.
  • You can help prevent cuts if you always cut things on a cutting ________ .
  • To prevent strains, always use a ________ to carry heave things in the kitchen.
  • To help prevent shocks, do not play with any _________ when you are cleaning an appliance.