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Windows XP Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Windows XP Overview

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Windows XP Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Windows XP Overview. Win16 VM. OS/2. POSIX. User mode. security. Win32. Executive Services. Kernel mode. Kernel. HAL. Hardware. Architecture (from 2000). Architecture (XP adds). Blue screen of death protection often caused by incompatible device drivers

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Windows XP Overview

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architecture from 2000









Executive Services






Architecture (from 2000)
architecture xp adds
Architecture (XP adds)
  • Blue screen of death protection
    • often caused by incompatible device drivers
    • XP verifies third-party drivers when you install them: warns (soft blocks) and (hard) blocks - do not install
    • system restore: takes back to a safe, working, status
  • Improved dynamic libraries handling
    • run different applications with different versions of the same DLL files
    • keep different versions of the same DLL
  • Improved memory pool management
    • optimized to handle physical memory allocation better, reducing disk-based virtual-memory use
    • amount of pages of memory that the OS can map for allocation is twice Windows 2000
  • Improved boot and registry management
  • Install precautions
    • flash the BIOS: use CPU-z or Aida32 to find upgrade
    • download and run the XP upgrade advisor
    • press F5! XP may not detect ACPI in the BIOS: select Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC
    • choices: upgrade vs. clean install
    • SP2 install and resources: mostly a security upgrade
  • Customizing
    • removing Windows Messaging (!), Outlook(?) - Add remove programs/Add Remove Windows components
    • folder options in Explorer: general, view, thumbnails, filmstrips
    • selecting look: themes, background, screensaver, resolution
    • cleaning up boot: use msconfig and check site information
    • many more things to do if you wish to tinker
administrative tools
Administrative Tools
  • Computer Management
    • Users and groups also acct mgmt
    • Event Viewer: how to and example
    • Disk Management
    • Defragmentation
    • Services: services to disable: telnet, terminal, wireless, firewall (?), Smart Card(?), routing and remote access, remote registry, remote desktop help, NetMeeting remote , messenger, indexing service, alerter, clipbook
  • System Information
  • Special services
    • Remote desktop
    • Security centerand ICS
    • Performance monitor (+ task manager)
special topics
Special topics
  • Basics to improve performance
    • disk cleanup, defragmentation, spyware protection
    • decrease the number of programs in startup m
    • set preferences for performance (example)
    • set performance monitorcounters for specific areas
  • Managing the page file and memory pool
    • XP page file: overview, locating, sizing, defragmenting, counter
    • How to clear the page file at shutdown
    • How to use poolmon.exe to find kernel memory leaks
  • Multibooting
    • XP and Windows
    • XP and Linux: up to FC 1 (Fedora Core 1), FC 3 and above