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Electronic Signature is legally binding and legally the same as conventional ink signatures thanks to the ESIGN Act of 2000 and UETA Act (in the US) and various other laws in most countries

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Electronic Signature

Setup in Minutes

Electronic Signature is legally binding and legally

the same as conventional ink signatures thanks

to the ESIGN Act of 2000 and UETA Act (in the

US) and various other laws in most countries.

Electronic Signature can help you or your company...

Increase Sales Pull-Through

By “striking while the iron is hot”, you’ll reduce the

back-and-forth over contracts, reduce 2nd guessing or

buyer’s remorse, and get sales closed faster.

Save Time & Hassle

Because electronic signatures can also be integrated

with web-forms at the same time, any online contract

can be a consumer-fillable webform that can

optionally feed or export and import into other

software via export or API (Application Programming

Interface, a way for software programs / websites to

“talk to each other”)

Go Green

You’ll save not just paper, but everything that goes

into the paper - ink, dyes and bleaches, transportation

of the paper and ink cartridges, and even save money

on the storage of documents, shredding, and other

downstream costs.

To set up any document for online electronic signature in minutes, we recommend the following steps:

1. Sign up for an Electronic Signature provider - preferably with us!

Yes, of course we’re biased - but we’ve built a powerful, low-cost system you can try for just $1 for the Pro

version, or even for free for the lite version. Both are fully legally binding; the pro version will email both you

and the signor a PDF, allow greater automation (for marketing, etc.). Sign up risk-free at

http://SwiftSignature.com​, part of SwiftCloud.IO - a business collaboration framework.

2. Setup Your Electronic Signature Document

Next, in most cases, you’ll want to make your signable document signable online. We have three setup paths

for you, depending on your needs (click any of the below to see the specific steps)

a. A web-template, and you have a Wordpress based webpage or blog​. This is the easiest and fastest

method; in short, you can make any webpage signable. See here for our ​Electronic Signature

wordpress plugin​.

b. A signable document on SwiftCloud’s servers​, that you can link to as needed.

c. A one-off specific document such as a PDF​ that you want to sign or get signed.

3. Get it signed!

Last, how you get people to your document is up to you - you can email a link, link your website to it, give the

URL to your sales staff to give to clients - whatever works for your sales organization.

Obviously this document is just scratching the surface - there’s a lot more options in play, but if you’re reading this the

best option is quickly jump in, sketch in the document, and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier. It doesn’t have to

be too complex.

… but if you insist, with more complexity comes more power & automation. ​Swift Cloud​ / ​Swift Signature​ allows for

dozens of real-world features, primarily focused on sales, such as

Payment Integration (either payment then signature, or signature then payment)

CRM Integration

Data flow both input and output, to customize a contract on-the-fly for example, and then to export signed

contracts back into other software

Marketing automation, i.e. so all signors automatically get added to marketing lists for mass email &


Sophisticated web forms to handle the most advanced paper & intake-form replacement, fully integrated - so,

for example, you could have a web form that then generates a separate signable contract even with conditional

logic in it, or reproduce a single paper form that mixes both information-fields (intake - customer inputs) with a

variety of field-types (checkboxes, radio buttons, name splitting, zip code auto lookup… we can build whatever

you need and have done much of this before).

Advanced forms such as mortgage applications or other financial instruments

Government forms such as employment W4’s for recruiting

And more.

Electronic Signature is here to stay, and today’s the day to jump in - it’s easy, fast, and less expensive than paper.

Simply the cost savings of dealing with the paper alone will more than pay for itself, and in most industries, if it wins

you even one more deal a year that might otherwise be lost due to buyer’s remorse or even a few hours saved from

hassles dealing with faxes, paper, printer ink and more will be profitable.

Get started ​here​ with ​Swift Signature​​ risk-free, and you can have your first document ready for electronic signature

within an hour.