the advantages of lg webos and wayfinding signage n.
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Wayfinding signage |LG WebOS PowerPoint Presentation
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Wayfinding signage |LG WebOS

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Wayfinding signage |LG WebOS - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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safety and quality we believe that digital signage software is the best choice for your digital signage installation. Digital signage software plays a significant role in promoting the brand.

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Wayfinding signage |LG WebOS

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the advantages of lg webos and wayfinding signage

The advantages of LGWebOS and wayfinding signage

LG WebOS displays are one of the most path-breaking products introduced in the commercial


LG WebOS signage are cloud based solutions used for superior display.

The technology used in display signages have evolved very fast and there is more happening in this

space. Advertisers try to create more engagement by creating coming up with off-beat marketing

tactics. They often use the help of technology in order to do this. LG WebOS display is one such amazing

product which help the companies in creating the ‘WOW factor’ among the customers.

These displays come in almost all sizes from 22” to 98”. They are mostly used for commercial purposes.

You can see them as Menu board in fast food chains, advertising displays for different kind of brands,

Display boards in retail shops for communicating promotional offers etc. LG WebOS signages are useful

across multiple applications. Advertisers find it easy to handle. They help in generating unique customer

experience and enhances the look of the retail store or fast food outlet.

Companies interested in mounting these displays for promotion of their brands or other purpose can

take the help of ‘Xtreme Media’. They are specialized in providing world-class solutions to companies

looking for display signages. Some of the advantages of LG WebOS displays are as follows:

Web based remote management is possible these display signages

You can show the content at multiple locations

Content scheduling can be done any time. This is important for retail and fast food stores which

keep on changing the offers every day in order to attract more customers.

Through this system you can play content from anywhere i.e from a particular web page also.

There are readymade templates for companies to choose and display their products along with

details about pricing. But these templates are non-animated.

In case of multiple users, these product gives the flexibility in terms adding new users or

creating a separate new group.

One can remotely manage the display storage system.

Last but not the least, is the setting of shutdown or rebooting of system.

Nowadays, Wayfinding signage are also lot in demand. Wayfinding signage solution are basically to

navigate people from one place to another. These signages are mostly used in big events, malls,

amusement parks, museums, bigger hotels etc in order to guide the visitors. They are interactive and

help in enhancing customer experience.

Xtreme Media has got exciting wayfinding digital signage which are basically touch kiosk solutions.

There are some readymade templates in it along with in-built animations. Companies across different

sectors find this product useful. Below mentioned are some basic advantages of this product.

In this digital age, static way finding solutions do not create much of an appeal. Wayfinding

digital signages have got interactive maps which are easy to understand. These maps are 2D

maps with multiple colors.

The map helps you to categorise the places which might be of your interest and accordingly find

them. For e.g. in malls, you can categorize the places according to electronics, apparels and

accessories and then visit them this saves your

accessories and then visit them. This saves your time and makes the overall shopping experience

more enjoyable.

These maps gives you the shortest possible route to reach a particular destination.