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Renzo Mori Period 4

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Renzo Mori Period 4

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Renzo R. Mori

Period:4 Inte Reading


  • Drama was created by Athenian Greeks. But later, other places started copying
  • Drama was what the Greeks used when they got bored and wanted entertainment.
  • In the old times, only men were actors.
  • Does my major make good money?
  • Does my major let me have a part-time job?
  • Does my major let me spend time with family?
  • Does my major let me have a social life?
  • Does my major let me do Community Service?
  • Will my major help me travel?
  • If my major lets me travel, would I go to China?
  • Will my major allow me to have a relationship?
  • Will my major make me successful in life?
  • Will my major help me to become famous?
If a friend says their planning on dropping out of school, what would you say to convince him/she to stay?

If a friend says to me that their planning to drop out, I would convince them to stay. Because school is important, and this is how I’ll convince him/her to stay. I’ll say that earning a diploma is an accomplishment, going to school means that you’ll get an education, and plans for college.

First, earning a diploma. For most High School students, earning a diploma doesn’t seem like a big deal. But it is, because it shows that you have graduated out of High School. And for most jobs, you are required to have


a High School diploma to be able to work at that place.

Second, the education. If you drop out of school, you won’t learn anything more than what you already know. And its exciting to learn something new everyday! Because knowledge is power. And power can get you very far in life.

Last, plans for college. Most High School students want to go to college. But if your one of the many that do want to go to college, you need to have a lot of knowledge. Also you need to have good grades in all your classes and a high GPA. Accomplishing this should be “a snap” if you attend school, and actually pay attention in class.


Finally, to conclude. That’s how I would convince a friend to not drop out of school. I would tell them about how you need a diploma to work in most jobs, an education to gain knowledge, and how to use knowledge in college. How would you convince a friend to not drop out?