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finding a business space made easy l.
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Finding a Business Space Made Easy! PowerPoint Presentation
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Finding a Business Space Made Easy!

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Finding a Business Space Made Easy!
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Finding a Business Space Made Easy!

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  1. Finding a Business Space Made Easy! ©

  2. New Businesses = Space Problem • The number of entrepreneurs starting new businesses in the U.S. is rising at a high rate. According to Kauffman, over the last decade on an average each month nearly 465,000 people created new businesses. • With so many opportunities opening up, it is important for entrepreneurs to build competitive places or rent work supporting spaces. • The biggest hurdle and most challenging part of starting a business is to have a functional place to work from. It becomes all the more difficult for newbie’s to find a place with such a tight budget and no clear idea of how to rent a space. ©

  3. Expert Say • Bruce Bodine owner of Maxi-Space says, “Small businesses need many things for a good working environment, the right type of warehouse or storage space and a strategic location” • We offer many types of spaces and we take great pride in helping small businesses grow! We have 8 locations in and around Pierce County and there are many small business opportunities here!" ©

  4. Maxi-Space is the Way… • It is a smart idea to start a business with a manageable budget.  Maxi-Space has this in mind with low rents, many amenities and month to month rental agreements on 90% of their spaces!   • This will not only reduce the cost of running a small business but also provide you with the peace of mind that you can GROW your business at Maxi-Space too! It’s great to know that companies like Maxi-Space encourage and consider upcoming businesses and entrepreneurs. ©

  5. Maxi-Spaceis a leader with storage, warehouse, shop and office space in Pierce County Maxi-Space is an innovator in the storage and rental industry, providing efficient and versatile combinations of spaces and flexible rental terms. We provide mini storage, auto body repair spaces and warehouse spaces with full equipped security and surveillance. Website : Email : Facebook : Bodine Enterprises, Inc.1401 South Sprague Ave.Tacoma, WA  98405 Telephone: 253-572-9383