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Sweaty Hands And Feet, Excessive Sweating Face, What Causes Sweating, How To Stop Sweat PowerPoint Presentation
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Sweaty Hands And Feet, Excessive Sweating Face, What Causes Sweating, How To Stop Sweat

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Sweaty Hands And Feet, Excessive Sweating Face, What Causes Sweating, How To Stop Sweat - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Sweaty Hands And Feet, Excessive Sweating Face, What Causes Sweating, How To Stop Sweat.

My face would perspire for no particular reason
and i would blush at all eyes on me...

People would stop and want to chat with me in the office hallways and out of fear I would avoid any kind of confrontation, not wanting them to shake hands with me and or see the sweat stains on my shirt.

My hyperhidrosis condition was so bad, it was starting to give me social anxiety. And the situation felt pretty hopeless. Really at that point, I had just about resigned to the fact that excessive sweating was just something I had to live with.

But there was this one final piece of me, this stubborn part of me that just knew I could overcome this problem if I just set my mind to it. And I realized that I really needed to outsmart the sweating.

Now, I know that sounds a little weird but I started thinking about all the sweat solutions I was putting in place, and I started to see that I was REACTING to the the problem rather than ATTACKING it in a systematic way.

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Sweaty Hands And Feet, Excessive Sweating Face, What Causes Sweating, How To Stop Sweat

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Presentation Transcript
no more sweat how to stop swea ng

No More Sweat, How to Stop Swea?ng

i used to sweat all the time it did not matter

I used to sweat all the time. It did not matter what I was

performing. Whether I was sizzling or cold, doing exercisesor

just sitting nevertheless. My encounter would get flushed and my

hair might be a soaking moist mop. I did notknow how to stop

sweating. It was so terrible I made use ofto haveto change

garmentsduring the middle with the day.

It had beenparticularly embarrassing! Lastly I had enough and I

decided tofigure outprecisely what was resulting in me to sweat

like a pig and just how to cure it. I learned that there are a few

incrediblyeasythingssomeone can do to halt sweating

excessively and startresiding a typicalexistence.

First I learned that diet regime plays a majorfunction in simply

how much our bodies sweat. Avoiding spicy foods, which make

the bodycome to feel "hotter" than it truly is, might helpa great


I also discovered that excessive sweating is oftenbrought about

by an overactive thyroid. The thyroid produces hormones by

taking up iodine and so minimizing iodine during theeating plan

can in some casesaid.

So I experimented withavoiding iodine-rich food items, like

broccoli and liver and iodized salt. That seemedto assistquitea


My ailment had enhancedsomewhat, but I even now was a

sweaty mess more often than not. I last but not least bit the

bullet and went on thehealth care provider. He prescribed me a

medicationnamed Robinul.

i was skeptical right away considering the fact

I was skeptical right away, considering the fact that I do not like

taking capsules, but I gave it a shot. It did get the job donerather

very well. Immediately aftera number of days I was drier than I

had been inside athough, but theside effectshad beenhorrible.

I had constant headaches and was dizzy every one of the time

and it appeared I had traded one lousy problemto the other.

Your mileage may possiblyvary with medications like this

however, I made the decision they weren't for me.

Which is when I decided todeterminetips on how toprevent

sweating naturally. I came across lots of all-naturalmethods

which folks reported terrificgood results with. One particular

method that worked actuallywell for me was drinking sage tea.

Sage tea worksas itfeatures asubstantialquantity of tannins.

Tannins are pure compounds which act as aorganic astringent in

theentire body. Mainly they dry you out! I drank a concoction of

sage tea every single day and my sweating trouble was likely

diminished 75%. My high quality of lifestyleimprovedradically.

Should you had the sametrouble as me, exactly whereyou don't

understand how to stop sweating, the onething I can say is,


I searched and searched right up until I located a mixture of all-

naturaltactics that cured me totally. You do notneed tolivewith

this particular miserable situationthe rest of your existence.

This Completely Eliminates Excessive

Sweating From Your Life