chap 4 notes bill of rights
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Chap 4 Notes – Bill of Rights

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Chap 4 Notes – Bill of Rights - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chap 4 Notes – Bill of Rights. 1 st Amendment 5 basic Freedoms Freedom of Religion The Government cannot establish a formal religion. The First Amendment. Second, the amendment guarantees Americans the right to worship as they see fit. First Amendment.

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chap 4 notes bill of rights

Chap 4 Notes – Bill of Rights

1st Amendment

5 basic Freedoms

Freedom of Religion

The Government cannot establish a formal religion

the first amendment
The First Amendment
  • Second, the amendment guarantees Americans the right to worship as they see fit.
first amendment
First Amendment

Do you agree/disagree w/ the following

  • Prayer in public school/commencement/Campus life
  • Wearing of religious symbols
  • “In God we Trust” on our $
  • Nativity scenes
  • Celebrating of religious holidays in school
first amendment4
First Amendment

2. Freedom of Speech:

The 1st amendment

Gives you the right

To speak your mind

Without the fear or reprisal.

However, that right is NOT absolute.

first amendment5
First Amendment
  • Slander – if you say something untrue about someone w/ the intention of hurting their reputation.
  • Libel – Printing something that is untrue about someone.
first amendment6
First Amendment
  • Treason: Giving military secrets to the enemy.

Freedom of speech extends to dress, hairstyles, decorating home.

first amendment7
First Amendment

Freedom of Press: The right that Americans have to print what they want. What limits should there be on this right? Includes TV, Radio,



first amendment8
First Amendment

Freedom of Assembly: The right that people have to assemble peacefully. Parades, Political rallies, public celebrations.

first amendment9
First Amendment

Right to Petition: The right that people have to express their ideas to our government. People can complain to their government officials.

2 nd amendment
2nd Amendment

The Second Amendment Guarantees Americans the right to bear arms.

Grandma’s Right

To Pack Heat

Cannot be

Infringed Upon!!

3 rd amendment
3rd Amendment

Limits the Governments Right to House Soldiers in People’s Homes. Can w/ People’s permission.

4 th amendment
4th Amendment

Sometimes known as the “privacy amendment” Protects American citizens from unreasonable search and seizures. Must have a “Search Warrant” to enter a person’s home.

4 th amendment14
4th Amendment



A Search Warrant is a legal document that allows law enforcement officials to search a suspect’s home and to take things to be used in court.

5 th amendment
5th Amendment

Protects a person when they have been accused of committing a crime. Protects against “Double Jeopardy” Standing trial twice for the same crime.

5 th amendment16
5th Amendment

Protects a person’s right to remain silent. Prevents self-incrimination. You do not have to testify against yourself in a court of law.

5 th amendment17
5th Amendment

Ensures due process of law. Meaning that certain procedures must be followed in a court of law.

5 th amendment18
5th Amendment

Limits the government’s power of Eminent Domain: The right the Government has to take your home/property for the good of society.(like to build a highway)

6 th amendment
6th Amendment

Guarantees additional rights in a trial. Requires that they be told of exact nature of the charges against them. Trial must be speedy, fair, and public. Individual is

entitled to a lawyer for representation.

7 th amendment
7th Amendment

Guarantees the right to a jury trial in civil cases if the amount of money involved is more than $20.

8 th amendment
8th Amendment

Excludes cruel and unusual punishment. Also prevents

Excessive bail. Protects

Against excessive fines.

9 th amendment
9th Amendment

Makes clear that the rights spelled out in the Constitution are not the only rights that you have. ( Freedom to choose your friends, where you live, who you marry, where you work)

10 th amendment
10th Amendment

Any powers the Constitution does not specifically give to the national government are reserved for the states or for the people.

bill of rights extended
Bill of Rights Extended

Civil War Amendments

13th Amendment – (1865) officially banned slavery

14th – Gave equal protection under the law.

15th – right to vote

to black males

16 th amendment
16th Amendment

(1916) Gives Congress the power to levy an income tax.

18 th amendment
18th Amendment

Prohibits making, drinking, or selling of alcoholic beverages (prohibition)

19 th amendment
19th Amendment

Gives Women the right to vote

21 st amendment
21st Amendment

(1933) Repeals Prohibition

22 nd amendment
22nd Amendment

Limits the President to two terms in office (1951)

25 th amendment
25th Amendment

Establishes procedures for succession to the presidency.

26 th amendment
26th Amendment

Sets Voting Age at 18 (1971)

Voting rights 18 yr olds