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©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

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©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000. Hedges Real Estate Inc. Welcome to the Agency! Welcome! We are very excited to have you join us!. ©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000. You are now your own business…. Independent Contractor, You are Your Own Business…

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©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Welcome to the Agency!


We are very excited to have you join us!


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

You are now your own business…

  • Independent Contractor, You are Your Own Business…
  • Keep Track of all real estate related Income and Expenses – Use Spreadsheet, Quicken or Quickbooks software.
  • Get a Good Accountant that knows how Realtors operate.
  • Track mileage – keep a log in your vehicle.
  • You now have the inventory over over 250 agents = over 600 properties worth $120 Million that you can now sell and get 3% = $3.6 Million worth of commissions currently offered. Plus more properties are added throughout the year!
  • You also now compete against 250+ agents – buyers/listings
  • We usually have very friendly competition among professionals.

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Independent Contractor Agreement…

Please read your Independent Contractor Agreement and Know Your Responsibilities…

Keep Learning…Stay in School

Become a Listener…Be empathetic

Prospect Daily…Let people know

Develop Lifetime Relationships

Balance Life and Business…Prioritize

Stay Nice…Don’t lose friends over one deal or one misunderstanding. Perspective.

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Advice to New Agents…


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Review and Discuss Training Schedule

See the Self-Paced Training Schedule on our web site. Please complete each item.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Our Mission as an Agency…


It is the goal of REALTY EXECUTIVES – Hedges Real Estate to be known as the most professional and successful group of real estate agents in this area by providing professional real estate services to the community while building long term value for all involved.

  • We are making strides each week toward this goal.
  • Success fosters more success
  • Continually making adjustments in order to give all of our agents the opportunity to grow, succeed, and prosper not only in real estate but also in their personal lives.

This agency offers self-motivated, successful people the opportunity to freely work within an encouraging and supportive environment without being bogged down by committees, strict rules or pushy management. We give our agents the freedom and the support to succeed.

  • We realize that you, the agent, are the true customer of the agency!
  • We have dedicated ourselves to serving you and making you successful. We look forward to making this year more successful for you!

Join us and stay with us for many years to come. The future of real estate in this area looks very bright and this agency is planning to make the most of the opportunities and great times ahead. We hope you will be there with us!

  • Thanks again for your time and effort and congratulations on your current and future success!
our vision statement
REALTY EXECUTIVES - Hedges Real Estate Inc. Vision StatementRealty Executives-Hedges Real Estate provides the ultimate environment for real estate professionals to achieve success and enrich the lives of others.

We expect each of our agents to integrate these values into their business activities:Core Values



Market Leadership


Personal Growth

Profit for agents and agency

Our Vision Statement
core values
Integrity - Doing the right thing even when no one is looking

Professional - Highest standards of behavior and knowledge

Market Leadership - Providing an empowering environment where people can excel in growth, creativity and fulfillment

Community - Making our community a better place to live

Personal Growth - Providing an environment that nurtures personal growth, development and balance for all involved

Profit - Deliver value to all stakeholders

Core Values

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Goal for Each Individual Agent:

Sell at least 1 Million more than prior year = generate $50,000 more in commissions while decreasing liability and improving professional image.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Action plan for Each Individual Agent:

Use a system for doing the following:

Make at least 3 more outgoing calls a day to referral sources.

Make at least 3 more outgoing calls a day to prospective buyers.

Make at least 3 more outgoing calls a day to prospective sellers.

Send 1 “Thank You” note each business day.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Get at least one more seller counseling appointment per week.

Get al least one more buyer counseling appointment per week.

Sign up at least one more listing per month.

Sign up at least one more contract per month.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Close 95% or more of contracts pending.

Do more of the work than expected in each transaction so co-op agents enjoy working with you.

Deliver much more service to your clients than they expect, thus creating overwhelming customer satisfaction.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Put this in all your correspondence and end phone calls with… “Oh by the way, I need your help…I make my living from referrals, so anytime you know of someone who wants to buy or sell real estate, please call me with their name and number and I promise to take good care of them and make you proud that you referred them to me…”

Send Thank you notes/gifts to customers, referral sources, and co-op agents.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Memorize listing presentation and rehearse and improve it monthly.

Memorize buyer presentation and rehearse and improve it monthly. 

Take at least two classes toward next real estate designation.

Take at least one computer/software class to improve efficiency.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our Expectations for You

Attend all sales meetings for the year.

Review each file to make sure file checklist is completed. 

Take one day a week off in order to recharge and prevent burnout. Exercise & keep your life in balance. 

Have Fun. Help People. Make Money!

we are 1
We are #1

Based upon average sales per agent per Lawrence MLS Stats


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Also, nationwide, our Agents are leaders in production

  • The average REALTY EXECUTIVESSales Associate out-produces competing agents three to one.
  • Average of 24 transaction sides a year, leading to more than $100,000 in annual earned commissions.

Goal For Our Total Sides Per Agent

Average to 24 Sides Per Agent or More


2 Sales Per Month


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Policies and Procedures…

Please read each document under “Policies” on our web site…

commission and fee schedules
This is a “100%” company, which means that agents of this agency, who are independent contractors, have the freedom to negotiate their own commissions with their customers and clients within certain guidelines set by the agency.

Then, after paying small transaction and small monthly fees to the agency to cover administrative and overhead expenses, the agent keeps the rest of the profit. Other agencies take 40 to 50% or more off the top.

Commission and Fee Schedules
open desk program
Under this program, agents pay no additional monthly fee. Each agent can use any of the "Open Desks" or the conference room when in the office on any given day. Most agents are out meeting with people or selling, so there are usually a number of desks available each day. Under this program, however, agents are not allowed to keep stuff in or on any given desk for more than a 12-hour period. Agents, upon request, will get a file drawer to store any supplies and files that they wish to keep at the office.Open Desk Program
home office program
Under this program, agents can use any of the "Open Desks" or the conference room when in the office on any given day. These agents don’t pay for an office at the agency since they office at home. Under this program, however, agents are not allowed to keep stuff in or on any given desk for more than a 12-hour period. Agents, upon request, will get a file drawer to store any supplies and files that they wish to keep at the office.Home Office Program
private desk program
Under this program, agents sign up for a year to get their own personal desk that no other agent is allowed to use. These agents can store stuff in or on the desk and can put a nameplate on the desk. Since no other agents are allowed to use an agent’s private desk, each agent under this program pays extra for this exclusive desk space on a monthly basis, but a yearly contract needs to be signed. Private desks vary from $95 to $150 per month depending on size and location of the desk. See Bryan for a desk.Private Desk Program
private office program
Under this program, agents can reserve a private office for a year. No other agents are allowed to use your private office and you can decorate it as you see fit within professional reason. You can also store and lock up your private files, supplies, and other personal. Two or more agents can elect to share and split the cost of a private office. Prices vary depending on the size, location, and amenities in each office. If interested, talk to Bryan about a private office.Private Office Program
listings on mls policy
It is our policy to submit our listings to MLS within 24 hours when possible and no later than 48 hours unless the seller directs us in writing otherwise.

Sellers should be made to understand that if a property does not go on MLS, other agents will likely not show it and it also will not get marketed on our web sites such as, and others.

Listings on MLS Policy
co op commission policy
In order to increase the likelihood of the timely sale of our listings and to promote consistent incentives to other real estate agents who may sell our listings, our agency policy is to always offer at least a 3% cooperative commission to any other licensed and reputable real estate agency through the MLS service, except we do not offer cooperation to “sub-agents” in other agencies because we do not want our agency or the seller to be liable for the actions of a sub-agent in another agency. Therefore, you should put 0.0% as the coop percentage offered to “sub-agents”. 3.5% splits to any other type of cooperating agents are encouraged because this increases the incentive for other agents to sell our listings. The sellers’ goal is usually a timely sale. This helps us meet that goal.Co-op Commission Policy
yard sign policy
“Hedges Real Estate Inc.” needs to be printed on the sign in addition to REALTY EXECUTIVES.

One Sign Per Property

Keep signs back from street at least 10 to 15 feet

Each agent orders their own signs and sign riders

See Sign Ordinance information and policies on our web site.

Yard Sign Policy
floor time policies
Signing up for floor time is optional

If you sign up, please attend

Times picked at each sales meeting

Agents who have been with the agency the longest pick first

There are plenty of times available

Use it as a tool, not your only source of business.

If a caller asks for another agent in our office, transfer the call to that agent.

Make sure you don’t attempt to work with a customer who is already working with another one of our agents.

Floor Time Policies
referral policies
Incoming Referrals and Leads from our company web sites are distributed evenly by going down our agent roster.

After an agent gets a lead, they are checked off the list and then the next lead goes to the next agent until all of our agents have received a lead.

Then we start over.

Don’t rely on this as a strong source of business, but it does become a nice bonus when good leads come to you.

Send referrals through the Realty Executives referral network and you are more likely to receive referrals from that network!

Referral Policies

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Remember to Make Extra Money Sending Referrals

REALTY EXECUTIVES has a Worldwide referral network.

Use it to send referrals anywhere!

Use the web site or call


To Send Referrals…


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Continuing Education…


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Plan on Achieving Your GRI Designation

  • We expect you and all of our agents to achieve the GRI Designation within 1 or 2 years of joining this agency. See

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

What is the GRI?

  • GRI stands for Graduate, REALTOR® Institute.
  • According to a NAR survey, GRI designees earn approximately $20,000 more per year than non-GRI Designees.
  • Graduates of the GRI program learn the essential skills for excelling in the residential sales market.

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Our commission & fee program rewards those who

Achieve the ABR, GRI & CRS and Associate Broker Designations…


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

To be #1, we need to be known as the quality professionals in this area…

Get the ABR, GRI & CRS Designations…

More and More REALTY EXECUTIVES agents are achieving the GRI and CRS Designations…

It is a fact that the agents with these designations make more money and are more successful in real estate…


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Imagine How Impressive We Will Look When We Can Run The Following Ad…

“At REALTY EXECUTIVESHedges Real Estate, all of our Professionals have the ABR, Associate Broker, CRS & GRI Designations…”

We will be the #1 Agency around!


Upcoming GRI & Other Classes


For all the latest class times and schedules!


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Code of Ethics…


Read the Code of Ethics – See your copy or see our web site. Also, watch the FAR Code of Ethics video in our office.


©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

Getting Started…

how people choose realtors
How People Choose Realtors
  • Intensive Studies by Realtrends find the following concerning how buyers choose Realtors:
    • “Knowledge” of the market is most important factor
      • Agents role is as an advisor and partner in the transaction
      • Agent provides information including web sites and local info.
      • Buyers want agents to advise and help them get a “good deal”.
    • “Trust” along with providing “Security” & “Assurance” were listed as very important criteria for agents.
    • 80% call the agent directly, not the brokerage firm, based upon that agent’s reputation and marketing.
      • So, keep your own personal marketing program going all year!!
how to get referrals according to realtrends research
How to Get Referrals- According to Realtrends Research
  • You must be perceived as a Competent and Trustworthy agent. Otherwise, people and other agents will not send referrals to you.
  • People need to know that you are Professional and trustworthy. Advertise Designations.
  • People must know that you are in the real estate business and that you want referrals.
  • Ask People for referrals by keeping in touch and reward them with thank you’s and gifts as soon as they send you a referral. Don’t wait for it to close!
getting things going 1 st step
Getting Things Going…1st Step

"John Maxwell said, "Success is a journey not a destination." You combine the two and create the success journey. It begins with a single step. That is what stops most people? that first step. That little step separates abundance from failure. If you don't make that first step, you are guaranteed to not accomplish your objective.

Without reaching out and picking up the phone and making the first lead follow-up call or prospecting call we are assured failure. It is that one motion of picking up and dialing that first number that separates the winner from the loser. In terms of time it is less than two seconds that will determine your outcome.

getting things going pain
Getting Things Going…Pain?

There are two kinds of pain:

The pain of discipline.

The consistent making of lead follow-up and prospecting calls & mailings and taking steps each day to achieve your goals.

The pain of regret.

Realizing you didn’t achieve your goals for yourself and your family. The accumulation effect of inaction and no discipline.

The truth is we are going to experience one or the other; it is unavoidable. You have to choose which you would rather live with.

getting things going habits
Getting Things Going…Habits
  • Make Success a Habit:
  • When we create a habit of daily discipline, an almost "magical" thing will happen. One day you will realize that your discipline has turned into desire. The desire to do the calls daily. The wanting to make the calls because of the habit and the results. The road will get easier as you develop your routine into habit.
  • It takes at least 30 days to turn a routine into a habit. Push yourself for the first 30 days!

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

“Can I Tag Along With One Of The Top Agents In Order To Learn From Them?”

even better
We have “hired” the best sales trainers in the Real Estate Industry to show you their techniques firsthand from start to finish.

We have Twenty Sales Training Videos from them that Specifically demonstrate the techniques and presentations that you will need to know.

These videos cost $thousands and we need to keep them available for all of our agents, so I’m sorry, we cannot loan them out to agents to take home.

We can schedule review sessions here if you wish.

Even Better…

©REALTY EXECUTIVES International, Inc. 2000

Hedges Real Estate Inc.

More Policies and Procedures…

Now Please read and learn each document under “Policies” on our web site…