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I Dreamt Of Lifting It ...... PowerPoint Presentation
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I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

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I Dreamt Of Lifting It ...... - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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I Dreamt Of Lifting It . Academy graduate Steven Gerrard lifted the biggest cup in Club football on the 25 th May 2005. Today Steven Gerrard relieves the legend of Istanbul with ……. A bit about Steven.

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I Dreamt

Of Lifting It ......

Academy graduate Steven Gerrard lifted the biggest cup in Club football on the 25th May 2005. Today Steven Gerrard relieves the legend of Istanbul with ……..


A bit about Steven

Steven Gerrard was the first player to move from the Academy to Melwood and play for the first team. He was born in 1980 and moved to Melwood in 1999. How old was he?



Liverpool last lifted the European Cup in 1984. How old was Steven when this happened?


How old was Steven Gerrard when he lifted the European Cup for Liverpool if he was born in 1980?


The Ataturk stadium where the match was played, held 60,000 fans. The Liverpool fans took up 2/3 of the seats, how many Liverpool fans were in the stadium?

I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

Many Liverpool fans were very excited about going to watch their team play against AC Milan. How much did it cost for a fan to go to the final if the flight cost £450 and the ticket cost £60?




I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

The match was in Istanbul. Istanbul unlike what many people think is not the capital of Turkey. WHICH is? Ankarra, Sofia or Bulgaria.


All the players had been looking forward to the match but in 53 seconds Paolo Maldini HAD SCORED. How many more seconds was it before it reached a minute?

7 Seconds


I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

Hernan Crespo, on loan from Chelsea, had added another two before the end. Did Chelsea let AC Milan BORROW Crespo or did Chelsea let AC Milan LEND Crespo?


The comeback of all comebacks began in the 54th minute. Riise crossed from the left and I glanced a header past Dida to lift our spirits. This was my most essential, trivial or frivolous goal for the club?



The tension heightened as the penalty shoot-out commenced but just like in Rome in 1984 we triumphed. How many years ago was Rome?

I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

With the Milan defence visibly rocking we continued to lay siege to their goal. Xabi Alonso converted on the rebound so the score was 3-3. This showed football was a ‘game of two halves’, a game of three halves or a game of six goals?

A game of two halves

21 years


I Dreamt Of Lifting It ......

We had only missed one penalty AC Milan had missed two this meant that Shevchenko had to score the penalty. However Dudek saved his penalty this sparked delirious scenes on and off the pitch. We were Kings of Europe once again and the celebrations, celebations or celebraions commenced..


This had been a final never to forget Liverpool had scored 3 goals and 4 penalties, AC Milan had scored 3 goals and 2 penalties. How many times had the ball hit the back of the net?



One more fact...

Liverpool had won the cup for the fifth time. In the words of LFC manager Rafael Benitez: "This was without doubt my biggest night in football. Liverpool’s five victories accounts for half the number of times an English Club has won the European Cup. So how many times has an English team been Kings of Europe?



Shall we relieve

the Miracle of Istanbul AGAIN?