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Agenda Overview

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Agenda Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Agenda Overview. Why Qualifications Based Selection? Elements of the Request for Qualifications Initial Questions Example 1 - General Stretch Break!!! Example 2 – Short and Sweet Advertisement Example 3 – Combined RFQ/RFP Evaluation Process. Why Qualifications Based Selection?.

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agenda overview
Agenda Overview
  • Why Qualifications Based Selection?
  • Elements of the Request for Qualifications
  • Initial Questions
  • Example 1 - General
  • Stretch Break!!!
  • Example 2 – Short and Sweet Advertisement
  • Example 3 – Combined RFQ/RFP
  • Evaluation Process
why qualifications based selection
Why Qualifications Based Selection?
  • You've carefully thought out all the angles.
  • You've done it a thousand times.
  • It comes naturally to you.
  • You know what you're doing, its what you've been trained to do your whole life.
  • Nothing could possibly go wrong, right ?
why qualifications based selection5
Why Qualifications Based Selection?
  • Money - Can you afford not to?
  • Headaches –
    • Change orders
    • Claims
    • Project from h___
    • Aspirin, tylenol, ibuprofen, loss of sleep

Two things to remember about QBS…

    • Quality Brings Success
    • QBS is the First Step to Quality Projects
money keep life cycle costs in mind
Money – Keep Life Cycle Costs in Mind







analysis of claims
Analysis of Claims
  • Technical
    • Error and/or omission of a technical nature which resulted in a loss prevention file or claim
  • Non-technical (involved in 7 out of 10)
    • Breakdown in project or practice management processes which contribute to a claim
  • Insurance industry analysis of 24,000 closed claims/files over a 13-year period, worth over $1 billion in claim payments
top 4 non technical contributors
Top 4 Non-Technical Contributors

Percentage of Claims Affected

don t believe me
Don’t Believe Me…
  • “Hiring a professional service firm is just like hiring a critical employee”

David Griscom

President APWA Georgia Chapter

Public Works Director, White County

today s topics
Today’s Topics
  • Information Required Prior to Advertisement
  • Advertisement of Project /Prequalification Requirements
  • Request for Qualifications/Proposals
  • Procurement Committee Appointment
  • Evaluation of Applying Firms
  • Development of Shortlist
  • Notification of Firms on the Shortlist
  • Oral Presentations
  • Bid – Final Selection is based on cost only
    • Purchase of commodities or well defined services
  • Request for Proposal – Final Selection is based on proposed services or goods as well as cost
    • Use when the services or goods are not well defined.
    • Allows for creative responses
  • Request for Qualifications – Final Selection is based on the perceived ability of the submitting firms to best achieve the most desired outcome
    • Used for selection of professional services, such as architects, engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc.
    • Services not well defined and depend on the firm’s ability to identify and appropriately address the problem or issue.
information required prior to advertisement
Information Required Prior to Advertisement
  • Project Description
  • Expected Use and Users
  • Schedule
  • Funding Plan
  • Special Performance Requirements
  • Project Implementation Plan

Check your local CODE!

  • Require QBS?
  • Allow QBS?
  • Date last revised?
prepare the project for public advertising
Prepare the Project for Public Advertising
  • Project description and location
  • Budgeted construction cost (if known)
  • Specific disciplines sought – special requirements
  • Contact person for technical questions (phone #, email, fax, hours)
  • Statement that QBS will be used
  • Submission date
  • Special contract terms
  • Description of qualification package
  • Rating criteria – list
request for qualifications
Request for Qualifications
  • Construction Delivery type selected will dictate how to prepare.
  • If the advertisement is the RFQ, changes cannot be made without re-advertising
notification advertisement of project
Notification/Advertisement of Project
  • RFQ – Request for Qualifications – contains all information necessary for firms to submit Qualification Statements
  • RFI – Request for Interest – contains enough information to indicate scope of project and provides contact information to receive full Request for Qualifications document
procurement committee appointment
Procurement Committee Appointment
  • Determine early, but can be delayed until submittals are received.
  • Include at least two people.
  • Include user agency representatives.
  • Agree on evaluation criteria.
  • Keep records of scoring and notes.
  • Notify firms of the short list.
  • Deliver recommendations to Management and/or Board
free stuff examples you can use
Free Stuff - Examples You Can Use!
  • Requests for Qualifications from real owners that use QBS
  • Simple checklist and reference table
  • Generic advertisement (use w/detailed RFQ)
  • Ad with project specific requirements
  • Project specific Request For Qualifications

All documents available in Word or PDF format from

evaluation of applying firms
Evaluation of Applying Firms
  • Each member evaluates all submissions
  • Group should meet, compare scoring, and try to reach consensus on top two to five firms
  • Assign 1 or 2 members to check references of higher ranked firms
  • Members should not discuss outcome with submitting firms
  • Debriefing of firms should be provided by committee chair
development of shortlist
Development of Shortlist
  • How many should be included?
  • Use standard reference checking form
firm reference checking
Firm Reference Checking
  • INTERVIEWER:________________ DATE:________________________
  • FIRM:________________________ REFERENCE:__________________
  • Develop 4-6 standard questions to ask each reference.
  • Personally call and interview assigned references.
  • How would you rate XYZ’s overall performance on your project(s)?
  • Did XYZ in any way negatively impact the project schedule?
  • Did XYZ in any way negatively impact the project budget?
  • Was there continuity in XYZ’s team throughout the project?
  • Would you hire XYZ to do another project for you future?
  • Did XYZ meet bid package deadlines?
  • Did XYZ work collaboratively with the contractor on value analysis?
notification of firms on the shortlist
Notification of Firms on the Shortlist
  • Notifying firms – all or just short listed?
  • In writing or by email or telephone?
preparation for oral presentations
Preparation for Oral Presentations
  • Let firms know the arrangements and rules
  • Provide agenda to firms
  • Questions, content, participants
  • Time limits and transitions
  • Room set up
  • Allow time for scoring and discussions between and/or after interviews
  • Allow time for breaks
interview format recommendations
Interview Format Recommendations
  • Time - an hour is usually sufficient (…all you can take…)

5 setup

30 presentation

15 questions and answers

5 knockdown.

  • Conduct all interviews the same day
  • Have same evaluation team at all interviews!
  • Complete evaluation before adjournment.
  • Media – provide guidelines on what you will allow
    • Boards and/or computer/projector are commonly used
    • Handouts – slides, food?
  • Presenters - Three to five usually sufficient (Principal, Project Manager, key Project team members).
interview or technical proposal
Interview or Technical Proposal?
  • Interviews – less time and cost for both parties, opportunity for interaction with key staff, relies on communication skills of AE, does not require technical staff for the Owners interview team.
  • Technical Proposal – More opportunity for the AE to discuss technical approach.
  • Both…
the interview
The Interview
  • AE presents “benefits” to the Owner versus “features” in the Qualifications Package.
  • AE answers the question, “How can my experience and approach benefit the Owner?”
  • Owner answers the question, “Which firm is the best fit for my project?”
  • Subjective process but necessary to create a ranking.
interview scoring
Interview Scoring
  • Score sheets for each panel member and one for the full panel as a group.
  • Keep records
  • Agree on weighting before interviews
  • Discuss scoring between interviews
  • Try for a consensus on a group score sheet
  • Consolidate notes for later debriefings
  • “We the jury…”
scope and contract negotiations with the recommended firm
Scope and Contract Negotiations with the Recommended Firm
  • May ask for scope tasks first
  • Meet (communicate) so that there is a meeting of the minds.
  • Take notes
  • Discuss “ball park” costs and budgets
  • Discuss schedules and submittals
  • Discuss check lists, standards, reviews, permits, etc.
  • Discuss contingencies and contract details
  • Discuss anything else that may affect price
the price proposal
The Price Proposal
  • Sufficient detail to show level of effort
  • Consider value pricing to share risks and rewards
  • Consider incentives for schedule improvements and savings
  • List possible costs of contingent services
  • Risk belongs to the Owner
  • Price depends on risk
  • Set schedule for negotiations
  • Involve the decision makers
  • Focus on scope, risks, and contingencies
  • Don’t forget contract terms
  • Allow for QAQC and response to “Questions”
  • Identify third party players (contingencies)
  • Agree in pieces. Whole will follow.
  • Is the construction budget realistic?
  • Remember: schedule-price-quality…pick two.
  • Don’t negotiate by ultimatum and remember the relativity of design cost to life cycle costs.
what if we can t agree
What If We Can’t Agree?
  • Termination of negotiations is formal.
  • You can’t go back.
  • The price from the 2nd ranked firm may be more.
  • Notify and debrief unsuccessful firms

That’s Almost All Folks - Two Final Thoughts…

  • Quality Brings Success
  • QBS is the first step to quality projects

All documents available in Word format from, as well as QBS Help!