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North Boulevard School Second Quarter Report February 25, 2007 Revised: February 26, 2007 Key Accomplishments for the Second Quarter 2006-2007 Concepts of Total Quality Management have been implemented in all grades SRI Pequannock Benchmarks

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North Boulevard School

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north boulevard school

NorthBoulevard School

Second Quarter Report

February 25, 2007

Revised: February 26, 2007

key accomplishments for the second quarter 2006 2007
Key Accomplishments for the Second Quarter 2006-2007
  • Concepts of Total Quality Management have been implemented in all grades
    • SRI
    • Pequannock Benchmarks
  • Students were re-grouped into non graded flexible ability groups based on SRI test results.
  • Reading specialist models 78 lessons with success strategies for teachers resulting in a much greater level of expertise.
  • Improved web presence for NBS. The calendar, staff welcome statements and school updates have been posted on the NBS website and e-grades/term marks have been exported to K-12 Planet.
  • Individual, class and grade level action plans were developed in December/January by the PLC’s to address needs for remediation and enrichment leading to the State Testing program in March of 2007.
key accomplishments continued
Key Accomplishments, Continued.
  • Character Education Committee: Four grade level service learning projects have been successfully completed to date including “Polar Express” Wrapping Project, Patterson Coat Drive, and “Donate a Book”.
  • 10 parent meetings were held
    • Home and School Association
    • Principal Advisory’s Meetings (Tea, Coffee and Curriculum Meetings.)
    • “Lexile 45” student groupings meeting
  • Two new case managers were introduced to improve the NBS Resource Center, Self-contained, Pre-school and SNAPP programs.
  • NBS Power Hour introduced
  • M&LSP and Reading Specialist implemented “Drop Everything and Write” language arts/mathematics writing prompts.
key learning for the second quarter
Key Learning for the Second Quarter
  • Interesting contradictions in the NB data have been noticed. These include: Why was there a decrease in NB’s 2006 overall ranking in the county and state as measured by percent of advanced proficient aggregate score?
    • How does NBS compare with the schools in the district, county and DFG?
    • Why were there mixed results in cohort comparisons in grade 3 to 4 language arts scores, (increase in partially proficient and increase in advanced proficient)
    • Why was there a positive decrease/increase in the 4 to 5 results in LA?
    • Why were there no advanced proficient scores in the special education LA scores but significant percentages of students achieving advanced proficient among special education mathematics results?
    • Is there a correlation between NJ Ask 3, 4 & 5 results and term marks, benchmarks and SRI results?
  • NBS is beginning to adjust instruction based on current data.
  • Teachers are using Strategies That Work to improve reading Lexile 45 strategies.
  • Effective communications and ownership is needed to fully maximize the power of PLC’s
key learning continued
Key Learning, continued
  • Course content and “essential skills” still need to be better synchronized. The Success Rates Graphs continue to demonstrate less correlation between student term marks and standardized testing.
  • Active engagement teaching, frequent use of higher order thinking strategies and well developed expectations have been the watchwords for teaching staff and the administration during the second quarter.
  • Formal observations and informal “drop-ins” with feedback to teachers have encouraged more frequent use of cooperative learning, engaging reading instruction strategies and higher forms of teacher/student questions have raised expectations in these important areas.
  • The Master Schedule limits the ability of flexible scheduling in the EMC because NBS has many programs that must be “scheduled” for computer laboratory time making more difficult for classroom teachers to gain access to the EMC.
  • The range of technology skills among the classroom teachers still varies widely. The introduction of e-grades and K-12 Planet has helped teachers learn some essential technology skills quickly to meet district deadlines.
key learning continued6
Key Learning, continued
  • Parents at North Boulevard continued to play an active role in the education of their children during the Second Quarter.
  • North Boulevard’s Aggregate LA/Mathematics Result Ranking on the NJ Ask 2006 as compared to all elementary schools in the state fell from a 2005 ranking of 314 overall to a ranking of 417 as shown on the 2005-6 Results chart following this page. While NB’s aggregate score actually improved, by two ranking points, other schools including Hillview Elementary, increased significantly. Two key learnings can be inferred from this data, first; the Scott Foresman mathematics program has made a significant difference in district growth in mathematics achievement and second; the LA program at Sommerville and the mathematics program at Grant may be a models of success meriting further research and study.
achievement goals for 2006 2007
Achievement Goals for 2006-2007
    • Objective 1: Language Arts
  • Grade 3 test scores increases in 2006-2007 by 7.8 % Advanced Proficient.
  • Grade 3 Baseline 2005-2006 40.0%.
  • Grade 3 2006-2007 target increase 47.8%.
  • Objective 2 : Language Arts
  • Grade 4 test scores increases in 2006-2007 7.8 % Advanced Proficient.
  • Grade 4 Baseline 2005-2006 54.9%.
  • Grade 4 2006-2007 target increase 62.7%.
  • Second Quarter Actions:
  • Better Use of Instructional Time: The NBS Master Schedule (MS) continued to utilize instructional time more efficiently during the second quarter. Another 35 hours (on average) of reading instructional time was added to the 35 additional hours last quarter. Accordingly, reading SRI results increased significantly. IN addition, 15 hours of language arts instruction was provided compared to the same quarter last year.
  • Children were re-grouped according to their lexile score and in some cases by additional multiple measures to help ensure the children are practicing their reading at their “instructional level” (about 90% proficient). Resulting groups in the two schools included students from every grade level.
achievement goals continued
Achievement Goals, continued
  • Second Quarter Actions: Continued.
  • TQM: The PLC’s, reading specialist and the M&LSP teacher developed individual instructional plans for the students on the reading /language arts and mathematics content concern lists (low proficient or partially proficient standard test scores) in grades three, four and five. The watch and concern lists of students were refined by the second benchmark testing completed in February of 2007. Classroom instruction decisions continued were informed by this data allowing teachers to re-teach or enrich skills as necessary for all students.
  • The NB Power Hour after school tutoring program (for targeted students) began in the second quarter. This program was designed to address AYP concerns of the special education population noted in the key questions outlined in this report.
2006 2007 program development goals
2006-2007 Program Development Goals
  • Organize Schools for Success
      • Seven PLC meetings were held.
        • Topics included PLC Basics, Master Schedule implementation, First 90 Day Plan, SRI implementation, Benchmark testing implementation, First Quarter Report discussion, SRI groupings, student behavior tracking and Standardized Testing preparation/administration.
      • Eight “active learning” lessons were formally observed during the second quarter. Informal observations revealed frequent active engagement on a regular basis.
      • Staff development in cooperative/active instruction, higher order thinking, reading comprehension strategies and technology infusion continued in the second quarter through district workshops, reading specialist and MLSP teacher modeling and supportive supervision by the building principal.
2006 2007 program development goals10
2006-2007 Program Development Goals
  • Equip School with Sophisticated Learning Tools
    • Implement a Benchmark assessment system
      • Benchmark testing administered for the second time in the Second Quarter. Data was analyzed and used to develop individual, classroom and grade level action improvement plans.
    • Deploy an expansive and inclusive technology program
      • Completed a teacher poll in November 2006 to inform benchmarks of technology infusion to be developed by the PLC’s. E-grades, SRI, Benchmark Assessments, United Streaming and many more examples of technological enhancements instruction were in evidence each day throughout the Second Quarter.
      • School website was “launched” December 2006 and included the school calendar, teacher welcome letters and progress toward school initiatives.
2006 2007 program development goals11
2006-2007 Program Development Goals

Usher in a new Partnership with Parents

  • Establish HOME teams for all students and their families
    • The second HOME Team meeting was held in February 2007.
    • Principal’s Advisory Meetings continued in the second Quarter (Tea, Coffee and Curriculum Meetings were held in February.)
  • Student grades and assignments via the internet became available during the second quarter thus allowing parents to become more active in their child’s schooling progress
    • K12 Planet has been implemented in every classroom in the second quarter. All teachers in grades K through 5 are posting term marks. Teachers in grades 3-5 are posting e-grades and assignments on K-12 Planet. The first elementary Win School report cards were distributed in February 2007.
2006 2007 program development goals12
2006-2007 Program Development Goals

Implement Teaching Methods that Motivate

  • Bloom’s taxonomy model was given to every teacher. Each formal lesson observed in the second quarter (8) addressed higher level questioning by the teacher and students. Teachers planned lessons that encouraged higher level thought. Students were observed using higher level questions/responses.
2006 2007 customer satisfaction goals
2006-2007 Customer Satisfaction Goals
  • Eight formal parent meetings were held in the second quarter. They included regular H.S.A. meetings, H.S.A. planning meetings, Tea, Coffee and Curriculum meetings (principal’s advisory) and special information meetings (SRI information).
  • Parents volunteered every day in the lunchroom/recess and in the EMC throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent volunteers worked with staff on four school and grade-level character education programs held throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent volunteers worked with staff on two grade-level music programs and two H.S.A. enrichment programs throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent/visitor sign-in logs support the above activity throughout the second quarter.
student achievement for the second quarter 2006 2007
Student Achievement for the Second Quarter 2006-2007
  • The first SRI inventory was completed in October of 2006 followed by the second SRI inventory in January 2007. Results are as follows:
    • Growth in average grade level (2-5) performance show an overall increase of 18% from October to January.
    • NBS grade level results show substantial increases in lexile levels for grade 2, (237 average to 386) grade three, (543 average to 593) grade four, (732 average to 781) and grade five (881 average to 920).
  • Grade distributions by school, grades, and teacher: The most significant finding after a review of the grade distributions charts reveals a variations in the distribution curve with grade-levels. The third and second grades had the most consistent distribution curve with grades one and five had the greatest variation between teachers. The grade four distribution curve was between the two extremes. Analyzing grading practice and relevant variables will be a goal for each grade level in the third quarter PLC planning.
  • Success rates by school, grades, and teacher: the percent of A’-B’s received in grades 3-5 in reading and math were consistent with first quarter results. The greatest variation was a 8 basis point increase in grade four reading and a 10 basis point decrease in grade 5 math. (3- Reading 89% to 93%, 3- Math 89% t0 93%, 4- Reading 87% to 95%, 4- Math 96% to 92%, 5 Reading 83% to 84%, 5 Math 90% to 89%.)
  • The second Benchmark assessment was completed in January of 2007. A review of reading benchmarks shows a higher percentage of students highly proficient in reading in grade three than in grade four (23% to 6.25%).
    • Mathematics benchmarks shows a significantly higher number of students in both grades in the highly proficient band (52% & 38%).
school culture second quarter 2006 2007
School Culture Second Quarter 2006-2007
  • Student Behavior incidents: Individual referrals to the principal have increased during second quarter. No numerical data to report for the second quarter but the concept was discussed in PLC on how to capture data efficiently.
  • Character Education: Four classroom level, four grade level and two school-wide service projects have been completed. School Wide events include
    • Holiday “Polar Express” Gift Wrapping Project, school wide collection and wrapping of toys, clothing and household products for the needy. Over $3,000.00 was raised for families in the care of DYFS.
    • First NBS Annual Coat Drive: hundreds of coats, hats and winter-wear that were donated to a charitable organization located in Paterson, NJ.
    • Donate a Book: The NB H.S.A. helped children donate several hundred gently used books to School 16 in Paterson, NJ.

Grade Level events included:

    • Kindergarten “Kinders That Care” bracelet sale raised $500 for needy families in the area.
      • Grade two food pantry collection. Letter writing to Lt. Jeff Salzano serving in Iraq.
    • Grade four “Bear Hugs” teddy bear collection for area hospitals.
    • Grade five NBS beautification flower planting project.

Individual Service Learning project

    • Haley Grimes 3-B sang for the troops and raised money for the USO
community involvement second quarter 2006 2007
Community Involvement Second Quarter 2006-2007
  • Home Visits: The home visit program began in October of 2006 with ten visits and thirty telephone invitations.
  • Parent Contact hours: Parents actively participate every day in NBS at the classroom level, Home and School committee level and in meetings with teachers and the administration. (Do you have a number to compare contact hours with?) The data from slide 13 could be used here. Eight formal parent meetings were held in the second quarter. They included regular H.S.A. meetings, H.S.A. planning meetings, Tea, Coffee and Curriculum meetings (principal’s advisory) and special information meetings (SRI information).
  • Parents volunteered every day in the lunchroom/recess and in the EMC throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent volunteers worked with staff on four school and grade-level character education programs held throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent volunteers worked with staff on two grade-level music programs and two H.S.A. enrichment programs throughout the second quarter.
  • Parent/visitor sign-in logs support the above activity throughout the second quarter.
honors awards
Honors, Awards
  • Derek Russell, K-M, North Jersey wrestling league gold medal
  • Wrestling competition- 1st place Ryan Karsen, Joey Carmichael Seth Guterez Derek Russell.
  • 1-F Alexandra Robayo Feb 07, RIF Poster Contest
  • Michael Esposito-Gold wrestling award, 2-19-07 North Jersey wrestling league
  • Gabriel Cooke- Bronze medal
  • 2-C Soccer Trophy 1st place Matt Bruno, Jayson McMurray, 2nd Place Matthew Apryasz, Hannah Brizek, Rachel Comotto, 3rd Place Liam Quigly
  • Football Superbowl trophy, Zachary Toback, Joe Soriero
  • Cheerleading Trophy, Abby Beshada, Lauren Pilaar, Rachel Comotto
  • Karate 2nd Place Trophy, Bryan Laumbach
  • Gymnastics 3rd Place Trophy, Sara White
  • Wrestling 2nd place trophy Wayne Rasa
  • Wrestling 3rd place Jayson McMurray
  • Awards for 3Budd
  • Basketball participation trophy – Danielle Barba, Arden Kassaleh, Cameron Begnoche, Jennifer McGrogan, Kendra Karsen, Thomas Benway, Cole Cherenson , Derek Nelson
  • Swimming, Brooke Tindall trophy for free style.
  • Girl Scouts-Troop #659 Badge for selling girlscout cookies and gift of caring – sent boxes of cookies to people in the war, Madison Levine, Kate Weidmann, and Jen McGrogan.
  • Wrestling- Trophy for winning – Ryan Mulhall
  • Ld-1-2 - this is also in the homerooms 2C- Jayson McMurray-Bronze Medal for wrestling. Wayne Rasa 2nd place medals for wrestling
  • 1F Gabriel Cooke- Medal Wrestling , Emily Wisniewski – Brownies
honors awards26
Honors, Awards
  • 5E
  • Stephen Riotto Designer’s Award for the Regatta raingutter –boy scouts
  • Katie Lynch – Stage light-1st place in starband competition for dance production.
  • Katie McMahon – 1st place for Planting seeds poster contest
  • Carolina Oliveros– 1st place beam in gymnastics in Maryland
  • Anthony Romaniello and Stephen Riotto- Arrow of light boy scouts
  • Megan Kennedy sports factory select, won 1st place traveling
  • 1K
  • Logan Spiess, high gold in dance competition
  • Sophie Nelson and Megan Ciancioot, Ryan Begnoche , Donovan Cooper and Ryan Hitchcock too. participation awards basketball
  • 5M
  • Matt Blahut 5M- has one of his pictures in café buono
  • 3Bos
  • Jessica Oostdyk-, wrote a story and it went in the paper , got to the finals in soccer and played a song on the piano in church on Christmas.
  • Ashley F. 3-Bos, got 2nd place in soccer, yellow belt in Karote, angel in the Christmas play and was 1st place in talent show.
  • Danielle Tahan 3Bos- on the news when she went snowboarding at Foot Hills, won first place trophy in Karate, pitched a game in softball an struck out everyone except one player.
  • Ashley Barthelemy 3Bos, had the highest score in bowling-139

Honors, Awards

Cheerleading trophies, Sarah Pohlod, Sydney Valent, Jennifer Sigler, Tori Hannon, Lexi Tobac, Julia Regan

Wrestling Medal, Will Hardie, Steven Pocze

Basketball Trophy, Sydney Valent, Julia Regan, Kevin Quinn, Jennifer Sigler, Austin Kievit, Ben Hampson

Bobcat Badge- Cub Scouts, Trey Povanda, Ben Hampson, Steven Pocze, Will Hardie

Poster Contest- Rif 2nd grade winner Lexi Toback

Soccer Trophy, Michael Forshay, Trey Povanda, Steven Pocze, Will Hardie, Ben Hampson, Julia Regan,

Dance- Rebecca Foster


Dancing Trophy stagelite 1st place, Devyn

Wrestling Trophy 1st place , Tommy

Basketball , Kayla & Mckenzie

Certificate Piano, Allie

Basketball trophy , Alyssa

Brownies letter to troops 659- Julia

Basketball , Adam

Poster contest 1st place in 3rd grade- Jake

Nexstar, Haley, , also PV raised money by singing and bringing posters for troops, also extras in Spider Man 3 in May


Honors, Awards


Rebeccah Wood’s rec soccer team came in 1st place

Nicolle Lombardi- gold medal in skating at ice vault

Jon Wilson, Joey Bauer boys & girls club 1st place in basketball


Basketball participation 07- Jillian Cianciotto, Aidan Brewer, Michael Esposito.


Bobby Colella, Brendan Monaghan, and Brian Campo- Peq panthers boys & girls club team went to the superbowl.

Lizzy Lundberg- painting in the Café Buono Art Show.

Madalynne Martone- Parks & Rec 3rd place soccer world cup france.

Meaghan Blakely & Melissa Spring – 1st place basketball PBA local 172.

Andrew Tucker- Basketball 2nd place staegars

Brendan Monaghan – boys & girls club rec league, basketball 1st place Paint the town”

Julia Prol & Jamie Tennesen- Parks & Rec 1st place soccer world cup italy.

Tyler Ponomarev, Patric Jurewicz, Austin Carruthers, Brian Van Wart, - Boys Scouts Gold Belt loop for community service.

Jamie Tennessen- locks of love donation.