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Shaft Injuries- What to Avoid?

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Shaft Injuries- What to Avoid? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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This article talks about the causes of manhood injuries that must be avoided at all times.

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Shaft Injuries- What toAvoid?

You might have or might not have experienced it in your life, but

“penis injury” is a very common problem that can happen because

of several issues or habits. However, there are solutions that can

prevent or help the manhood heal faster. Talking specifically about

injuries that can cause a lot of problems (more than one can

imagine); this article talks about the causes of manhood injuries

that must be avoided at all times.

Let us look at the causes below.

1. Hot water bath

No, there’s absolutely no problem taking a hot water bath, but it

can be really fatal for your intimate health. Hot water might relieve

your body from stress, but you shaft needs a dab of cold water to

survive. Whether you plan to take a bath with hot water or warm

water, make sure you end up by using ample cold water to avoid

dryness down there. Cold water retains moisture and helps you

sweat less on hot days.

2. Using soap

This aspect is just like what happens to the female genitals. You

must make sure that you do not use harsh soaps for cleaning the

shaft and the scrotum. Harsh soaps are made up of chemicals that

produce rich lather, but can be problematic for the manhood.

However, men must not opt for the rich lather products rather;

should go for soft ones that are gentle on the genitals. Some harsh

soap can even dry the sensitive skin so bad that you might face

problems like dry-rubbing, chafing and that constant urge to

scratch (which definitely leads to rashes).

3. Dry-Rubbing

Dry-rubbing is a common problem faced by men very frequently in

the summer months. However, winters are no better. Sweat, harsh


soap and the kind of job is what combine to become the problem it

is for the workaholics. Some guys have it lubricated down there

(naturally), but for those who don’t; it gets a lot worse. The

constant scratching feeling, chafed skin and other problems have

the tendency to make the skin hard because of the repeated

touching. Hence, one must avoid it.

4. Injuries because of the zipper

One of the most common injuries for guys who prefer going

commando rather than opting for a functional men’s underwear.

There are a lot of chances that the shaft skin might get stuck

between the zipper while you pull it up or down. Well, that is a

very painful experience, but the few solutions to prevent this to

happen are either you wear a pair of comfortable men’s thong

underwear (the feeling is next to going commando) or pulling up

the zipper with concentration or care.


5. Going commando

Going commando in itself is a problem that many men think is not.

However, the ones who prefer going commando believe it be very

comfortable, but there’s a lot more than just comfort when it comes

to intimate health. No men’s fashion underwear would leave the

manhood bare and increase the chances of sweat, chafing, rashes,

leaking and more. Hence, you can avoid it.

These are the problems that cause manhood to suffer in extreme

conditions. Stay safe and be careful while doing anything and

everything that have the privates involved.