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Arrow Operations

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Arrow Operations. Bob Carpenter FMFA Chief Flight Instructor. PIF 04-01 (Supercedes 02-04). ARROW General Operations Requirements for VFR Solo Flight Requirements for IFR Solo Flight. Arrow General Operating Rules. Hard Surface Runways Only Ldg Gear Extension Prior to Final Approach

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arrow operations

Arrow Operations

Bob Carpenter

FMFA Chief Flight Instructor

pif 04 01 supercedes 02 04
PIF 04-01 (Supercedes 02-04)
  • ARROW General Operations
  • Requirements for VFR Solo Flight
  • Requirements for IFR Solo Flight
arrow general operating rules
Arrow General Operating Rules
  • Hard Surface Runways Only
  • Ldg Gear Extension Prior to Final Approach
  • “GUMP” Check on Final
  • Emergency Gear Lever
    • Down for extension with complete electrical failure
    • Up for retraction (must always be completely up)
  • VFR pilots limited to lower 48 states without prior approval from Chief Flight Instructor
  • No dual primary instruction in aircraft.
  • No Night Checkout Required if Already Night Qualified and Current
rules for vfr solo flight
Rules for VFR Solo Flight
  • Private Airplane Single Engine Land Pilot
  • Complex Endorsement or “Grandfathered”
  • 50 HRS Total Flight Time in Airplanes and Private Pilot ASEL Rating
  • 10 HRS Total Time in Complex Airplanes
  • Complete FMFA-sponsored Training in Arrow Systems(POC: Bob Carpenter)
  • Demonstrated Proficiency in Arrow to FMFA CFI during Flight with minimum of 2 HRS of flight and 10 TLs in FMFA’s Arrow
    • The 2 HRS of flight time can be included as part of the required 10 HRS of total time in complex airplanes.
    • Night Checkout in the Arrow is encouraged but not required if Patron already has a night checkout and is current in other FMFA aircraft
    • 5 of the required 10 TLs in FMFA’s Arrow may be accomplished during night flight
rules for ifr solo flight
Rules for IFR Solo Flight
  • Complete all Items for VFR Solo Flight
  • Possess Instrument Rating
  • Complete FMFA-sponsored course in IFR GPS Operations (POC: me or my designee)
  • Complete Instrument Proficiency Check
    • GNS430 Simulator Ground Session
    • Flight Session in Arrow
      • 1 ILS Full Panel GPS Approach ( GPS to VLOC Transition Demo with ILS Approach Fully Coupled to Autopilot )
      • 2 Full Panel GPS Approaches (Autopilot Off)
      • 1 Partial Panel GPS Approach ( Autopilot Off )
arrow instructors
ARROW Instructors
  • Any CFI checked out in Arrow may perform VFR Arrow checkouts and training in it.
  • Any CFII checked out in Arrow with a current instrument checkout and a Garmin 430 GPS checkout may perform IFR Arrow checkouts and training in it
  • Primary POC for Arrow Systems Training is Bob Carpenter
  • Primary POC for Arrow Garmin 430 Training is Bob Carpenter