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Click to learn that how you can start your Mehab health care program with video, safe, tracking, reminder and reporting features at just $9.99/month! Save 97% over formal rehab.

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Health Care

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benefits of mehab rehabilitation mobile app

Benefits of Mehab Rehabilitation Mobile App

Those days have gone when therapists had to simply hope their patients would remember which

exercises to do at home and how to do them in order to in order to support their rehabilitation.

Mehab Mobile Therapy is an app for self-directed rehabilitation of injuries and impairments that

has been successfully launched by Dr. Glynn Hunt, a physical therapy practice owner. He saw a

need for an affordable and easy to get to an alternative to formal rehabilitation.

Now days, high patient costs were becoming common place, with limited benefits and people

were falling through the cracks. People either could only afford a visit or two, or never made it at

all. This was the inspiration for Mehab.

Following are the benefits of physical therapy app, Mehab:


As all we know that health care costs continue to increase and coverage continues to decrease. It

is not unusual to see patients responsible for a $30, $40, or $50 per session. Mehab provides a

trusted and all-inclusive affordable alternative at just $9.99 per month with unlimited sessions. It

saves up to 97%!


It is designed by licensed physical therapists and medical professionals; Mehab provides a

trusted resource for users. Each program was developed using evidence-based research to offer a

safe and trusted controlled progression throughout all stages of recovery.


formal rehabilitation treatment can be time

Formal rehabilitation treatment can be time consuming and inconvenient. The Mehab app is

available for both Apple and Android mobile devices, making it available immediately

anywhere, and at any time.


Mehab has patent pending built-in safety triggers that develop individual entries to find out the

potential problems early of the users. It tracks daily pain level, and weekly functional status to

evaluate users’ recovery and response to therapy. Combined with detailed instructions, and brief

video demonstration of exercises, Mehab beats the current standard of home exercise programs.

The reality is research shows, for most, a structured professionally developed home program

provide the same results as formal therapy. Being a therapist myself, that’s a hard pill to

swallow, Hunt said, “People that have great insurance, unlimited time and resources, or need

more supervision will still choose formal care, but for people like me, it is the perfect solution.”