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Supplier Quality Presentation

Supplier Quality Presentation

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Supplier Quality Presentation

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  1. Supplier Quality Presentation Goodrich Aerostructures Group

  2. Outline Expectations and Guidelines 3 Source Inspection Program 25 Certified Supplier Program 30 Supplier Quality Requirements 33 SupplierNet 66 Engineering Revision Level and Changes 74 Role of Purchase Orders 94 Configuration Control Sheet (CCS) 101 Part Identification per RPS 13.99 105 Documentation Requirements 117 Supplier Certification Report (Q-32 Form) 135 First Article Inspection Report (FAIR) 147 Dimensional Inspection 156 Supplier Rejections and Corrective Action 170 Root Cause Analysis 191

  3. Expectations and Guidelines Outline

  4. Expectations and Guidelines • Outline • FAA and Type Design • Review of Records and Documentation • Inspection of the hardware • Primary Concerns • Goodrich Aerostructures Certified Suppliers Program

  5. Expectations and Guidelines • FAA and Type Design Type Certificate based upon a Type Design Quality Insures Certification testing to substantiate type design Product is manufactured to engineered type design

  6. Expectations and Guidelines • Goodrich’s nacelle components are certified with the aircraft to FAR 25 requirements and some components are also certified with the engine to FAR 33 requirements. • The Type Certificate recognizes that the Type Design complies with the FAA design requirements.

  7. Expectations and Guidelines • The Type Design contains the definition of the design and specifications which must be respected in the production of certified parts.

  8. Expectations and Guidelines • In addition, all parts produced to the Type Design must be under the control of a quality system approved by the FAA. • Goodrich’s quality system is approved by the FAA as complying with FAR Part 21. • The quality system, combined with our production certificates and PMA, enable Goodrich to produce production parts for OEMs and spares for airlines.

  9. Expectations and Guidelines • Each aircraft produced (including the nacelles) is issued its own airworthiness certificate when the FAA is satisfied that all of the components on that aircraft have been produced in accordance with: • the type design and • within an approved quality system.

  10. Expectations and Guidelines • Certification baseline is established at the time of aircraft (or engine) certification • All changes to the certification standard must be approved by the FAA • Change validation procedures are identical to that of the baseline certification process • All changes are classified as either major or minor

  11. Expectations and Guidelines • Key elements in verifying that the Type Design is being met: • Part configuration • Part identification • Process control

  12. Expectations and Guidelines • Part Configuration • DSQR (Delegated Supplier Quality Representative) inspection verifies that hardware has been manufactured in compliance to the requirements of the Purchase Order. • Purchase Order specifies the part number, revision letter, and any applicable exceptions (undersized holes, excess trim, etc) to which the hardware must comply.

  13. Expectations and Guidelines • Part Identification • Should be per the applicable specification (RPS 13.99, BAC 5307, etc) and provides traceability to the certification baseline. • Traceability is achieved through conformance to the requirements of the identification specification and P.O. requirements. • Part identification should be verified to the revision level (ECI) given on the P.O.

  14. Expectations and Guidelines • Process Control • Process certifications should provide evidence to whether or not the parts were manufactured to the proper revision of the applicable specifications.

  15. Expectations and Guidelines Airworthiness Certificate is obtained when parts meet the Type Design & originate from an approved source Quality Insures Product is inspected to requirements of Purchase Order (including Engineering Requirements) Conformance of the products ensure that Type Design has been maintained

  16. Expectations and Guidelines Review of Records and Documentation

  17. Expectations and Guidelines • Review of Records and Documentation • Review the manufacturing plans • Evidence of completion for all operations in accordance w/procedures & quality manual • Corrections/line-outs are initialed and dated • Quality stamps are present when required • Quantities are consistent throughout operations

  18. Expectations and Guidelines • Review of Records and Documentation • Material and Process certifications • Ensure that all parts were found acceptable • Verify processes match w/those on engineering. • Confirm that special processes were performed by approved processors specified in the appropriate approval document (Goodrich QSD, Boeing D1-4426, etc) • Check for traceability of the certifications to the hardware

  19. Expectations and Guidelines • Review of Records and Documentation • First Article Inspection • Review FAI for each part for completeness • Approve FAI if all dimensions meet print • Ensure that FAI is performed per the requirements of AS 9102, Revision A and QA-111 Section II, Addendum H • Affix DSQR stamp to FAI

  20. Expectations and Guidelines • Review of Records and Documentation • Engineering Drawing, Changes, Specs, & P.O. • Familiarity with engineering drawing • Review new changes for effect on hardware • Review P.O. & CCS w/each delivery to ensure parts comply. Check both product identification & configuration

  21. Expectations and Guidelines • Inspection of the Hardware • Visual inspection of every part • Dimension inspection of every feature defined by the type design • 100% review of the certifications

  22. Expectations and Guidelines Concluding Remarks: What is MOST important to the Goodrich Corporation?

  23. Expectations and Guidelines What is MOST important? Safety of our products and the people that use them!

  24. Expectations and Guidelines What is also important? • Business Ethics and Professionalism of our suppliers & quality representatives • “Quality at the Source” - Zero escapes • QA-111 Addendum G – Supplier Quality Performance • Delivering on-time to our customers

  25. Source Inspection Program

  26. Source Inspection Program • Goodrich Aerostructures uses Verify as an approved Third Party company to perform inspection criteria at suppliers who have been designated “Source” as required by Purchase Order requirements. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to: - Hardware review and buyoff - First Article Reviews - Survey and Audits as requested by Goodrich Aerostructures

  27. Source Inspection Program • An integral part of this service delivery is the provision of a web based dispatch system – Verify eLaunch. As an assigned Goodrich Aerostructures supplier, you will need to schedule your source inspection requirements through the Verify eLaunch System.

  28. Source Inspection Program • Source Inspection Standard Work In order to establish your company as an authorized user you will need to sign up via a secure web connection as follows: - Point your browser to and click on the SUPPLIER TAB. - Click on the NEW SUPPLIER SIGN-UP BUTTON and enter the Password: quality3180. - Fill in the form providing both customer and authorized user details, review terms and conditions of use, then click SUBMIT. - Verify will then issue you an e-mail providing user name, password, and instructions for use.

  29. Source Inspection Program • Primary Contact • Cynthia Lim, Verify Program Manager • 16775 Von Karman Ave Suite #150 • Irvine, CA 92606 • Tel: (949) 622-1258 • E-mail: • Alternate Contact • Natalia Binui, Alternate Verify Program Manager • 16775 Von Karman Ave Suite #150 • Irvine, CA 92606 • Tel: (949) 622-1228 • E-mail:

  30. Certified Supplier Program

  31. Certified Supplier Program • Goodrich Aerostructures Group tracks the performance of their suppliers and rewards those companies whose quality performance is exceptional. • These companies become Goodrich Certified Suppliers and are given the authority to buy-off hardware on behalf of Goodrich Aerostructures.

  32. Certified Supplier Program • Certified suppliers must choose qualified internal candidates and submit them for approval as Delegated Supplier Quality Representatives (DSQRs) • These qualifications for DSQRs are specified in QA-111, Section 2, Addendum I. The candidate must successfully pass an on-line DSQR exam and AS9100 exam.

  33. Supplier Quality Requirements QA-111 on the Internet

  34. Supplier Quality Requirements • Goodrich Aerostructures’ Supplier Quality Requirements QA-111 are available only on the Internet • Suppliers are notified of updates via a letter from Materiel Quality • QA-111 is located on the Goodrich Aerostructures’ Materiel website

  35. QA-111 on the Internet • The URL for the website is: WWW

  36. QA-111 on the Internet Click on “Supply Chain Quality Assurance” link

  37. QA-111 on the Internet • QA-111 is divided • into 2 Sections: • SAE AS9100 • Specifics concerning • doing business • with Aerostructures

  38. QA-111 on the Internet • Section 1 refers to SAE AS9100, Rev. B which describes the Quality Management System Requirements for all direct suppliers. This quality system is shared with the following divisions: • Landing Systems • Aircraft Interiors • Pump & Engine Control Systems • Aerostructures Group

  39. QA-111 on the Internet • Section 2 describes the quality requirements and procedures unique to the Aerostructures Group of the Goodrich Corporation. • It is comprised of several addenda • Addendum 1 - General requirements above the requirements of AS9100 • Addenda A - N as shown in the next figure

  40. QA-111 on the Internet

  41. QA-111 on the Internet • The web page also provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions to QA-111 • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • A quick summary of changes

  42. Training on Various Subjects • The web page provides: • Training • For DSQR Training go to:

  43. Forms Library • The web page provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • What’s new

  44. Forms Library Click on the form Type on-line or print the form Notice there are 2 file formats used PDF. & Word

  45. QA-111 Revision History • The web page also provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • What’s new

  46. Revision History Revision Letter & Date

  47. Contacting MQA • The web page also provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • What’s new

  48. Contacting MQA

  49. Definitions • The web page also provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • What’s new

  50. QSD On-line • The web page also provides: • Training • Electronic forms • List of revisions • Contact list • Definitions • QSD • What’s new