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Backyard Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st PowerPoint Presentation
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Backyard Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st

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Backyard Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Backyard Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st. OVERVIEW.

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Backyard Drills™ Caravan Orillia Event – July 21 st

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Presentation Transcript

Backyard Drills™ Caravan

Orillia Event – July 21st


The Backyard Drills Caravan made a stop in Orillia, Ontario Saturday July 21st, and added some kick to the 30th Annual Scottish Festival. At this stop, the Backyard Drills Caravan Crew was assisted by energetic Dundee Advisors, Tom Jarvis and Darren O’Halloran, as well as their assistant Jennifer Racho. Many members of Dundee sponsored soccer teams, like the Ramara Soccer Club, also came out to join in on the fun!

The Orillia Scottish Festival has been a long-running event that features numerous attractions such as their parade, Scottish Bag-pipe shows, competitions, vendors, and kids activities. Tony Shaw, the event coordinator, believed that this was their biggest turnout yet, with an estimated 15,000+ people who attended. From the moment we opened the Backyard Drills, until the moment we closed, there were always scores of people crowded around our area. Located conveniently close to the entrance, the colourful Dundee tents, signs, and banners caught the attention of nearly everyone who passed by. Before the day was up, we had more than 270 children and parents participate in the Drills, making this stop our most successful one yet!

“It’s so great to have you guys here! We don’t have too many activities geared towards children. You’ve made our event a lot more fun for the kids. Thanks!”

Tony Shaw, Event Coordinator

  • Promoted on 2 Radio stations: CICX-FM and CHAY–FM
  • Average Length of Radio promotions: 8-10 Minutes
  • # of Listeners per ¼ Hour – CICX 3,133 and CHAY 3,245
  • Promoted in 2 print articles: Orillia Packet & Times (July 10 & July 25
  • Impressions for 2 articles: 45,425
  • Event Date: Saturday July 21st
  • Type of Event: Backyard Drills Community Event
  • Name of Event: The 30th Annual Orillia Scottish Festival
  • # of People at Event: 15,000+
  • # that participated in Drills: 270+


Advisors Tom Jarvis, and Darren O’Halloran made excellent use of the Photo Booth. They used this as an opportunity to introduce themselves and their services. They made it more fun for the families by getting them to take silly photos. More than 90 photos were taken!

“This has been our favourite part of the whole event. Hope you come back next year!

Christina Flemming, Event Participant and Mother


We had a great location – a large grassy area by the entrance and the kids playground. Our location was also on the parade route, so thousands of people got to see the Dundee tents, signs and banners. Combined with the blue skies and a breezy 27°, it was the perfect day to play some soccer drills!


The turnout, the location, and the weather all played a huge part in helping make the Orillia stop our most successful Backyard Drills Caravan stop yet. But what really put this event over the top was the help from Dundee Advisors. The Advisors helped out with registration, the photo booth, and attracting families to our area by putting tattoos on the children. They had many opportunities to get to know members of their community. They not only made the day go by smoother, but they also promoted the Dundee brand in a very big way!

Overall, the event was fantastic and I hope it returns to Orillia in future years as we would be more than happy to participate again."

Darren O’Halloran

Dundee Wealth Management Advisor