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Florence Mueller Period 1

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Florence Mueller Period 1

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college project

Florence Mueller

Period 1, Ms. Richardson

College Project

florida state university q a
Florida State University Q&A

Price: Residents: $17,604 Non Residents: $32,771

Location: Tallahassee, Florida.

On campus housing? YES

Top Majors:- Biological Science - Business- Political Science - Music- Affairs - Criminology- Psychology - Communication

Enrollment: 40,416 total students(55% Female 29% Minority 4%International)

Six-Year Graduation Rate: 93%

Class Size: 76% of classes have fewer than 40 students.

Setting: Urban, mid-size city in northwest Florida. (Sub-Tropical Climate)

Founded: 1851

Scholarships? YES

questions on my fsu major
Questions on my FSU Major

Do they have Business? YES

How many years of college are required? : 4

Do they have music? YES

Am I able to switch my major if I decide the first one is not the one for me? YES

Am I able to transfer schools and keep my major credits? YES

Is it both Undergrad and Graduate? YES

fsu scholarships

All admitted student are automatically considered

for merit-based scholarships, regardless of financial

circumstances. A separate application is not required.

Because scholarships are limited, students with strong

academic records should apply to the

University by their October 17th deadline.

to do list
To Do List:

Take SAT/ACT if not already taken.

Meet with your counselor early in the year to discuss your plans for college.

Continue to develop advocacy skills and improve studying skills.

Continue exploring possible majors

Visit Colleges/Universities

Research/Learn more about the schools you are interested in.

Compare Various Colleges

Pick your top colleges/ Scholarships

Apply to colleges

Complete scholarship applications

Send your applications in.


Get into/Start College


Dear Jenna,Listen, I know High School can be tough at times, and yeah your grades aren’t exactly the “Best”, but don’t give up now! At this point you’re probably thinking, what’s this psychopath talking about.. Well, I heard you were dropping out, and I just cant stand to think about how school is going to be without you, and what your life would become without a proper, basic HS education. The economy is really bad at the moment and even college graduates aren’t getting the jobs that they’d hoped for, so what makes you think you’re going to get a good job huh? How are you going to support yourself when your parents are gone? No ones going to want someone who hasn’t even finished High School! Think of your future! think of how successful you could be and how much knowledge you’d be missing out on! You don’t want to be known as the girl who dropped out of High School and got pregnant do you? Don’t be “that girl” just because you couldn’t pull it together your junior year! You only have one more year to go, come on! You’re better than that. I believe in you. But you have to trust me. Listen to me, and I promise it will make a big difference in your life. Get educated! I know you can do it. Make me proud. Your friend, Florence