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Network Computing

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Network Computing. Discovery, Communication, and Collaboration. The Internet. The Internet is a global network of computer networks. It links the computing resources of business, government, and educational institutions using a common computer communication protocol. The Internet. Discovery

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network computing

Network Computing

Discovery, Communication, and Collaboration

the internet
The Internet

The Internet is a global network of computer networks. It links the computing resources of business, government, and educational institutions using a common computer communication protocol.

the internet3
The Internet
  • Discovery
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Information superhighways
the internet characteristics and capabilities
The Internet:Characteristics and Capabilities
  • Accessing the internet
  • TV access
  • Internet (network) terminal
  • TCP/IP
  • Resources
  • Benefits
the internet benefits
The Internet:Benefits
  • Messages - low cost
  • Access to government information
  • Library of Congress
  • Forum
  • Download documents and software
  • Electronic commerce
  • Access to newspapers, magazines, and books
the internet benefits6
The Internet:Benefits
  • Cultural events
  • Entertainment
  • Collaborative research
  • Free telephone call and video conferencing
  • Access to museums worldwide
  • Web translators - access to information in other languages
supporting discovery via the web
Supporting Discovery:Via the Web

The WWW is a vast collection of interconnected pages of information that are stored on computers around the world which are connected to the Internet.

supporting discovery via the web8
Supporting Discovery:Via the Web
  • Hyperlinks
  • Hypertext
  • Web site
  • Client / server architecture
supporting discovery benefits of the web
Supporting Discovery:Benefits of the Web
  • Open
  • Resourceful
  • Efficient
  • Dynamic
supporting discovery via the web10
Supporting Discovery:Via the Web
  • Creating Web documents
  • Search engines
  • Gopher
  • Downloading software and files
  • Supporting communication
supporting communication
Supporting Communication

Communication is an interpersonal process of sending and receiving symbols with messages attached to them.

supporting communication factors determining the uses of information technology
Supporting Communication:Factors Determining the Uses of Information Technology
  • Participants
  • Nature of sources and destinations
  • Location
  • Time
  • Media
time place framework
Time / Place Framework
  • Same-time/same-place
  • Same-time/different-place
  • Different-time/same-place
  • Different-time/different-place







supporting communication15
Supporting Communication
  • Electronic mail - e-mail
    • Internet and intranet
  • Chat programs
  • Newsgroups
  • Mailing lists and electronic bulletin boards
supporting collaboration
Supporting Collaboration

Collaboration refers to the mutual efforts by two or more individuals who perform activities in order to accomplish certain tasks.

supporting collaboration17
Supporting Collaboration
  • Conventional approach
    • Nominal group technique
    • Delphi method
  • Using IT to support groupwork
  • Workflow systems
  • Screen sharing
groupware technologies and infrastructure
Groupware:Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Visual communication
  • Electronic voice communication
  • Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)
  • Integrated technologies
  • Intranet and extranet
visual communication
Visual Communication
  • Video teleconferencing
  • Video mail
electronic voice communication
Electronic Voice Communication
  • Advantages
  • Applications
electronic voice communication advantages
Electronic Voice CommunicationAdvantages
  • Hands-free / eyes-free operations
  • Disabled employees - voice commands
  • Portable voice terminals
  • Voice terminals - rugged
  • Faster
  • Fewer errors
electronic voice communication applications
Electronic Voice CommunicationApplications
  • Interactive voice recognition
  • Voice annotation
  • Automated attendant
  • Voice mail
  • Audiotext
group decision support systems gdss
Group Decision Support Systems (GDSS)

A group decision support system is an interactive computer-based system that facilitates the solution of semistructured and unstructured problems by a group of decision makers.

group decision support systems
Group Decision Support Systems
  • Supporting face-to-face meetings
  • Applications
group decision support systems supporting face to face meetings
Group Decision Support SystemsSupporting face-to-face meetings
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • People
  • Procedures
group decision support systems applications
Group Decision Support SystemsApplications
  • IRS - quality improvement
  • European auto industry - support experts
  • San Trans - contract negotiations
  • El Rio Health Care - contract negotiations
  • City of Louisville - public education
integrated technologies examples
Integrated Technologies:Examples
  • PictureTel
  • Cardiff Software
  • Netscape Communicator
  • Lotus Notes / Domino
lotus notes
Lotus Notes

Lotus notes is a Windows-based client/server platform for developing and deploying groupware applications.

lotus notes capabilities
Lotus NotesCapabilities
  • Tracking
  • Team discussion
  • Broadcasting
  • References
lotus notes30
Lotus Notes
  • Application categories
    • Things to do
    • Contract library
    • Corporate policy documents
  • Notes’ databases
    • Discussion databases
    • Document libraries
    • Information services
the intranet
The Intranet

The Intranet, or internal Web, is a network architecture designed to serve the internal informational needs of a company using Web concepts and tools.


The extranet is an infrastructure that allows secure communications among business partners.

internet implementation topics
Internet Implementation Topics
  • Internet-based software agents
  • Internet-based data mining
  • Ethics on the net
internet based software agents
Internet-based Software Agents
  • E-mail agents
  • Web-browsing-assisting agents
  • Intelligent indexing agents
internet based data mining
Internet-based Data Mining
  • Resource discovery
  • Information extraction
  • Generalization
ethics on the net
Ethics on the Net
  • Privacy and ethics in e-mail
  • Right of free speech
  • Copyright
  • Privacy of patient’s information
  • Internet manners
  • Monitoring employee’s use of the Internet
managerial issues
Managerial Issues
  • Security of communication
  • Data crossing national boarders
  • Congestion
  • Control of employee time and activities
  • Questionnaires and referenda
  • Organizational impacts
managerial issues39
Managerial Issues
  • Use of the decision room
  • Cost-benefit justification
  • Legal issues
  • Controlling the access and managing the content of the material on the intranet

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