alternative feeds for cattle l.
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ALTERNATIVE FEEDS FOR CATTLE . By Tommy Waldrop South Region Area Livestock Teacher May 2007. Dry Weather Caused:. No Hay Produced Low Hay Supplies Hay to be fed during Summer Loss of condition on cattle Lower weaning weights and less income. Drought Potential Problems.

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alternative feeds for cattle


By Tommy Waldrop

South Region Area Livestock Teacher

May 2007

dry weather caused
Dry Weather Caused:
  • No Hay Produced
  • Low Hay Supplies
  • Hay to be fed during Summer
  • Loss of condition on cattle
  • Lower weaning weights and less income
drought potential problems
Drought Potential Problems
  • Use of salt to limit feed intake will cause water intake to increase
  • Over consumption of urea containing supplements
  • Nitrate problem in corn and sorghum
  • Prussic acid (cyanide poisoning) in johnson grass, sorghum and hybrids, sudan grass
  • Increase chance of toxic plant consumption
  • Rumen Impaction with low protein diets
strategies that can help
Strategies That Can help
  • Plant more winter Annuals
  • Overseed Pastures with Ryegrass
  • Purchase Hay
  • Buy Alternative Feeds
buying hay
Buying Hay
  • Usually Expensive for the lbs of TDN
  • Peanut hay could be available after harvest
  • Expensive to Haul
alternate feeds
Alternate Feeds
  • By-products of crop processing
  • Waste Products
  • Crop Residues
  • Can be used as primary Forage, supplement to a ration or replacement in a ration
things to consider
Things to Consider
  • Accurate ID
  • Availability and Consistency
  • Nutrient Composition
  • Consistency of Composition
  • Suitability
  • Perishablility
  • Freedom from Health Hazards
  • Special Handling
  • Storage Space
  • Legality
  • Cost
cost per lb of tdn
Cost per LB of TDN
  • 2000 X %TDN = LBS TDN per Ton
  • Cost per ton / LBS TDN per Ton = Cost/LB-TDN
  • EX- Cottonseed @ 89% TDN and $100/ton
  • 2000 X .89 = 1780 lbs TDN
  • $100/1780 lbs= $.056/lb
how much feed do cattle need
How much Feed do cattle need?
  • Stage of production
  • Time of year
  • Body condition
apple pomace
Apple Pomace
  • Residual material from making apple juice
  • High in moisture
  • Spoils rapidly
  • Only available in north Georgia
citrus pulp
Citrus Pulp
  • Made from residues from citrus fruit
  • Peel, pulp and seed
  • Low protein high fiber feed
  • Very Digestable to Cattle
  • Rarely economical to produces in Ga.
soy hulls
Soy Hulls
  • By-product from soybean oil production
  • High fiber very digestable
  • Works best when limited to 30% of ration
  • Bulky, Dusty feed that works with silage and molasses to control dust
hominy feed
Hominy Feed
  • Contains the bran, germ, and some of the starch from the corn kernel
  • Equal to ground corn
  • Very palatable
  • Can be used up to 70% of ration buts works best at 10 to 15%
  • Good energy source
  • Higher in protein than corn
brewers grain
Brewers Grain
  • By-product of beer production
  • Excellent source of protein
  • Highly palatable
  • High in Moisture- 70-80%
  • Transportation cost is high
  • Shelf life is limited unless stored in silo
corn gluten feed
Corn Gluten Feed
  • By-product of corn milling
  • Mainly bran and meal
  • Good protein content for ruminants
  • Usually cheap
whole cottonseed
Whole Cottonseed
  • Excellent source for protein and energy
  • Usually economically feasible
  • Feed around 5 lbs/head/day
distillers grain and thin stillage
Distillers Grain and Thin Stillage
  • By-products of Alcohol production
  • Grain contains Grain residues
  • Stillage contains Yeast, Soluble nutrients, small corn particles
  • Excellent source of Protein and Energy
peanut skins
Peanut Skins
  • Result of Blanching Peanuts
  • Moderate levels of protein and energy
  • High Tannin
  • No more than 10% of ration
corn stalks milo stalks wheat straw and soybean stubble
Corn Stalks, Milo Stalks, Wheat Straw and Soybean Stubble
  • Part that is left behind after harvest
  • Usually 30 cow days per acre
  • Can be harvested for hay
  • When grazing soybean stubble do not feed urea
  • Ammonization of Wheat Straw – 60 lbs of ammonia per ton of straw
cotton gin trash
Cotton Gin Trash
  • By-product of ginning cotton
  • Bulky, Unpalatable, High Fiber, Low Energy Feed
  • Can be used as a Hay replacer
  • Weed Seed problem
cottonseed hulls
Cottonseed Hulls
  • High fiber, Low protein
  • Some what Palatable
  • Used only for Roughage
  • 10 to 25% 0f Ration
peanut hay
Peanut Hay
  • Good Feed for Cattle
  • When properly supplemented can be primary Forage in feeding program
peanut hulls
Peanut Hulls
  • High Fiber low Energy
  • Mainly used for Roughage source.
where can i buy some of these products
Where Can I Buy Some of These Products????
  • You must be aware that:
    • Most will have to be Trucked in
    • Have to have storage Facilities
    • Most have to be fed in a trough or bunker
    • Some have to be mixed in mixer wagon
furst mcness cordele ga 1 800 233 6596
Furst- McNess Cordele, Ga. 1-800-233-6596
  • Soy Hulls
  • SBM
  • Dried Distillers Grain
  • Hominy Feed
  • Cottonseed Hulls
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Citrus Pulp
commodity specialists co 1 888 272 9247
Commodity Specialists Co.1-888-272-9247
  • Ask For Tim
  • Corn Gluten Pellets-$120
  • Wet Brewers Grain-$37
  • Hominy Feed- $140
  • Cottonseed Hulls-$145
  • Soy Hulls-$150
  • Wheat Midds-$110
brown milling and peanut 229 776 3391
Brown Milling and Peanut229-776-3391
  • Soy Hull Pellets
  • SBM
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Corn- Cracked and Ground
  • Peanut Hull pellets
  • Cottonseed Hulls
  • Corn Gluten Feed
zeeland farm services inc desoto ga 1 229 874 3333
Zeeland Farm Services, Inc.DeSoto, Ga. 1-229-874-3333
  • Citrus Pulp
  • Corn Gluten Pellets
  • Ground and Cracker Corn
  • Cotton Seed
  • Cottonseed Meal
  • Distillers Grain
  • Hominy Feed
  • Ground Peanut Hulls
  • Soy Hulls
  • Soy Hull Pellets
  • Beet Pulp pellets
adm valdosta 1 800 645 2853
ADM Valdosta1-800-645-2853
  • Soy Hulls approx. $90 bulk
  • Soybean Meal
chickasha of georgia tifton 229 388 8008
Chickasha Of GeorgiaTifton229-388-8008
  • Cottonseed Pellet – same nutrition as whole cottonseed but in a flowable state
hay and winter grazing is sometimes the most expensive way to winter a cow
Hay and Winter Grazing is sometimes the most expensive way to winter a cow.
  • Alternative Feeds
  • Silage
  • Many feedstuffs are available
  • Must choose the ones that are best for you
  • Must decide if you want to buy the equipment to feed the feeds
  • Must decide if you want to invest in storage facilities