how to check telephone account balance online l.
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How to check telephone account balance PowerPoint Presentation
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How to check telephone account balance

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How to check telephone account balance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to check telephone account balance

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how to check telephone account balance online

How to check Telephone Account Balance Online

by Maxxelli Real Estate

Open internet Browser and type, see below picture (check the red square frame)

In the second drop down list, choose the second one:固定电话. Means you will log on with the landline phone number, see below picture:

If you found the following picture, congratulations, you already log in to your telephone account system, see below picture:

The telephone account balance is in the red square frame. Check it and you will find out how much you left on the telephone.

  • Please aware that you can only have 3 times chances to log in if you input the wrong telephone number and password. After 3 times, telephone account will get frozen automatically, needs complicated procedure to re-open it again. So if you cannot log in after trying for 3 times, stop will be a good choice.


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