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  1. Maverick Software Consulting Staff Augmentation

  2. Executive Overview • Provides low-cost domestic sourcing alternative that reduces software engineering costs and eliminates inherent issues associated with the use of offshore resources. About the same cost ($25.00 an hour) as offshore without the risk and more positive aspects… • Higher productivity. • Helps recruiting efforts. • Reduces new employee training costs. • Avoid the struggles new college hires typically experience.

  3. Company Overview Maverick Software Consulting staff augmentation services provide skilled personnel to work with your employees to help you develop, maintain and test your applications while building your IT staff.   We accomplish this by working with local Universities to hire the top computer science students to work on your software development and testing projects.

  4. MSC Organization • Management Structure • 5 full-time employees (4 Office Managers and 1 Onsite Client Manager) • Office and Client Manager(s) spend about 20 hours Managing Student and about 20 hours working on client projects. • Offsite Locations • Ames • Offsite Lead: Dwayne Kearns • 20 students • Madison • Offsite Lead: Jeremy Zutter • 20 students • Mankato • Offsite Lead: Chuck Sherwood • 20 students • Twin Cities • Offsite Lead: Jason Timmerman • 20 students

  5. Company Overview • Students • Work 20 hours/week during school year and 40 hours/week during winter and summer breaks. • Work in Maverick Software Consulting office (exclusive to client) near campus • Because office is exclusive to client the client needs to provide 20 hours/week during school year and 40 hours/week during winter and summer breaks. • If the client doesn’t have enough work Maverick Software Consulting might be able to have the student work on internal projects. This is on a case by base basis. • Clients • Manage ongoing pipeline of software engineering work assignments. • Can work directly with students or have MSC Onsite Lead work with students.

  6. Benefits for Clients • Provides a pipeline for entry-level employees already trained in clients products and technologies. • Increases company and brand recognition to help with recruiting students. • Provides outsourcing option within same culture, time zone, language, etc., within short travel distance at rates similar to offshore vendors. • Secure office location is exclusive to clients to protect intellectual property. • All contractual arrangements are governed by the U.S. Legal system. • 2008 Thomson Awards of Excellence

  7. Benefits for Clients • Get software engineering work done at reasonable rates • Hourly rates comparable with offshore contract resources, but productivity is on average 25-40% higher without the inherent issues of communication/language, time zone, and cultural differences. • Hire new college graduates with experience in client products, technologies, and team dynamics within a professional environment • Advanced access to key talent enables us to assess students before making hiring decisions. • New graduate hires from this program are productive at least 3-6 months sooner which saves at least $30K to $50K in labor costs to train each hire. • Avoid the struggles new college hires typically experience in communication, collaboration, tools, cognition, and orientation (see SIGCSE ‘08 article).

  8. Benefits for Clients • Presence on Campus - Having an office located next to the college campus gives the client a much bigger presence on campus. • Provides an opportunity to interact with Students more frequently and at a much deeper level than you can at a career fair or short visits to the campus. • The client becomes ingrained into the campus culture and becomes part of the day to day lives of the Students. • The Students become “ambassadors” for the clients and will help spread the word about the company and what they are doing.

  9. Benefits for Clients • Streamlined Hiring - MSC Specializes in Recruiting Students • Focused Marketing… • Working directly with the University Career Advisors, Professors, etc. • Working directly with Student Groups • Referral bonus for existing employees (students spread the word about MSC) • FaceBook Ads targeting CS, CE and MIS Students • Standard Print Ads (Posters on Campus, Local College News Paper Ads, etc) • Career Fairs

  10. Benefits for Clients • Streamlined Hiring – Automated System / Process for Job Application, Interview, Evaluation, Contracts, etc. • All marketing directs students to our “Apply Online” website. • Standardized interview process lets us gather data about the students you want to hire • MSC has systems that automated contract and pre-hire tasks.

  11. Benefits for Clients • Streamlined Training Processes – • Training Services"I hear and I forget.""I see and I remember.""I do and I understand."                     --Confucius  • Training is an investment to accumulate intellectual assets. Our Training Packages are crafted such that Students are exposed to real world situations. We believe that theory is essential, but without the relevant practical application, it remains a mere exercise in academics to be studied and set aside to gather dust. We make learning valid for instantaneous productivity. • MSC’s Training Management System allows easy assignment, tracking and grading of training.

  12. Benefits for Clients • Streamlined Management of Student • Access Control System logs when students enter office. • Automated Alert Systems send e-mail notices to MSC Office Manager • When a Student Logs on to MSC computer • If software is installed/un-installed • If new hardware is installed/removed • Automated Monitoring Systems tracks and logs all computer activity (including screen shots of what student is doing on desktop) • Application activity • Internet activity • Chat / IM activity • E-mail activity

  13. Benefits for Students • Opportunity to apply academic learning and gain experience on real world software engineering projects • Opportunity to earn one of the highest student employment wages • Convenient location allows students to work while taking classes • Flexible scheduling provides opportunity for students to work during non-business hours • Opportunity to work 40 hours per week during summer breaks • Positions students for potential full-time employment with client after graduation • KEYC TV News Video (see

  14. Benefits for Universities • Year round internships and part-time/full-time jobs for students. • $5,000.00 MSC Sponsored Scholarship for each University. • Closer relationship with clients. • Gives the University a competitive edge over other Universities that don’t have a similar agreement. • Gives the University view into what current technologies and skills are being used in the industry.

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