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E-portfolios. What is all the fuss about?. Today: What is an e-portfolio? How do e-portfolios support RPL process? What evidence can be placed in an e-portfolio? Australian Flexible Learning Framework Research Activity: Mahara E-portfolio Challenges Case Studies. What is an e-portfolio?

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e portfolios

What is all the fuss about?

  • What is an e-portfolio?
  • How do e-portfolios support RPL process?
  • What evidence can be placed in an e-portfolio?
  • Australian Flexible Learning Framework Research
  • Activity: Mahara
  • E-portfolio Challenges
  • Case Studies
What is an e-portfolio?
  • An e-portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by a user, usually on the web. Can be maintained dynamically over time.
  • Permits/restricts levels of audience access, so the same portfolio might be used for multiple purposes - RPL or Resume
  • Up-to-the-minute records of work history, training and life experiences
  • View anywhere, anytime
How do e-portfolios support RPL?
  • Development & strengthening information & communication technology (ICT) or digital literacy skills
  • Use of templates to structure the RPL evidence
  • Streamline the process
  • Reduce the need for paper based, hard copy evidence & limiting excessive evidence collection

How do e-portfolios support RPL? Other considerations (for the user)

  • Being in control of their e-portfolio – controlling who has access & knowing information is secure
  • Being able to give and receive feedback
  • Having ongoing access to their e-portfolio after engagement with the RTO, and whether there will be ongoing costs for the individual
What evidence is appropriate?
  • job description, previous experience, resume
  • reflections, work samples, work/learning plans, question and answers, notes
  • samples of work such as pictures of projects completed, agendas of meetings/events, reports, plans, budgets, drawings, diagrams, presentations, tenders
  • letters of support and third party feedback
  • multimedia files demonstrating competency including videos, music, images, mp3
  • files, voice recordings, point of view recordings
  • copies of or links to qualifications, academic records and certificates of participation/ attendance, assignments, records of attendance
  • information on licences, industry association membership
  • professional development activities, a training plan, performance records
  • publicity and published articles
  • details of volunteer or committee work and/or membership.
E-Portfolios - Framework Research


E-Portfolios - Framework Research
  • News
  • Resources
  • Funding Information
Australian Flexible Framework Research

VET E-portfolio Roadmap

  • A national strategic plan designed to support the diverse requirements for e-portfolios in VET and aims to assist in the development of a standards-based framework.

E-Portfolios for RPL Assessment

  • Understanding the benefits of e-portfolios for RPL
  • Using different types of electronic evidence for RPL
  • Structuring content and evidence in e-portfolios
  • E-portfolio usage beyond the RPL process
  • Potential for e-portfolios to support the RPL process
  • Capturing, presenting and verifying evidence in e-portfolios

Managing Learner Information

  • What are the legal requirements around the privacy and security of a learner’s information?
  • Is it the learner, the training provider or both who own the content of an e-portfolio?
  • How can evidence included in an e-portfolio be verified for authenticity?
What is Mahara?
  • An open source eportfolio package (www.mahara.org)
  • Contains various tools to such as a weblog (personal journal), resumé builder and social networking system

Why Mahara?

  • Community support, locally and internationally
  • Integrates with some common LMS applications
  • User centred and easy to use.
How it works
  • Structured around artefacts, views, groups
  • ‘Artefacts’ are chunks of information
  • ‘Views’ are how you display your artefacts
  • ‘Groups’ are who and how you share your portfolio.


And wait - we have handouts

  • Authenticity – the same issues face to face!
  • Portability – what happens to your portfolio once you graduate?
  • Access & administration – managing users and linking systems
Case Study

Lifeline (Hobart)

  • e-Portfolio: Moodle
  • Qualification: qualifications in social work, psychology, and counselling + 20-week intensive training program + re-accredited every 12 months
  • Evidence:
    • naturally occurring evidence in day to day interactions with colleagues and client services
    • upload their CV
    • respond to quizzes and
    • communicate within Moodle to demonstrate competency
    • interaction with supervisors is recorded and feedback is incorporated into the e-portfolio from the assessor and/or supervisor.
Case Study

Swinburne University of Technology

  • e-Portfolio: Blackboard
  • Qualification: Certificate IV and Diploma in Aviation Safety Regulation
  • Evidence:
    • documents,
    • work samples,
    • log books,
    • reports
    • individual learning and assessment plan.
    • Evidence was validated through discussion between the assessor and applicant as well as with their supervisor.
Gail Wilson

E-Learning Coordinator – TAS

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