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Buying Used Clothes? Go Organic! PowerPoint Presentation
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Buying Used Clothes? Go Organic!

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Buying Used Clothes? Go Organic!
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Buying Used Clothes? Go Organic!

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  1. Buying Used Clothes? GO ORGANIC!

  2. There are two things you should be aware of at this day and age: nature is dying, and the economy is unstable. You should mind these two things because the economy and nature will dictate the way you live. • Will you continue spending too much on too little? • Will you continue to contribute to the destruction of the environment? I didn’t think so.

  3. As a woman of your style and status, you should be a positive role model! You should be empowered! But how can you save the environment and still look fab? Buy used clothes, of course! And, not just any used clothes – you should go for the ones made of organic materials.

  4. Why Used Clothes? You have to throw away whatever dogma or stigma you have about buying used clothes. Thrift shops should be your new go-to place. Not all of them are dirty, stinky and rip-offs. There are actually a lot of pretty good ones, and some of them can be found online.

  5. Why Used Clothes? There, you can find fabulous styles in such a super low price. It’s the perfect place to finally get your hands on some hard-to-find pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories. By buying used clothes as well, you get to save the environment in your own little way. You show your support against the making of more clothes that are probably inorganic, or use hundred of chemicals to make.

  6. Why Used Clothes? Think of it as recycling – you’re reusing pre-loved clothes, and you spent little compared to the previous owners! Who knows? You might even find some amazing vintage clothes in the corners of the thrift shop, and going vintage is always a great idea.

  7. Why Organic? Who says you can only save the environment through your trash? There are literally hundreds of ways that you can help make the earth safer and cleaner. One of them is the recent trend on organic clothing. Basically, the organic part means the materials have less exposure to chemicals, if they are not chemical free.

  8. Why Organic? Examples of these “green fabrics” are bamboo fabric, hemp fabric, organic cotton and organic silk. Just for reference, organic cotton Is grown pesticide and chemical-free, while regular cotton is exposed to these chemicals that are potentially harmful to you and are seriously harmful to nature.

  9. Why Organic? Aside from living an environment-friendly life, choosing organic fashion is also a way of living a healthier life. Organic fabric, as previously mentioned, have little or zero chemicals used, which means there are less reasons for your skin to be irritated once exposed to the fabric.

  10. Why Organic? This is the main reason why a lot of moms these days are switching to organic baby clothes as well. You also don’t need to worry about quality because organic clothes maintain the high quality of your fabric.

  11. How Can You Tell If It's Organic? Say you’re in a thrift shop, trying out some rocking vintage clothes. How do you tell if what you have on is made of organic material? The easiest way is to check the label. There are a couple of ways that a fabric is tagged as “organic” – the fibers grown are organic or chemical-free, or the clothing was produced in an eco- friendly fashion. If the tags include one or both, then you’re good to go.

  12. How Can You Tell If It's Organic? Now, the thing about buying used clothes is that sometimes, the tags are cut off, or become unclear. This is potentially problematic, but some clothes do have some key, unique features, especially designer used clothes.

  13. How Can You Tell If It's Organic? Just check the brand online if they use organic fabrics, and then come back when you’ve done your homework. You can also risk asking your store helper. If you’re buying online, ask the seller if the fabric is organic.

  14. Where Can I Buy Organic Clothes? Most organic clothes can be found on the web (but before you do that, read this first). There are hundreds of websites available online to help you check out some great organic clothes. There are also a lot of great websites that sell used clothes online.

  15. Where Can I Buy Organic Clothes? You can easily check the materials if they’re organic by simply asking the previous owner, or the site owner. It never hurts to ask, so ask away. Buying used clothes has never been this easy and eco-friendly.

  16. 2 Cents! Being eco-friendly shouldn’t prevent you from being your usual, fab self. Go check sites online and find some great organic clothes. Don’t forget to check out the thrift stores on your streets, as well. Since there’s a recent trend for buying used clothes, there’s probably one or two near you.

  17. 2 Cents! If you don’t feel like going out, check the interwebs and make friends with usual sellers. Don’t forget to ask if they’re organic! Check labels and ask sellers. This is probably one good reason to jump in on the bandwagon – if it mean saving Mother Nature, then why not, right?

  18. NATALIA DUMA Natalia Duma is a fashion blogger and owner of Luxe Consignment Store - a designer item consignment store. Check out her website for more tips and great deals on vintage cloths.