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Color and Images PowerPoint Presentation
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Color and Images

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Color and Images - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Color and Images. Color. The natural colors we see and the colors we see on computer monitors are different. CMYK -natural RGB -monitor. Color - CMYK. Cyan , Magenta , Yellow , blac K Four color process

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The natural colors we see and the colors we see on computer monitors are different.

  • CMYK -natural
  • RGB -monitor
color cmyk
Color - CMYK
  • Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, blacK
  • Four color process
  • Reflective color- light from sun (or bulb) hits an object & color is reflected to our eyes
  • Print Documents
color rgb
Color - RGB
  • “Monitor” color
  • Red, Green, Blue
  • TV, video, computer monitors
  • Straight from light source; not reflective
  • “RGB values” = intensity of colors
  • Hexadecimal code- 6 numbers
color dreamweaver
Color - Dreamweaver



Bitmapped (pixel-based, paint, raster, Photoshop)
  • Vector (math-based, object-oriented, draw, Illustrator)

Paint program: You can edit individual pixels

Draw program: You can easily resize, insert text and use layers

images file format
Images - File format

What we will use on our webpages

  • .jpg- we say jay-peg
  • .gif
images jpeg
Images- JPEG
  • Joint Photographic Experts Group
  • Cross platform
  • Compressed (lossy - data removed)
  • Maximum of 16.7 million colors
  • Cannot be transparent, interlaced or animated
  • Photos, images with subtle color changes, depth, lighting, etc.
images gif
Images -GIF
  • Graphic Interchange Format
  • Cross platform
  • Compressed (lossless - no data removed)
  • Indexed color -maximum of 256 colors
  • Can be transparent, interlaced and animated
  • Simple illustrations, logos, cartoons
file size vs picture size
File size vs. Picture size
  • File Size-how much disk space is used by the file ex. 30kb
  • Picture Size-the dimensions of the image ex. 150 pixels wide
  • Both important for speed of download
  • Resize and/or change resolution
  • Alternate labels -text that will show as image is downloading or in place of images
web ified images
“Web-ified” Images
  • Goal is to get maximum image quality for minimum file size
  • Make sure your image is on the server otherwise your link will not work
  • Do NOT rename or move your image once you have placed it on your web page.