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Herpes Simplex Treatment - Stop Outbreaks with Medavir PowerPoint Presentation
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Herpes Simplex Treatment - Stop Outbreaks with Medavir

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Herpes Simplex Treatment - Stop Outbreaks with Medavir - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Over hundred thousand people with herpes are living outbreak free thanks to Medavir, a clinically proven medical breakthrough in herpes simplex treatment. Visit us at :

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About Medavir

Stop outbreaks with Medavir™, a clinically proven medical breakthrough in Herpes Simplex Treatment.

There is no cure for herpes virus, but over 100,000 people with herpes are living outbreak free thanks to Medavir™.


How We Are Different

Completely heals active Herpes Simplex Sores in 72 Hours or less.

prevent/abort outbreak completely when user applies Medavir just before the outbreak several times per day (during the itching burning phase before sores appear known as prodromal)

The ONLY non prescription treatment proven in extensive medical/clinical studies to reduce or eliminate herpes simplex outbreaks.

Topical gel treatment safe enough to be sold without a prescription. No more expensive and embarrassing doctor and pharmacy visits.


How We Are Different

More cost effective than expensive prescription pills since many users report outbreaks stop for months or years at a time after just a few treatments.

Ingredients FDA approved in the highest category of safety—no known side effects or contraindications.

Recommended by doctors and medical professionals. Used by some surgeons to prevent herpes simplex outbreaks caused by stress of surgery.

Colorless/Odorless so no one will know you are using it.

Confidential and trusted by thousands. TAG Healthcare has been trusted since 1999 with sensitive customer information, one of the only A+ rated companies in the United States by the Better Business Bureau (BBB).


What our Customers Say…

Listen to what doctors and patients have to say ....

Medavir™ is the only treatment that works that is why I continue to recommend it to all of my patients with herpes. Most report all outbreaks stop after a few treatment cycles. I really like the fact that it is safe with no known side effects and solid research backs it.

- Physician USA.

I feel like I can actually go out and socialize again. I used to get outbreaks every months now it has been 2 years and no sores at all. Thank you for inventing this wonderful product. I can honestly say it has changed my life


Medavir™ is the only product that works, I have recommended it to every doctor in this hospital.-

P. Figureroa.Head of Nursing Staff, RN, BSN. Montfiore Hospital, New York


Contact us

William Kennedy

Public Relations Director

TAG Healthcare

PO Box 2540

Windermere, FL 34786

tel: 407-398-6633


Thank You