gmail pilot for students what uc davis has learned l.
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Gmail Pilot for Students: What UC Davis has learned PowerPoint Presentation
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Gmail Pilot for Students: What UC Davis has learned

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Gmail Pilot for Students: What UC Davis has learned - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gmail Pilot for Students: What UC Davis has learned Gaston De Ferrari Project Manager Caren Weintraub Communication Lead July 22, 2008 “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” -H.E. Luccock Project Sponsors Pete Siegel Dave Shelby Principle in Charge

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Presentation Transcript
gmail pilot for students what uc davis has learned

Gmail Pilot for Students:What UC Davis has learned

Gaston De Ferrari

Project Manager

Caren Weintraub

Communication Lead

July 22, 2008

no one can whistle a symphony it takes an orchestra to play it h e luccock
“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it.” -H.E. Luccock

Project Sponsors

Pete Siegel

Dave Shelby

Principle in Charge

Morna Mellor

Implementation Team

Tom Poage

Charles Sievers

Joshua Van Horn

Blaise Camp

Jed Whitten

Roger Ashton

Key Stakeholders

Babette Schmitt

Mark Stinson

Debbie Lauriano

Pilot Advisory Group

Lisa Lapin—University Communications

Julia Ann Easley—University Communications

Janet Gong—Student Affairs

Paul Drobney—Student Affairs

Ravi Deepak—ASUCD

Kareem Salem—ASUCD

Anna Pruitt—graduate student

Davis Honor Challenge Students

Johnny Chau

Katherine Leung

Sona Lim

Jayann Raguini

Eric Woo

Tiffany Wu

presentation topics
Presentation topics
  • Project background
  • About Gmail
  • About the pilot
  • Communication process
  • Gmail implementation plan
  • What we learned
  • Questions?
project background
Project background
  • Need fast, feature-rich, cost-effective, and scalable email option for students
  • Current campus Web email has limitations
  • Explore offering email with other communication services (text & instant messaging, mobile access)
about gmail
About Gmail
  • Benefits:
    • Lifetime email with address
    • Virus and spam filtering with white listing
    • Same password and username
    • Keep account after graduation
    • Collaboration opportunities
    • Address book with the ability to import contacts from Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, and attachment size up to (unlimited through Google Talk)
    • Threaded email
    • Accessible from a mobile phone
    • Retrieves emails from up to five other email accounts
    • 6+Gigabytes of storage
    • Web-based customer support, 24/7 (IT Express will provide support for Gmail)
    • 40+ additional supported languages
    • UC Davis administrators’ ability to add, suspend and delete accounts
    • Access to user data under campus authority without subpoena
    • Email delivery verification
    • Elimination of email forwarding after graduation
    • Alumni Association opportunities
    • Ideal for team collaboration (space for videos, presentations, attachments, calendars, etc.)
  • Lifetime email with address
  • Create multiple calendars
  • Share calendars with other users
  • Create a campus calendar
  • Sync with Outlook and mobile devises via SMS
  • Migrate events from Apple iCal, and Yahoo!, Outlook, or other calendars that support CSV file format
  • Chat and Group Chat
  • Voicemail
  • IM
  • Free PC-to-PC voice calls
  • Transfer files with no file size restriction or bandwidth utilization
  • Create, share, store and publish online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on a Web-based application
  • Upload existing documents
  • 10.5 GB of storage space to create multiple sites with multiple pages
about the pilot
About the pilot
  • Objectives
  • Participant demographics
  • Surveys
pilot objectives
Pilot: objectives

Conduct a six week long pilot

Gather feedback

Ensure integration works properly in UC Davis live environment

Study impact and implications for UC Davis

Evaluate service

Determine best way to communicate to students

pilot participant demographics
Pilot: participant demographics
  • Total of 300+ randomly selected students
  • Breakdown of pilot participants
    • Graduate 25%
    • Senior 23%
    • Junior 19%
    • Sophomore 14%
    • Freshman 20%
  • 78 majors were represented
pilot surveys
Pilot: surveys
  • Survey #1: February
    • Preliminary impressions, ease of transition, degree of support
    • Response rate: 74%
  • Survey #2: March
    • Impressions after several weeks, access, etc.
    • Response rate: 82%
  • Lots of thoughtful, constructive comments!
pilot survey12
Pilot: survey

“Have you had any reason to contact the IT Express help desk for help with your UC Davis Gmail account?”

pilot survey13
Pilot: survey

Please choose the option that best describes your opinion of the UC Davis Gmail service so far.

pilot survey14
Pilot: survey

Based on my experience so far, I would recommend the UC Davis Gmail service to my friends.

communication process
Communication process

“The problem with communication ... is the illusion that it has been accomplished.”

–George Bernard Shaw

“Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn't start a conversation if it didn't change once in a while.”

–Kin Hubbard

communication process16
Communication process


Promotion of Gmail

communication process pilot
Communication process: pilot

Email updates

Email list

communication process promotion of gmail
Communication process: promotion of Gmail

Davis Honor Challenge project



Three modes of communication

DHC survey

communication dhc survey
Communication: DHC survey

Face Question

Have you recently heard about the optional Gmail service that UC Davis will implement?

Branch Question

How? Please select all that apply.

communication dhc survey results24
Communication: DHC survey results





n = 1133

communication dhc survey results25
Communication: DHC survey results









n = 1121

communication entrance sources to gmail ucdavis edu
Communication: entrance sources to

Date range: 5/1 – 5/12

Direct entrance = 4,924 (page views)

Google search engine = 371 = 369

Date range: 5/13 – 5/21

Direct entrance = 5,037 (page views)

Google search engine= 515

facebook = 513 = 275

communication recommendations findings
Communication: recommendations & findings

Aggie articles and ads



gmail implementation plan
Gmail implementation plan


Project plan

what we learned successes
What we learned: successes

Pilot charter and project plan

Pilot advisory group

Support services

Campus community


Student feedback


what we learned challenges
What we learned: challenges


Service deployment

Google Sites

Security and privacy



“It must be considered that there is nothing more difficult to carry out nor more doubtful of success nor more dangerous to handle than to initiate a new order of things.”

-Machiavelli (1446-1507)

further information
Further information:

Morna Mellor

Director, Data Center and Client Services


Gaston De Ferrari

Project Manager


Caren Weintraub

Communication Lead


Project Web site (ongoing updates):

UC Davis Gmail Web site & faq: