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Chapter 8

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Chapter 8. American Indians. Symbol – American Indian Woman. Symbol – American Indian Man. SAA 8.2 What do you know about American Indians?. Sports team mascots and logos pay tribute to their place in history All who enroll get a monthly check from the government

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chapter 8
Chapter 8

American Indians

saa 8 2 what do you know about american indians
SAA 8.2 What do you know about American Indians?
  • Sports team mascots and logos pay tribute to their place in history
  • All who enroll get a monthly check from the government
  • Population is decreasing rapidly
  • Have been on continent nearly 5,000 years
  • Were great mathematicians & architects
what do you know cont
What do you know (cont)?
  • U.S. always accorded Indian nations the rights of independent nations
  • Tribal system was run by warrior-chiefs
  • Basic worldview: all things in natural world are connected
  • Planning tends to be short-range and in-the-moment
  • Key value: maintaining lifelong relationships
myths stereotypes
Myths & Stereotypes

Myth #1. Vanishing relics of the past—redskin savages, warriors, squaws

  • Expanding population.
  • Younger, faster-growing than total American population
  • terms offensive to most American Indians
  • perpetuate media stereotypes

Myth #2. Sports-team mascots & logos honor American Indians’ place in history

  • Mock and trivialize American Indian culture.
  • Not accurate representations of American Indians
myths stereotypes7
Myths & Stereotypes

Myth #3. Indian theme programs pay homage to American Indian traditions

  • Who controls how a culture is displayed and perceived?
  • Distilling a complex culture into superficial images
  • Encouraging stereotypes

Myth #4: Lazy and won’t work

Myth #5: An expert on Indian lore

american indian demographics
American Indian Demographics
  • Mainland population - almost 1 percent
  • Mainland and Alaskan - 1.5 percent
  • One of youngest ethnic groups
  • Household income= $32,100
  • All Americans = $42,200
  • Poverty rate = 26%
  • All Americans = 10%
  • Number of Tribes = 558
  • Largest tribes: Cherokee and Navajo
states where they live all states
Most populous:




% of Population

15% (628,000)

10% (392,000)

7% (293,000)

States where they live: all states
american indian worldview
American Indian Worldview
  • Nature: Live in harmony, preserve human-nature balance
  • Who We Are: A stable people, build homes, identify with land
  • Role of Tradition: Conservative, remember the past
  • Knowledge is holistic: Focus on the whole first, parts second

web of life means all is connected, related

  • Truth is relative: Many possible truths,

grounded in experience, which evolves, is multi-dimensional

  • Holistic Worldview - Experience and relate to a living universe

web of life where humans must participate

  • Time: Multi-focus, nature’s cycles
american indian values
American Indian Values
  • Education: For wisdom in the “why” of things
  • Planning: Consider decision’s impact on 7th generation

Future, present equally important & greater than past

  • Expressing Self: Doing first, then becoming, then being
  • Relationships: Collectivist

sharing, helping relatives comes first

lifelong relationships are common

  • Use of Space - People more important than privacy

Borrow and lend things often and easily

american indian contributions
American Indian Contributions
  • Architecture unexcelled
  • Astronomy - calendar extremely accurate
  • Math - used the zero before Arabs, Europeans
  • Languages 500 to 1,000 spoken in No. America

more than in all of “Old World”

  • Agriculture – world’s greatest farmers, pharmacists

Their plants now feed much of world, allowed population expansion

  • Medical system - far superior to European systems

Natural pharmaceuticals, sanitation, surgery, other

Made possible many modern medicines, drugs

  • Political system - primary model for the U.S. democratic political system in turn influenced U.N. and the world
  • 30,000 years of living in the Americas
skill builder cases
Skill Builder Cases

8.1. To Cut or Not to Cut

8.2 Matt, a Chippewa Clerk

  • Select a reporter (rotate this over time)
  • Report: write names of team members
  • Take notes
  • Report highlights to class
  • Turn in notes to professor – don’t put in stack of homework