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Multimedia Project: Fashion Shop

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Multimedia Project: Fashion Shop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Multimedia Project: Fashion Shop Group Members: Dale Barbee Subathra Dhinakar Robin Roberts Walton Dell Dale Thompson Project Goals Enhance Shopping Experience for Buying Clothes Online Duplicate Real World Advantages as Much as Possible

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multimedia project fashion shop

Multimedia Project: Fashion Shop

Group Members:Dale Barbee

Subathra Dhinakar

Robin Roberts

Walton Dell

Dale Thompson

project goals
Project Goals
  • Enhance Shopping Experience for Buying Clothes Online
  • Duplicate Real World Advantages as Much as Possible
  • Provide Computerized Features not Possible in the Real World
real world advantages
Real World Advantages
  • Real look of clothing not just flat image.
  • See if two items would go together well by looking at them side-by-side (or trying them on).
  • See clothes from any angle (and stereoscopically).
  • Social Interaction.
online advantages
Online Advantages
  • Searching for clothing is done quickly.
  • You don’t have to wear clothes to shop for them. :-)
  • No lines at checkout!
  • Product is delivered to your doorstep.
competitive analysis
Competitive Analysis
  • (virtual model)
  • (3D virtual model)
part one of the project
Part one of the Project

Build a virtual model to match yourself:

  • Choose a model’s face, or...
  • Upload a picture of your face, or...
  • Use web camera to take your picture.
  • Choose hair color, skin color.
  • Choose model dimensions.
part two of the project
Part two of the Project

Search clothing database:

  • Choose by season (summer, winter, etc.)
  • Choose by style (casual, formal, etc.)
  • Choose by type (shirt, blouse, skirt, pants, etc.)
part three of the project
Part three of the Project

Choose a top and bottom piece from search results:

Notice the fake fabric!

part four of the project
Part four of the Project

Interactively view clothing on model (change colors):

Z-Order: 20

Z-Order: -1

Choose Top Color: 

Z-Order: 15

Choose Bottom Color:

Z-Order: 10

JavaScript controls DHTML z-order of images to allow dynamic change of color. Also, each top has a preferred z-order relative to the bottom. This allows the top to hang down behind or in front of the bottom. (See previous slide for examples.)

technologies used requirements
Technologies Used / Requirements:
  • PhotoShop / Paint Shop Pro
  • ASP (Active Server Pages), NT
  • MS Access Database
  • Dynamic HTML (for z-ordering)
  • JavaScript
  • Histograms
  • MFC, C++
team experiences
Team Experiences
  • Lack of expertise in MFC applications by all team members makes the work more difficult.
  • Since MFC is new to all of us, the implementation of image matching using histogram is still in development.
  • There was only enough time to implement a few things, so many ideas had to remain just ideas.
  • Since there was no time to learn anything new, work was allocated based on who knows what.
web site
Web Site:

not implemented
Not Implemented:
  • View from any angle
  • View in 3D (stereoscopic view)
  • Voice chat room for social interaction and customer support