stephen monson cis 3380 fall 06 l.
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Stephen Monson CIS-3380 Fall ‘06 PowerPoint Presentation
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Stephen Monson CIS-3380 Fall ‘06

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Stephen Monson CIS-3380 Fall ‘06 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stephen Monson CIS-3380 Fall ‘06 Description Background Mission Clients Partners 3D Visible Enterprise Benefits Security Advisory Managed Identity and Access Overview Description Unisys combines expertise in Consulting Systems integration Outsourcing Infrastructure

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Stephen Monson CIS-3380 Fall ‘06

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stephen monson cis 3380 fall 06
Stephen Monson


Fall ‘06






3D Visible Enterprise





Identity and Access


Unisys combines expertise in

  • Consulting
  • Systems integration
  • Outsourcing
  • Infrastructure
  • Server technology

Unisys serves six primary vertical markets worldwide

  • Financial services
  • Public Sector
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Commercial
  • Media

Unisys has done a lot of things.

  • They introduced the first typewriter and also founded to manufacture and sell the first adding and listing machine.
  • Introduces first “noiseless” typewriter

Those are just a couple there are a lot more.


Unisys helps secure business operations that can better focus on opportunities. They do it by creating visibility throughout all layers of enterprises, by exposing cause-and-effect relationships between strategy, business processes, applications and infrastructure.  


Unisys has a lot of clients to name a couple big names…..

  • United States Army
  • Government of Malaysia
  • The Land Transport of New Zealand
  • Government of South Africa
3d visible enterprise
3D Visible Enterprise

You may ask “Why does a company need visibility?” Here are a few answers….

  • You can’t secure what you can’t see.
  • It’s a prerequisite for success in the market
  • Threats and competition are everywhere.
  • Visibility delivers value

“Based on hundreds of client experiences and objective research, our clients can expect to realize real, bottom-line benefits, including:

  • 25-40% cycle time improvement
  • 30-50% redundancy elimination
  • 75-100% productivity improvements
  • 25-60% cost savings”


Unisys Security Service Solutions Consulting helps improve security positions. By creating the visibility needed to make security an integral part of business operations. With 3D Visible Enterprise, blueprint helps manage security risk. Without taking away from performance.

security cont
Security cont…..

There are three different types of securities.

  • Security Advisory services
  • Security Managed services
  • Security Identity and Access services
security advisory
Security Advisory
  • Security Consulting and Business Advisory Services is the first step to the program. Using the unique 3D Visible Enterprise business approach, their consultants can help uncover critical cause-and-effect relationships throughout the entire organization. This helps boost performance and manage risk by knowing your people and controlling their access. Tracking goods. And securing key core processes.
managed securities
Managed Securities
  • Managed Security Services protects businesses using Security Operation Centers located around the world. Their certified security service personnel provide proactive, real-time, 24x7 monitoring of your business network. They will manage, configure, and respond to your security events. They help you stay current with ever-evolving security regulations. And, with 3D Visible Enterprise, it will help you understand the cause-effect relationships between your business vision and operations - and the IT infrastructure that supports them.
identity and access
Identity and Access
  • Identity and Access Control Management Security Service Solutions help structure and manage access to critical information resources. By applying the 3D-VE approach to data access concerns, it can help see the entry points needed to control. Connections between users can become easier and more secure. Collaboration can thrive. New mandates for privacy can be met. And Costs for IT administration and support can be reduced.

Unisys industries is a lot of things it is a financial service, public sector, media, and a transportation and communication industry. Unisys does a lot for different companies. There IT/IS solutions make every business there apart of grow and prosperous.