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Entering The Eye PowerPoint Presentation
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Entering The Eye

Entering The Eye

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Entering The Eye

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  1. Entering TheEye Here We Go. . .

  2. As We Are Traveling on the Bus to the Ms. Frizzle’s Eye Lets Sing About Our Eyes to Pass the Time.

  3. The Five SensesVerse 1 • When you look and when you see, use your eyes. • When you look and when you see use your eyes. • When you look and when you see all the things there are to see, • When you look and when you see, use your eyes.

  4. We are going into the pupil which is the dark part of the eye. Can you find it? We are not going into the colored part of the eye. The colored part of the eye is the iris. Can you find it? Here we go into the cornea, but first we must get through a clear, tough layer called the cornea. It protects the pupil. Do you think we can make it through? Yes, we made it through! The eye is amazing. Let’s learn.

  5. Eyes are amazing things. • Our eyelid is like a windshield on a car, it cleans your eyeball when you blink. • When it is dark the eye opens wider to let more light in. When it is light the eye protects itself by only letting a little light in. • Eye lets you see millions of colors. • Eye lets you see close and far away. • In fact almost everything you learn you can learn by seeing.

  6. Our Eye Helps Us Memorize Things. • One way to memorize is to make a picture in our minds of what we are trying to remember. • You have one minute to memorize these objects.

  7. We Have Only 1 Nose and 1 Mouth. Why Do You Think We Have 2 Eyes? • The brain takes the picture seen by each eye and combines them to make one picture. • Sometimes our brain is tricked • into seeing things that aren’t real. • These are called optical illusions. • Let’s try some!

  8. This Is a Bunny/duck Illusion. Do You See the Bunny and the Duck?

  9. What do you see at first an old lady or a young woman?

  10. Do You See a Vase, or Something More?

  11. How Many Prongs Are on This Fork?

  12. Find the Secret MessageHint: Look at the White.

  13. There Is Not a Triangle Here.

  14. This Is a Dancing Elephant. How Many Feet and Legs Does It Have?

  15. Is This Man Playing a Sax, or Is There Something More Going on Here?

  16. What Does This Say?Now Read It Again!

  17. A Man With Ivy Leaves Around Him, but Do You See a Couple Kissing?

  18. The nose is actually the girl’s face • The eyes of the old man are the hair for the boy and girl • The beard is the dress for the girl on the right and the clothes for • The boy on the left.

  19. This Says the Word Liar, but Is There Something More?

  20. We Are Now Leaving Ms. Frizzle’s Eye. Now Where Are We Going?!