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Service presentation

Service presentation

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Service presentation

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  1. Service presentation

  2. Agenda • iKlick in a nutshell • Different online media • How the process works • The iKlick report • Testimonial • Questions?

  3. iKlick in a nutshell • iKlick traffic analysis allows Marketers to accurately monitor the success of their online promotional activity – not merely “number of clicks” but actual revenue generated. • Monitor the success of: • “Paid for” search optimisation campaigns (e.g. Google Adwords) • Email shots • Banner advertisements • New advertising technologies (e.g. Vibrant Media) • Calculate the cost of marketing per order by media channel • Justify future marketing spend

  4. Different online media (1) • Paid for search engine optimisation • The 2 main “paid for” search optimisation companies are: and • Overture provides paid for search listings for Yahoo, MSN, Altavista, Lycos and Wanadoo • With both companies, you choose which keywords people search on for your listing to be displayed • For example, if you are a web design company, you would want your search listing to appear when someone searches for “web design” • Let us quickly look at where paid for search listings appear on 2 well known search engines…

  5. Paid for search listings on Google “Natural” search listings Paid for search listings

  6. Paid for search listings on Altavista Paid for search listings “Natural” listings

  7. Different online media (2) • 2. Email shots • Do you currently know how many people open up your email shots, click through to your website and eventually make an order? • 3. Banner advertisements • Do you know which of your banner advertisements are leading to the higher % click throughs to orders?

  8. How the process works • A potential customer will click on one of your online media – such as the 3 we have talked about in this presentation • The customer will seamlessly bounce off the iKlick website before arriving at your website. At this point, iKlick will store a cookie on their computer • If that customer then makes a purchase, iKlick checks to see if the cookie is present on their computer. If it is, iKlick will make a note of which media delivered the order • iKlick stores the customer’s details for up to 6 months, so even it they do not purchase straight away, iKlick will know which online media attracted then initially. Paid for search Your website Email shots Banner ads

  9. The iKlick report • iKlick’s reports can be pulled over any period of time, and typically show: • A summary of all campaigns with % conversions from click throughs to orders • A more detailed breakdown as to which specific keywords (from paid for search campaigns) generated the orders • An extract from a typical iKlick report is shown below:

  10. Testimonial (1) • The London Stock Exchange has been using iKlick for over a year to promote its professional development training courses • The Exchange uses Google and Overture campaigns, banner advertisements across a number of financial websites, and regular email shots • Since using iKlick, they have been able to work out exactly how much marketing spend has delivered each delegate onto their courses. • This has allowed them to spend their marketing budget wisely, only using those media that have proved to deliver substantial returns on investment.

  11. Testimonial (2) • “We were spending thousands of pounds each month on banner advertisements with one very reputable website. However, iKlick proved that over a 3 month period the click throughs from these banners did not deliver a single booking. • Consequently, we have switched this spend to Google Adwords where iKlick has demonstrated that the average cost of marketing per delegate has been consistently low.” • Mark Francis, Marketing Manager, London Stock Exchange

  12. Questions?